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Release | みふねたまき(Tamaki Mifune)

“Okashi-no-Fujii” - a cake shop in front of Kucchan Station offers delicious desserts and a playful atmosphere


Have you heard about “Okashi-no-Fujii,” located in front of Kucchan Station? They are a cake shop with many customers coming and going. They offer various desserts: freshly baked cream puffs made with local ingredients, baked goods, and monaka, which are perfect for souvenirs, different confections with unique names, etc. I visited “Okashi-no-Fujii” which locals love and support as a town’s confectionary. 


Table of Contents

- The shop is located in front of Kucchan Station: look for playful-looking windows
- They make confections with carefully selected local ingredients
- I will introduce delicious desserts from “Okashi-no-Fujii”
- CANARIA-UP Project: to achieve zero fragrance pollution


The shop is located in front of Kucchan Station: look for playful-looking windows

ニセコ_倶知安_駅前_お菓子のふじい▲“Okashi-no-Fujii” is located along Ekimae-Dori. 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_ショーウインドウ▲The playful-looking window of Okashi-no-Fujii. What is “Pon Danshaku Man”? 

ニセコ_倶知安_駅前_お菓子のふじい▲Chiaki is the editor in chief of “Fujii Shimbun (Fujii Newspaper).” She publishes it irregularly.  

ニセコ_倶知安_駅前_お菓子のふじい_藤井千晶さん▲An appealing yellow minivan in front of the shop and… is she Chiaki? 

ニセコ_倶知安_駅前_お菓子のふじい_藤井千晶さん▲Oven-kun, one of the mascots of the shop, and Chiaki. 

The third-generation president of “Okashi-no-Fujii,” Chiaki Fujii answered all my questions. She came back to Kucchan-Cho with her husband Takayoshi, who is a wagashi artist, after getting married and took over her family’s shop 12 years ago.

She does not only bake but also names desserts, involves in package design, character design, promotions on social networks, and work as the manager of the shop. It seems quite a lot of work, but she keeps smiling and does not seem she is feeling tough at all. 

“We have many customers who love our shop from a long time ago. Therefore, half of our products existed before I took over the shop. Other than that, I made some products come back, such as omelet, and I also decided to end selling desserts that existed since the establishment of the shop. I rethink about products and ingredients quite often.” Chiaki said. 

ニセコ_倶知安_駅前_お菓子のふじい_オムレット▲The huge omelet came back! Many old fans like it. 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_店内▲They also offer various interesting products adding to cakes displayed in the showcase. 


They make confections with carefully selected local ingredients

お菓子のふじい、シュークリーム▲Freshly baked cream puff. * Hokkaido Likers photo-writer Megane took the photo. 

The most significant change for the shop was that she changed the most fundamental ingredients of making confections: milk, egg, and flour. She did that because of the “Freshly baked cream puff,” which was one of the most popular desserts from the shop. 

When she was developing new cream puff to be the main product made with the new yellow oven (the oven also became a mascot), she carefully selected ingredients from local farms. Now she uses whole-grain flours from “Aoki Farm” in Kucchan-Cho for the cream puff dough, cage-free fertile eggs from “Ishikawa Poultry Farm” also in Kucchan-Cho for the custard cream, and milk of cows put to grazing from “Takara Ranch” in Kimobetsu-Cho which is located next to Kucchan-Cho. 

She could create a masterpiece with crunchy dough and custard cream not too sweet and having clear aftertaste. Cream puffs sometimes get sold out before they close the shop, so I advise to make a reservation. 

I will introduce delicious desserts from “Okashi-no-Fujii”

Okashi-no-Fujii offers more delicious desserts. Let me introduce popular desserts, both old and new! 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_エクレア▲“éclair deluxe” puts plenty of their masterpiece custard cream and chocolates! 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_クレープ▲These cakes with strawberries on top are crepes. 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_りんごパイ▲“Apple Pie” is made with apples from Yoichi. The crunchy dough uses whole grain from Kucchan. 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_牛もなか▲“Cow Monaka” stands by itself. It contains milk flavored paste, using milks from Takara Ranch and bitter chocolate chips. 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_ポン男爵▲“Pon Danshaku” wraps the paste made with potatoes, which is a local specialty of Kucchan, with whole-grain pie dough. It is the new standard souvenir from Kucchan, which she was inspired by “Jaga-butter (boiled or steamed potatoes with butter).” The package design looks like a card box, which makes the dessert fancy! 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_ステッカー▲“Pon Danshaku Man” is a mascot character of “Pon Danshaku.” Chiaki designed the sticker. 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_お土産_詰め合わせ▲You can make your box for presents by putting anything you like; castella, madeleine, dorayaki, etc. 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_カシュカシュ_グルテンフリー▲“Cache Cache" are gluten-free meringue kisses made without additives. 

“I see many people like not only freshly baked cream puffs but also pudding, which makes the flavor of eggs stand out, and soft-serve ice creams and castellas which make the flavor of a milk stand out. All of that allows people to feel the natural flavor of ingredients. I could not create our current products without milk from Takara Ranch and eggs from Ishikawa Poultry Farm.” Chiaki said. 

CANARIA-UP Project: to achieve zero fragrance pollution

Chiaki, who involves into different works such as packaging, naming, creating mascot characters and newspapers, etc., with her flowing ideas, puts her strongest effort on “CANARIA-UP Project” since she started it last year. 

ニセコ_倶知安_お菓子のふじい_カナリアップ_化学物質過敏症_香害▲She also sells various “CANARIA-UP” products such as pinback buttons, etc. 

“The trigger to start this project was my husband. He developed chemical sensitivity, and he started to become sick from smells. It made him difficult to work, and I wanted to build an environment for him so that he could continue working.”  

She now wants to do something for people with similar problems as Takayoshi. She started hiring people who have chemical sensitivity, put up a project on the crowdfunding website, and building a factory and dormitory specialized in chemical sensitivity. Many people from all over Japan watches her project, which surpasses a cake shop. 

I imagine Chiaki had hard times. However, She who talked in front of me was very gentle. As she was creating new cakes and thinking about names and packaging, she was having fun with the new project. 

If you are going to Niseko and Kucchan, I recommend stopping by “Okashi-no-Fujii”! 


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  • “Okashi-no-Fujii” - a cake shop in front of Kucchan Station offers delicious desserts and a playful atmosphere