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Enjoy Shiraoi Beef and Kojohama’s Tarako at Hashimoto Coffee-Kan, offering foods with their beautiful handmade tableware


“Hashimoto Coffee-Kan” along the National Route no. 36 in Shiraoi-Cho is very much particular about foods and tableware.

You can enjoy various homemade dishes using local specialties such as Shiraoi Beef and Kojohama’s Tarako, and homemade coffee with their handmade ceramic plates and cups. They also offer Shiraoi-Cho’s local specialty, “Shiraoi Burger and Bagel.”

The place is also attractive because tourists can stop by casually during their sightseeing and driving as it’s located along a National Route and near tourist destinations such as Noboribetsu Onsen. 

自社工房で制作した陶器のお皿やカップで提供▲They offer foods with handmade ceramic dishes and cups. 


Table of Contents

- Easily accessible! Feel the warmth of woods and texture of ceramic tablewares
- Hashimoto Coffee-Kan’s Shiraoi Burger and Bagel
- I also want to have Kojohama’s Tarako! 
- You should definitely try their homemade coffee and coffee jelly! 
- Indulge in ceramic works at “Utsuwa Hanbai Gallery” built together with the restaurant

食後はアート観賞♪▲Enjoy art after a meal. 


Easily accessible! Feel the warmth of woods and texture of ceramic tablewares

“Hashimoto Coffee-Kan” is located near Kojohama Onsen in Shiraoi-Cho. 

虎杖浜温泉からは車で5分程度。国道36号の苫小牧市方面へ向かう車線沿いにあります▲It’s about 5-mins drive from Kojohama Onsen. The restaurant is along on the side of National Route no.36 towards Tomakomai City. 

It’s approx. 20 mins drive from Shiraoi Station, which is the nearest station from Upopoi (National Ainu Museum and Park), and approx. 15 mins from Noboribetsu Onsen District. 
The restaurant is easily accessible as it's along the National Route and close to tourist destinations. 

こちらで食事を楽しみます。右側には陶芸ギャラリーを併設▲You can enjoy their dishes here. There is a ceramics art gallery on the right side. 

The restaurant is spacious, and the ceiling is high, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The ambiance matches perfectly with heavy wooden tables and chairs. 

席数が多いためグループでも入りやすいうえ、バリアフリー仕様にて高齢者や障がい者の利用も多いそうです▲They can accommodate a large group as there are many seats. They also have many senior customers and customers with disabilities because the environment is easily accessible. 

The restaurant opened in 1977. They started as a specialized coffee cafe and later begun to provide meals after the renewal of the restaurant. 


Hashimoto, the owner of the shop, thought very much about the perfect tableware for homemade coffee. Then he came up with an idea to create ideal tablewares by himself and started learning pottery. 

Not only coffee but also dishes used for meals and flower bases are homemade. You can spend a relaxing time in an environment with warmth of woods while feeling the natural attraction of potteries. 

卓上に陶器の花瓶に花が一輪。さりげない華やかさを感じます▲There was one flower in a ceramic flower base on the table. I felt moderate beauty. 


Hashimoto Coffee-Kan’s Shiraoi Burger and Bagel

They offer various homemade dishes using local specialties such as Shiraoi-Cho’s local dish “Shiraoi Burger & Bagel” and homemade coffee. 

By the way, “Shiraoi Burger & Bagel” are sandwiches which put Shiraoi-Cho’s local specialties in buns and bagels made with Hokkaido flours. 

「はしもと珈琲館」の「白老バーガー&ベーグル」▲Hashimoto Coffee-Kan’s Shiraoi Burger & Bagel

Many restaurants in the town offer their original dishes. There are a variety of ingredients in between buns and bagels such as putty or katsu of Shiraoi Beef, Kojohama Tarako, salmon, etc.  

Burger & Bagel looks and tastes completely different and offered with different ingredients depending on restaurants. It is fun to compare shops. 

- Hokkaido Likers’ article about “Shiraoi Burger and Bagel”: 
"Shiraoi Burgers and Bagels" - A shop with 30 kinds of specialty burgers!?

Hashimoto Coffee-Kan offers three kinds of “Shiraoi Burger & Bagel.” 
* They only offer buns and below menus are not provided with bagels. 

