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“JR Hokkaido Station Sign Caramel” - I want to collect all!

道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル1* The picture is provided 

“JR Hokkaido Station Sign Caramel” came out! I am sure all railroad fans in Hokkaido and everywhere in Japan would scream that they want to collect all. It is perfect for a souvenir from Hokkaido, too.

“JR Hokkaido Station Sign Caramel” printed signs from 410 stations of JR Hokkaido

Donan Shokuhin, who manufactures “Hokkaido Dice Caramel” which Hokkaido Likers has already introduced, made a new caramel that collectors would be crazy! 

道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル2▲One set contains five boxes. (200 yen, including tax). There are two pieces of caramels in one box.

That is “JR Hokkaido Station Sign Caramel” (hereafter merely Ekikyara) which printed signs from 410 stations of JR Hokkaido. 
道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル3▲JR Hokkaido Station Sign Caramel
* The picture is provided

They used all 410 stations of local and Shinkansen stations as of April 1, 2019, for the design. 

There are 84 patterns of “JR Hokkaido Station Sign Caramel” 

Because the shape is the same as the famous dice caramel, it also prints pips of a dice. 

道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル4▲This pip shows “Ainosato-Koen.” Ainosato-Koen Station is a station of Sassho Line (Gakuen-Toshi Line).

道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル5▲This pip is “Ishikari-Kanazawa.” Ishikari-Kanazawa Station is a station of Sassho Line (Gakuen-Toshi Line). 

One box prints five-station signs all connected with the same line. There are 84 patterns of such boxes.  

道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル6▲This part of the boxes shows the name of the routes. 

Because of the connection of the routes, some stations of local trains and Shinkansen print two stations in one pip: Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station, Mori Station, Higashi-Muroran Station, Tomakomai Station, Numanohata Station, Oiwake Station, Soen Station, Furano Station, and Higashi-Kushiro Station.
道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル7▲This Ekikyara prints stations of Sassho Line (Gakuen-Toshi Line): Ainosato-Koen, Ishikari-Futomi, Hokkaido-Iryodaigaku, Ishikari-Kanazawa. 

道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル8▲One set contains five patterns randomly. * It may include the same station sign in a set of five boxes. 

道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル9▲This pip shows all station signs. 

When you are going to pick one at a shop, you will try to find stations and routes that you are familiar with. 
In the case of Hokkaido Likers, we tried to find “Sapporo,” but it took a while to find. 
Instead, we were trapped to find names of stations that we had never heard of. I almost forgot that I was looking for “Sapporo.” 

道南食品のJR北海道駅名標キャラメル10▲It was the first time for me to see the name of the station “Nokanan” (Nemuro-Honsen Line). 

By the way, “Sapporo” comes with the pip of “Hachiken.”
This caramel surely stimulates the desires of collectors. 
Ekikyara has so many attractions. We can connect the caramels as if we connect the stations; we can make thoughts about fun memories of Hokkaido by seeing names of stations while we enjoy caramels. 


It would be a perfect souvenir for railway fans. 

It will appear at souvenir shops in Hokkaido from July 17, 2019.  

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