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Release | Takako Chiba

I never knew jams could be this much delicious! “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana?” in Takikawa City

The specialized jam store “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana? (Which jam should I have today?)” in Takikawa-Cho offers addictive jams that make everyone want to try other flavors once they have it. The store was named to provide jams that customers enjoy choosing which jam to have.

Table of Contents

- What is “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana? (Which jam should I have today?)” in Takikawa City?
- All jams created by “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana?” are called “Kyoujam”
- “Kyoujam” arrange recipes


What is “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana? (Which jam should I have today?)” in Takikawa City? 

“Kyou-Ja Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana? (Which jam should I have today?)” in Takikawa City is a homemade jam specialized shop opened in February 2019. 

滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」外観▲“Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana? (Which jam should I have today?)” in Takikawa City

You can arrive at the shop correctly if you search it on Google, but they don’t have a huge sign of the shop or anything. 
There is a small sign near the entrance, which looks like an ordinary house. Don’t overlook this sign.



It would be easier to look for a green sign saying “Forest” rather than trying to find the sign of “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana?.”
The president of “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana? (Which jam should I have today?),” Shinichi Terajima, used to be a salesman of Japanese sweets. He established “Forest” with three other red bean paste chefs in 2003. 

滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」店内▲The store used to be a stockyard. Terashima himself renovated the building and turned it into a shop. 

“Forest” made “red bean jam,” which is made from red beans, and sold it wholesale to food companies and supermarkets for own-brand products. However, he wanted to create homemade and unique jams, not like industrial jams. So he turned the stockyard into a store and opened “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana (Which jam should I have today?)” 

All jams created by “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana?” are called “Kyoujam”

“Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana? (Hereafter Kyoujam)” is particular about ingredients. They make jams from Hokkaido sourced ingredients only.  
And labels of jams are all “Kyoujam” no matter what’s inside. 

滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」の今日ジャム1▲Labels of bottles are all the same “Kyoujam.” Very simple and straightforward. 

“We can do whatever we want with the package design. However, if we spend money on designs, it will make the price higher. However, if we make jams with a common package, we don’t have to spend money and make it look simple. More than anything, we can compete with what’s inside.” Terashima told. 

滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」の今日ジャム2▲Raspberry flavored Kyoujam. 

You can find out the flavor if you look the back of bottles. 

滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」の今日ジャムの裏ラベル▲Haskap flavored Kyoujam. Ingredients are only haskap, beet granulated sugar, and lemon juice. 
Photo by Chiba

Usual jams use pectin to make it thicken. However, Kyoujam does not use pectin except those needed it to make solid. 
So if you tilt bottles or flip bottles, jams insides shake. 


They put only a little amount of sugar to extract the natural sweetness of ingredients (fruits). 
So you will feel not the only sweetness of fruits but also sourness and bitterness directly when you have it. Even though it is a jam, it feels like I am having fully ripen fruits. 
And when you try to look the other side of bottles under the lights, you won’t be able to see. It means that ingredients are that much boiled down. 


You never understand about jams before having it 

They stock ingredients of jams from not only Takikawa, their local community, but also farms from neighboring cities and villages. 
Customers can learn which farm provided ingredients of the jams at the store. Like, “Rhubarb from Iwasaki Farm in Kuriyama-Cho” or “Prune from Hayashi Fruit Farm in Fukagawa City.” 


Although they change ingredients or there may be an increase and decrease in their lineups, customers can find approximately 30 kinds of flavors at the shop all the time. 
When Hokkaido Likers visited the store, there were haskap, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, melon, Aronia, etc. They said they would make plum jams and sake lees jams in winter. 
And they offer other than simple jams such as butter jams which adds butter and milk jam which adds milk. Flavors include “Apple butter,” “Strawberry butter,” “Matcha Milk,” etc. The most popular flavor is “Sweet potato butter,” which uses the sweet potato called Beni-Amayuki from Kouzai Farm in Takikawa. 
“Beni-Amayuki from Kouzai Farm was delicious as itself, and I was thinking of creating a jam-like Sweet Potato Confectionery. Sweet potato butter came up from that thought. Many customers tell me that although it’s a jam, they have it as itself like confectioneries.” Terashima says. 
滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」の今日ジャム5▲I am interested in pudding jam, too! 

You may not be able to pick from such a variety of kinds, but you can sample every jam at Kyoujam and buy the one you really like. 

滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」の今日ジャム試食用▲Terashima gave me a spoonful of the beets jam prototype. 

There is a small table in the shop and jams for samplings are put on the table. 
However, we visited on the extremely hot day over 30 degrees, so they were not offering samples on the table considering the safety. 
However, you can sample every jam if you request staffs which jam you want to try. 
“Once customers have our jam, they would understand it’s totally different from jams that are normally sold. I think they can understand it’s better than the price.” Terashima told me with strong confidence towards his products. 


100% of customers who have bought jams from them become repeat customers. It must be the result of Kyoujam’s strategy to compete with what’s inside. 
Kyoujam is sold at their shop and the bakery “panettone” in Takikawa City. 

In the neighborhoods, Terashima picks one shop in each area, which makes fascinating pastries that match perfectly with jams. Those shops are: “Donut Cafe Zuzu” in Sunagawa City, “Cafe Stoven” in Bibai City, “Seazbran” in Niki-Cho. 
You can buy their jam at the online shop. However, I would recommend to visit the shop in Takikawa City first, sample many jams and experience the fun to pick which jams to have today.  


“Kyoujam” arrange recipes

Kyoujam’s jam can turn out into various dishes, more than spreading it onto a slice of bread. 
“Our customers tell me about various arranges,” Terashima tells. Hokkaido Likers tried some of the recipes that Terashima taught us. 

●Potato Salad + Apple Butter
滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」の今日ジャムアレンジポテトサラダPhoto by Chiba

Some people like to put sliced apples into potato salad. In this recipe, I did not put sliced apples but instead a spoon of “Apple Butter.” 
Because of the sweetness and flavors of apples, I felt like my potato salad became a special one. 

●Haskap jam + sparkling water
滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」の今日ジャムアレンジソーダPhoto by Chiba

I simply mixed “Haskap Jam” with sparkling water. I put two spoons first then put one more spoon to make it thicker. It turned out even better! 
I had pieces of fruits sank to the bottom with a spoon. 

●Putting on yogurts
滝川市「今日は、どのジャムにしようかな?」の今日ジャムアレンジヨーグルトPhoto by Chiba

It is common to put jams on yogurts. According to Terashima, it won’t make you healthy if you put jams with plenty of sugar, although having yogurt every day to become healthy. 

That makes sense! 
Well, which jam will you have today?

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  • I never knew jams could be this much delicious! “Kyou-Ha Dono-Jam-Ni-Shiyoukana?” in Takikawa City

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