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Release | Akiko Miyanaga

ISHIYA’s first cafe outside of Hokkaido “ISHIYA NIHONBASHI” is where you can feel Hokkaido in Tokyo!


ISHIYA, the confectionery famous for “Shiroi Koibito” and attracts many people from Hokkaido and Hokkaido fans, opened its first cafe outside of Hokkaido “ISHIYA NIHONBASHI” on September 27 at the first floor of “COREDO Muromachi Terrace.” I would like to introduce the attractions of ISHIYA NIHONBASHI, already getting long queues every day!


Table of Contents

- A cafe to feel Hokkaido in Tokyo
- What is “Shime Parfait,” the food culture originated in Sapporo? 
- The popular “ISHIYA Pancake” and the limited menu “Japanese Sake Parfait”
- They also have the famous “Saqu”!

お店の外観.jpg▲ISHIYA NIHONBASHI is located on the first floor of the newly built COREDO Muromachi Terrace and opened on September 27. 


A cafe to feel Hokkaido in Tokyo

ISHIYA NIHONBASHI is a cafe that carried the will to make people feel Hokkaido in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. ISHIYA opened the cafe in Nihonbashi, the town for adults, to spread the culture of “Shime-Parfait” in Sapporo. Visitors can enjoy various authentic desserts such as fluffy pancakes created by the chef patissier, Shime-Parfait to enjoy after drink, Shiroi Kobito soft serve ice cream, etc. ISHIYA’s desserts made with techniques, and deep experiences of ISHIYA waits for you to visit the cafe. 

イシヤ日本橋の店内▲Jazz music plays in the cafe, and the decor is sophisticated. They use a lot of wooden furniture to make people able to feel the nature of Hokkaido. The panel under the bar uses the design inspired by chocolate (left).


What is “Shime Parfait,” the food culture originated in Sapporo? 

Those who read Hokkaido Likers must have heard of “Shime-Parfait,” not “Shime Ramen.” It’s the food culture in Sapporo to end the day with a parfait, which now became the norm. It is said there are approximately 24 places focused on “Shime Parfait” and opens from 6:00 PM in Sapporo City! 

イシヤ日本橋のパフェ ソフトパフェチョコ、ストロベリー&ピスタチオ、ソフトパフェいちご▲ Chocolate Parfait, Strawberry, and Pistachio Parfait, Strawberry Parfait. (ISHIYA provided the picture) 

Five parfaits entertain people who love sweets to introduce that food culture in Sapporo. 
In Japan, now a word “sweets boys” who adore sweet desserts have appeared. ISHIYA NIHONBASHI too has many male customers who visit this place alone after dinner. Of course, there are many females, too. 


The popular “ISHIYA Pancake” and the limited menu “Japanese Sake Parfait” 

イシヤ日本橋のパンケーキ▲The fluffy and melty cream flows out when I took off the film of the pancake (left). It’s visually entertaining. 

 “ISHIYA Pancake strawberry) uses cream cheese and heavy cream for the dough to create the texture fluffy yet moist. They use Hokkaido sourced cream for the topping, and it matches very well with condensed milk and raspberry sauce. The cream cheese creates light flavor, and the sweetness is not too much for this pancake. Although it seems quite filling, I could not stop eating because of its light taste. 
* The last call for pancakes is 3:30 PM. 

▲The pancake changes the visual after taking off the film. It’s not just delicious but visually entertaining. 

And “Japanese Sake Parfait” is the limited menu of “ISHIYA NIHONBASHI.” You get to pour Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery’s “Junmai-Daiginjo.” 

イシヤ日本橋のパフェ▲ISHIYA NIHONBASHI’s signature menu is “Japanese Sake Parfait.” (ISHIYA provided the picture) 

“Junmai-Daiginjo” is a balanced sake with a sophisticated flavor and flowery aroma. They are created with rice for sake made in Kamikawa-Cho of Hokkaido and high-quality natural spring from the foot of Mt. Taisetsu. 
The parfait contains that sake’s granité and griotte jelly, which makes it truly a parfait for adults. And the interesting part of this parfait is the cotton candy on top melts with Japanese sake that comes with the parfait. You should try if you have a chance to order this parfait. I enjoyed the way it melts so much that I wanted to ask for more parfaits. They also provide black syrup and matcha pudding with the parfait, so enjoy the parfait itself first, then mix black syrup and matcha pudding later. You can enjoy the change of flavor with this parfait. 

▲Melt the cotton candy at the cafe! 

The popular menus in this cafe are not only delicious but visually entertaining, such as “ISHIYA Pancake” and “Japanese Sake Parfait.” 

 イシヤ日本橋の「白い恋人ソフトクリーム」▲You can also try “Shiroi Koibito soft serve ice cream” (ISHIYA provided the picture) 

イシヤ日本橋の「ブレンドコーヒー」と「白い恋人」▲They don’t provide “Shiroi Koibito,” but a piece of it comes with coffee menus. (ISHIYA provided the picture) 


They also have the famous “Saqu”!

People can also purchase “Saqu,” the Shiroi Koibito inspired confection sold limitedly outside of Hokkaido, in the cafe. Since the box is decorative, they are not only good for taking home with you but presents for someone important. They offer regular six flavors: Hokkaido cheese, Hokkaido wine, caramel, Gianduja, high-milk, matcha milk, and limited ruby chocolate (as of November 15, 2019). 

 イシヤ日本橋の「Saqu」▲The shop sells “6 kinds of Saqu,” “Assorted Saqu” (top-left), and seasonally limited “Saqu ruby” (top-right). 

ISHIYA NIHONBASHI is open until 11:00 PM, so customers can enjoy “Shime Parfait” after dinner, “Japanese Sake Parfait,” “Sapporo Draft Beer Kuro-label,” etc. You should visit this hot spot with long queues every day. 
Why don’t you enjoy the flavor of Hokkaido at the cafe opened in the city for adults, Nihonbashi? 
  • ISHIYA’s first cafe outside of Hokkaido “ISHIYA NIHONBASHI” is where you can feel Hokkaido in Tokyo!