“Stewed Shiraoi Beef Burger” - Stewed Shiraoi Beef putty and vegetables, etc.
“Tobiton Burger” - Stewed specific pathogen-free pig grew in Tobiu District in Shiraoi-Cho and vegetables, etc.
“Smoked Salmon Burger” (limited in autumn and winter) - locally sourced smoked salmon and vegetables, etc. 

今回は「白老牛肉の煮込みバーガー」をセレクト。ブレンドコーヒーとコーヒーゼリーも一緒に▲I chose “Stewed Shiraoi Beef Burger” this time. I also ordered blend coffee and coffee jelly. 

The hamburger contained stewed patty made 100% with Shiraoi Beef and vegetables, etc. When I had a bite, my mouth was filled with juicy meat juice as if umami flavor of meat appeared in the mouth like a spring. 

毎日スタッフが手でこねて作ったというハンバーグは肉がぎっしり!▲Staffs make hamburgs by hands every day. The meat was dense! 

Demiglace sauce was very mild and gentle. It had a very meaty impression but tasted lighter than I expected. 


I also want to have Kojohama’s Tarako! 

If you want to enjoy something with Tarako, you should choose “Tarako toast set,” “Tarako pasta,” or “Yutara Tarako-Don,” which puts Tarako flake and cut Tarako on rice. 

「たらこトーストセット」。サラダ、スープ、コーヒーゼリー、ブレンドコーヒー付き▲“Tarako toast set” includes salad, soup, coffee jelly, and blend coffee. 

The toast puts unsalted butter, Karashi mayonnaise, and plenty of Tarako. It made me unstoppable to eat with umami & salty flavor created by a great balance of butter and Karashi mayonnaise's flavor and saltiness of Tarako. 



You should definitely try their homemade coffee and coffee jelly! 

As Hashimoto Coffee-Kan was initially a specialized coffee shop, they offer many kinds of coffee menu. 

“Hashimoto Blend” is their house blend coffee and matches perfectly with meal menus. It has a mild texture and does not compete with the flavor of foods. The coffee is perfect to have before, after, and during a meal. 

「はしもとブレンド」とともに「コーヒーゼリー」で大人なスイーツタイムを▲Have a dessert time for adults with Hashimoto Blend Coffee and Coffee Jelly. 

You should choose coffee jelly for a dessert. They make freshly dripped coffee hard into jelly as it is. They don’t add any sugar. 

You will instantly understand it’s completely different from regular coffee jelly when you have a bite. I could feel a deep and bitter flavor slowly on my tongue. It was as if “coffee to eat.” I felt like it was a Wiener coffee when I had it together with whipped creams. 

This is totally a dessert for adults. 


Indulge in ceramic works at “Utsuwa Hanbai Gallery” built together with the restaurant

“Utsuwa Hanbai Gallery,” which is built next to the restaurant, displays and sells tableware used in the restaurant and pieces made by approximately ten ceramic artists. 

工房内は撮影禁止。特別に許可を得て撮りました▲You can’t take pictures in the gallery. I asked for special permission. 

I had a relaxing time to indulge in art. I felt very healed. You might find something special here! 

コーヒー豆の粉をつめた容器に作品を入れて焼成した珈琲焼。この店ならではの作品▲Coffee pottery - fires pieces in a container which puts coffee powders. These are something unique in this shop. 

自家焙煎の珈琲豆とカップがセットになったものもあります▲There is a set of house-roasted coffee beans and a mug. 

可愛らしい作品も▲There are also cute works. 

ギャラリーの一角には和室があり、花瓶などの作品が据えられていい雰囲気▲There was a Japanese room in the corner of the gallery and displayed ceramic works such as flower bases. 

“Hashimoto Coffee-Kan” is an easily accessible restaurant along National Route no. 36. However, it’s not merely a drive-in. It was a special place with beautiful tablewares and delicious foods. You can enjoy local specialties with homemade tablewares and see ceramic artworks. 

Take a break from driving. Why don’t you enjoy delicious meals, coffee, and art which inspires your sensitivity? 
  • Enjoy Shiraoi Beef and Kojohama’s Tarako at Hashimoto Coffee-Kan, offering foods with their beautiful handmade tableware