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"Cafe Festival in the Forest" in Niseko

The Niseko "Cafe Festival in the Forest" was held on June 30. This is the second time this event has been held. Originally started in Tokyo it has moved to the beautiful Hokkaido, Niseko area.
This is a lovely relaxing event with music, shopping and of course good coffee.
There were many great food stalls for all to enjoy - This one is a pancake shop located at the entrance to the festival.
There were also stalls selling sandwiches and fluffy shaved ice drinks. Also not to be missed were the freshly baked donuts served hot and freshly filtered coffee.
There were also book stalls, fashion stalls and various other craft stalls selling a range of products.
Other hand made products included, sundried tomatoes produced in the Niseko area and lavender potpourri produced in the Furano area.
There were various musical performances and recitals by Tomoyo Harada who starred in the famous Japanese movie "The Bread of Happiness".
With great weather, warm sunshine beating down, a soft lawn to relax on and great coffee to sip, it was a great day to enjoy music and be with friends.
There were literally hundreds of people at the open air event.
The wide lawn left plenty of room for everybody to relax.
There were also plenty of things to keep the kids interested and entertained.
There were stalls from famous shops in Hokkaido and some from Tokyo. This is a stall doing printing with an old fashioned printing machine.
The atmosphere of the event is warm and friendly, a great way to meet new people and many locals.
The event is broken into two parts the "Day Event" and "Night Event". Only the day event has been shown here however the night event is held at the official supporting hotel, the Niseko Village Hilton Hotel.
For some extra information (Japanese only) please check the website.
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Hilton Hotel information can be found here:
Hilton Niseko Village
(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Itsuki)
  • "Cafe Festival in the Forest" in Niseko