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"Mt. Usu Night Festival"

"Mt. Usu Night Festival" - Mt. Usu cable car will remain in operation at nights, for a month, Friday and Saturday nights starting from Friday July, 20.
How about enjoying the deep red and crimson colors of the sky from the top of the mountain as dusk approaches?
Toyako is not only scenic but was also the venue for the first Hokkaido G8 Summit. The mountain overlooks the wonderful Toyako lake and gives wonderful views of the surrounding area.
With the view of Lake Toya and the Pacific Ocean steeped in twilight, no matter which direction you look the light is magnificent. Weather permitting, the middle island can been seen nestled in Toya lake. As the view sinks into darkness, the changing light paints the sky, "Mt. Showashin" and "Lava Dome" in deep red-brown hues.
The rich tapestry of nature set out below also changes color from moment to moment with each movement of the sun.
The Pacific Ocean and Funka bay which is rich in seafood, including delicious scallops, can be seen from the top. The meeting of the sky and ocean makes creates one view that is doubly amazing.
After the sun fully sets, the view continues to inspire. Sobetsu town appears to float in the sky amongst the stars. The night view is bound to be particularly enjoyed by couples.  
Candle lights illuminate the path to the very summit of the mountain. There are also various other events held at night which make the evening continuously interesting and fun.
Of course, the Mount Usu cable car is open during the day as well and still provides spectacular views and clean fresh air. This is one of the best spots in Hokkaido for anyone visiting the region.
※ The pictures were kindly provided.
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - GAKKUN)
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  • "Mt. Usu Night Festival"