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Release | Ryo Sazaki

“KAMUY LUMINA” - Experience the enchanted night walk with lights, sounds, video projections, and nature

Hokkaido has many nature attractions. Among them, there are many national parks such as Shiretoko, Kushiro Wetlands, Akan, etc., offer extraordinary landscapes and many attractions! 

A new attraction came to Lake Akan, one of such national parks, where you can immerse yourself in the harmony of lights, sounds, video projections, and nature. 


Table of Contents

- The story of KAMUY LUMINA
- The world with the harmony of lights, sounds, video projections, and nature
- Access information to Akan



▲There were boards to explain the story of KAMUY LUMINA near the ticket counter. 

KAMUY LUMINA is an experiential night walk created by the multimedia entertainment company in Canada called “MOMENT FACTORY.” It came to Akan, Hokkaido in July 2019. KAMUY LUMINA is their first Night Walk Series created in a national park. 

The experience was created together with Ainu people, the natives of the lands of Hokkaido. The story is based on a traditional lyric passed down along Ainu people for a long period. They make use of lights, sounds, video projections, and nature as much as they can and by using “Rhythm staff,” guests can enjoy actively participate in the story. 


The story of KAMUY LUMINA

▲The main characters of the story are The Owl and The Jay Bird. 

Humans were suffering from hunger. The Owl, who is called “Kotan-Koro Kamuy,” one of the gods to protect Ainu village, discovered heroic personality to The Jay Bird who had a beautiful voice and decided to send him to the world of Kamuy to save humans.

However, although The Jay Bird had a beautiful voice, he could not keep the rhythm very well. Audiences will help The Jay Bird’s journey with their rhythm staffs so that he can sing well. 

Can The Jay Bird reach to the world of Kamuy and save humans from the crisis? 

This is the story of KAMUY LUMINA. 


The world with the harmony of lights, sounds, video projections, and nature

▲You first complete registrations at the ticket counter. 

▲I started my night walk with a rhythm staff! 

KAMUY LUMINA starts after listening to the notices and getting a rhythm staff. As I walked in the magical forests, the rhythm staff started to play Ainu folk songs, and it led me to immerse into the story. 

The melody from the rhythm staff goes like this: “Fu-nn-ko, Funko, Fu-nn-ko.” It is said that this is copying the voices of Blakiston's fish owls. 

▲The sounds and video projections were terrific. 

▲It changes every second, and my eyes were caught. 

▲The Owl speaks to audiences. 

There are eight points during approx. 50 mins night walk. The story goes on at each point. The story keeps repeatedly playing at each point. So, I recommend waiting until the end to listen from the beginning if you arrive in the middle of the story. You can enjoy this night walk much more when you understand the story thoroughly! 

▲The Owl gets projected to a real tree. 

▲Because it is Akan, Marimo participates in the story. 

You have to walk in the dark forest which you can see almost nothing. The small lights from the rhythm staff will be the only clue to find out the path. So, when you find The Owl and Marimo far away, you will feel relieved and excited at the same time. 

▲Audiences are walking with glimmering rhythm staffs. 

The colors of rhythm staffs change as the story goes on. It turns blue at quiet places and red when the story gets close to climax. I was often surprised by the technology at the same time, enjoying a night walk in the woods. 

▲Lights danced in the forest. 

▲The light projection of natural steams was extraordinary! 

The stage of KAMUY LUMINA is “Bokke Trail” along Lake Akan. Bokke means “boiling spot” in Ainu language, and 97 degrees celsius muds flow because of volcanic activities. Steams keep appearing because of that. 

KAMUY LUMINA uses natural phenomenon for their stage effects. By putting lights to steams, audiences can enjoy a fantastic show of lights dancing. 

▲The night walk ends with this grand finale. 

At the end of the story, audiences support The Jay Bird together with their rhythm staffs. Then… The story of The Owl and The Jay Bird ends here. 

Lights, sounds, and fantastic video projections. Participatory experience with rhythm staffs. The night walk in the national park. Dark forests and the starry sky above. 

This is the only experience available here, so if you have a chance to visit Lake Akan, please check it out! 

▲The storybook and Marimo Yokan. 

You will get the storybook after returning the rhythm staff after the walk. It tells more about KAMUY LUMINA, so you will be able to understand more deeply when you read the book after the show. 

The standard souvenir from Akan, Marimo Yokan, is turned into KAMUY LUMINA version and available for purchase! It makes me want to buy some. 


How to access Akan from Kushiro Airport 

- Bus
Akan Bus: Approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours to Lake Akan from the airport 

Ret-a-car: Same as the bus, approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours

  • “KAMUY LUMINA” - Experience the enchanted night walk with lights, sounds, video projections, and nature

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Ryo Sazaki