"Brooks Curry House" - An exciting marriage of sweet 'yellow' onion and spices.

The rich and intense flavor of the yellow onions, combined with the delicious spices designed to bring out the best in the curry, will leave you wanting more and more. The look of the curry, the smell of the curry leaves you desperate for the next mouthful. Then upon giving in to your desire, you will find that each mouthful is a delightful taste explosion! This is the beauty and charm of Brooks Curry House located in Higashi-ku Sapporo.
For the great price of just ¥890 you can get premium meat patties made from Tokachi beef, Furano pork or Hokkaido chicken.
One of the main ingredients is of course the 'yellow' onions. These onions were originally brought from America by Dr William P. Brooks when he taught at the Sapporo Agricultural College (Now Hokkaido University) in 1871. Cultivation of this onion actually started in the Higashi area of the then much more rural Sapporo city.
After cultivation the onions were then sold locally and on international markets. However due to the onions being small in size and perishable, it was difficult for farmers to make a living from these vegetables. Production slowly decreased as they moved to more profitable crops. So much so that eventually the yellow onion became rare enough in Japan to pick up the nick name 'the phantom onion'.
Currently the Brooks Curry House is using about 50 tons of the onion a year. The onions are all produced locally from small specialty contract farmers.
One of the features of yellow onions is the softness of the onions. This makes is particularly good for cooking with. After heating the sweetness of the onion comes out quickly. The actual cooking time for the onion is only about one minute before it ready to eat.
Then, according to head chef, Mika Ikeda they are combined with, for example, whole chicken and carrots and of course seasonally adjusted spices. This ensures only those spices that are currently at their best and suit the season are used
The yellow onion curry is available only during the harvest season. This goes from about September to June.
There is also homemade onion "Fukujinzuke" (Sweet pickled onion)
The store manager Yuki Doi (left) and chef Mika Ikeda (right). Both women are proud mothers of young babies and welcome children in the store.
There are many different types of curry styles including standard style, cream cheese, noodle and others. There is a style and taste to suit everyone so you can enjoy a different curry everyday!
The store itself is modeled on the Sapporo Agricultural College dining room during the time of William P. Brooks.
The only store using the "phantom" yellow onion in curries in Sapporo welcomes you to come and try the delicious offerings inside.
13 car parking spaces available.
● Brooks Curry House
1F Masamitsu Bldg. 8 jyo, 3 chome Fushiko, Higashi-ku. Sapporo
TEL :011-785-5766
■ Hours
11:00am to 15:00pm (Lunch)
5:00pm to 9pm (Dinner)
(Last order 30 mins before closing)
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
11:00am to 9:00pm
■ Closed: Irregular Days
Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba
※ Photographs supplied by Brooks Curry House.
Other photos by Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Itsuki