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“Nanairo Nanae” - Michi No Eki in Nanae-Cho, located along the National Route no.5


Michi No Eki "Nanairo Nanae" opened in 2018 as the new landmark of Nanae-Cho in the southern Hokkaido. Since then, it has been popular to tourists, locals, neighbors, and drivers who use the National Route no.5.

Table of Contents

- What is Michi No Eki “Nanairo Nanae” in Nanae-Cho?
- “Nanairo Nanae” is very spacious
- Find souvenirs using locally sourced apples and vegetables

- Not sake flights, apple flights? 


What is Michi No Eki “Nanairo Nanae” in Nanae-Cho?

“Nanairo Nanae” is a Michi No Eki in Nanae-Cho which opened on March 23, 2018. 
Most people use expressways when they head to Hakodate from Sapporo. They get off at Onuma-Koen IC and drive along the National Route no.5. 

“Nanairo Nanae” appears on the left side after driving approximately 30 mins from Onuma-Koen IC. 

If you drive from Hakodate Station to Nanae-Cho, it takes approximately 40 mins. 


七飯町道の駅「なないろ・ななえ」▲Nanae-Cho Michi No Eki “Nanairo Nanae” 

Nanae-Cho in the southern Hokkaido is famous for having one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Hokkaido, “Onuma Quasi-National Park.” 

Hokkaido Likers has introduced various attractions in Nanae-Cho. 
For example: 
- Higureyama Observatory

- Shirotai Farm

- Shirotai Skyline

- Enjoy snowmobile on frozen Onuma Park

- Canoeing in Onuma Park

- Take a walk around Lake Konuma

- Mt. Nanae’s spring

- Cycling tour around Onuma
Michi No Eki “Nanairo Nanae” was added to the list. 
Nanae-Cho is said to be the first place to cultivate Western apples and is called “the birthplace of Western apple.” The logo design uses its local specialty apples for the motif.  
The name “Nanairo Nanae” has been selected from a public appeal. 

“Nanairo Nanae” is very spacious

Michi No Eki has much more attractions than just a resting area while driving. It’s now a place to shop local specialties and souvenirs, hold events, and the center of learning about cities’ cultures and various information.  
“Nanairo Nanae” is no exception. 
I visited Mao Hosokawa from “Nanairo Nanae” to ask about the facility. 

「なないろ・ななえ」の細川真央さん▲Mao Hosokawa from “Nanairo Nanae” was born and raised in Nanae. “I was amazed to see the number of people here after Michi No Eki was established.” 

“Nanae-Cho did not have facilities like this before. Because of ‘Nanairo Nanae,” now people in the town and the neighborhood have a place to gather.” Hosokawa says. 
There are basically three areas in “Nanairo Nanae.”  
The vast space near the entrance is a free space called “Seventh Living.” 

「なないろ・ななえ」のタペストリー▲The tapestry of “Nanairo Nanae” welcomes guests.  

「なないろ・ななえ」の「セブンスリビング」▲Seventh living is near the entrance. This will be a venue for various events. 

There is an area for “souvenir, local specialties, and vegetables from local farms” on the left. 

「土産・特産品・農産品直売所」▲The area to shop souvenirs, local specialties, and locally sourced vegetables. The hallway is spacious and lets guests enjoy shopping entirely. 

And there is an eating area with various delicious foods of Michi No Eki on the other side.  

「なないろ・ななえ」の飲食スペース▲They offer plenty of menus for you to enjoy both in the facility and takeaways.  

Other than that, there is an exhibition area to show that Nanae-Cho is the birthplace of Western farming and local community area, etc. 


Find souvenirs using locally sourced apples and vegetables

“Because it is Michi No Eki of Nanae-Cho, we are very much particular about locally sourced vegetables,” Hosokawa says. 

「なないろ・ななえ」の直売コーナー▲The vegetable area displays seasonal vegetables. They are expecting to have more during the harvesting season. 

They limit vegetables that are produced by farmers who live in Nanae-Cho. Therefore, they offer various seasonally-limited vegetables.



And they are also particular about souvenirs: it must use something from Nanae-Cho.  
Nanae-Cho is “the birthplace for Western apples.”  So if you think about something from Nanae-Cho, it can’t be anything other than apples! 
So I asked Hosokawa to introduce me such souvenirs. 

「なないろ・ななえ」のりんごを使ったお土産コーナー▲The shelf for souvenirs related to apples. 

「なないろ・ななえ」のりんごのパイ(左)とりんごのパウンドケーキを持つ細川さん▲“Apple pie (on the left) and apple pound cake. They are delicious!”

「なないろ・ななえ」のりんごのパウンドケーキ648円▲Apple pound cake is 648 yen. All products with the logo of “Nanairo Nanae” is Michi No Eki limited products. 

「なないろ・ななえ」のカレー▲Curries using apples from Nanae-Cho are bestsellers, too. They offer three kinds: white with coconut milk, red with apples, and black with black sesame and squid ink. 

「なないろ・ななえ」オリジナルグッズ▲They offer plenty of products other than food with the logo of “Nanairo Nanae.”  

Not sake flights, apple flights?

You can have three kinds of curries that are popular in the souvenir area, potato mochi, apple pie, soft serve, etc., at the eating area. 
Hokkaido Likers was very attracted to “apple flights.” 
Apple flights let you taste different apple juices just like sake flights.  

「なないろ・ななえ」の「ききりんごセット」500円▲“Apple flights set” is 500 yen. The kinds of apples are Meigetsu, Red Gold, Ourin from the left.  

I noticed a distinct difference when I compared the flavor! I felt that the differences and characteristics stand out more when you make apples into juice than comparing them as fruits. 
They change the kinds depending on the seasons, so I may need to check out which breeds they offer, every time I stop by “Nanairo Nanae.”
There is also “THE DANSHAKU LOUNGE” next to “Nanairo Nanae,” which has just opened on April 25, 2019. 
Different management companies operate each of them, but they are planning to co-host events and make various collaborations to make things better, since they are located in the same property.

左が「なないろ・ななえ」で隣が「THE DANSHAKU LOUNGE」▲“Nanairo Nanae” is on the left and “THE DANSHAKU LOUNGE” is next to it.  

There is also “Hokkaido Konbu-Kan” across the National Route so that you can enjoy pretty much only in this district. 

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  • “Nanairo Nanae” - Michi No Eki in Nanae-Cho, located along the National Route no.5

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