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“Shikabe Premium Tarako Meal” from Hama No Ka-san Shokudo in Shikabe-Cho, southern Hokkaido


Shikabe Premium Tarako Meal” from “Hama no Ka-san Shokudo,” located in “Michi No Eki Shikabe Kanketsusen Park” in Shikabe-Cho, southern Hokkaido. People from all over Japan visit this diner to have stewed fish cooked by mothers by the sea and the specialty of Shikabe, Tarako. Give me another bowl of rice!


Table of Contents

- “Hama No Ka-san Shokudo” in “Michi No Eki Shikabe Kanketsusen Park,” Shikabe-Cho
- Women’s division of fishermen’s cooperative runs “Hama No Ka-san Shokudo”
- Huge pieces of stewed fish and Tarako! “Shikabe Premium Tarako Gozen”
- The secret of mothers’ stewed fish


“Hama No Ka-san Shokudo” in “Michi No Eki Shikabe Kanketsusen Park,” Shikabe-Cho 

Shikabe-Cho is the landmark of Oshima Peninsula in southern Hokkaido. It’s located at the foot of Mt. Komagatake and surrounded by Mori-Cho, Nanai-Cho, and Hakodate City. 

“Michi No Eki Shikabe Kanketsusen Park” faces the national route no. 278, which is on the side of Uchiura Bay, the curved part in the map of Hokkaido. If you visit here from Sapporo, Michi No Eki is a while after you pass Shikabe Onsen.

国道278号線に面した「道の駅 しかべ間歇泉公園」▲“Michi No Eki Shikabe Kanketsusen Park” faces the national route no. 278. 

Hokkaido Likers has introduced “Shikabe Kanketsusen Park” before. You can learn more from this article

There is a diner called “Hama No Ka-San Shokudo” in this Michi No Eki. 

鹿部町道の駅の施設▲You can find “Hama No Ka-San Shokudo” in this building of Michi No Eki. 


鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂孫側の席▲It would be nice to sit by the window on sunny days. 

It’s not a restaurant, nor a cafe. It’s a diner. The word really suits the place because they provide seriously delicious meals. 


Women’s division of fishermen’s cooperative runs “Hama No Ka-san Shokudo”

“Hama No Ka-San Shokudo” was established in 2016. Rumors about delicious meals cooked by people in the women’s department of fishermen’s cooperative spread quickly. 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂、松川明美さん、平井悦子さん、秋川明美さん▲Tomomi Matsukawa, Etsuko Hirai, Toshiko Yoshida from the left cooperated to the coverage. They attract customers very much. 

Repeat customers visit “Hama No Ka-San Shokudo” for various reasons. Some say, “I came to southern Hokkaido to see Onuma and Hakodate, but I should start my journey from having seafood at Hama No Ka-San Shokudo.” Others might say, “I came here to play golf, but the true objective of being here is to have stewed fish here.” 


Moreover, those repeat customers crave for stewed fish cooked by mothers who work here and visit here not only from the neighborhood and within Hokkaido but also from Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Hiroshima, etc., every year.

We can understand how popular the diner is, as they sold 1,500 “Shikabe Premium Tarako Gozen” during nine days holidays of Golden Week in 2019. 


Well, Hokkaido Likers team, too, could not forget the flavor of “Shikabe Premium Tarako Gozen” from the last time I visited for the article of “Karuishi-Hoshi” from Irie Funabashi Shoten. So, that is why we are here again today.


Huge pieces of stewed fish and Tarako! “Shikabe Premium Tarako Gozen”

The menu of “Hama No Ka-San Shokudo” is like this: “Shikabe Premium Tarako Gozen” (1,000 yen), “Shikabe Premium Gozen (without tarako)” (800 yen), Tarako and rice set (500 yen), and different seasonal dish. They had “Northern shrimp rice bowl Gozen” (1,000 yen) when we visited in June. They said that they offer scallops meal that was caught in Uchiura Bay in spring. 

You may need time to decide which one to have. Our strong recommendation is “Shikabe Premium Tarako Gozen”! 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂鹿部プレミアムたらこ御膳(1,000円・税込み)▲Shikabe Premium Tarako Gozen (1,000 yen, including tax) 

It comes with stewed fresh fish caught in the near sea, Shikabe’s specialty Tarako (pollock roe), side dish, and miso soup. 1,000 yen for this amount of food is a lot for the price. 

鹿部プレミアムたらこ御膳(1,000円・税込み)のたらこ▲A huge piece of Shikabe’s specialty Tarako is put on the rice! They use Fukkurinko produced in the southern Hokkaido for the rice. 

鹿部プレミアムたらこ御膳(1,000円・税込み)の魚の煮付け▲This stewed fish attracts people from all over Hokkaido and Japan. 

Fish changes seasonally and the situation of fishing. They basically provide pointhead flounder, but they sometimes offer Atka mackerel or herrings. They don’t offer grilled or dried fish, they only offer stewed fish. 

This stewed fish makes us addicted! 


The secret of mothers’ stewed fish

“Hama No Ka-San Shokudo” is open from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM but they provide each menu for limited amounts. 

They calculate the amount to prepare so that it will last at least during the business hours. However, more customers than expectation come sometimes, and they sell out quickly occasionally. 


They saved one set for us because we scheduled our visit on that day. However, everything was sold out by the time when we arrived at 1:30 PM. 

Mothers kept apologizing to customers who stop by the diner. “We are sorry, but we are out of rice.” “We are sorry; everything is sold out already.” 

While I felt sorry for those people who visited the diner but could not have meals, I asked mothers for my “Shikabe Premium Tarako Gozen.” 

I searched for secrets of the deliciousness of stewed fish. 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂煮付け用ババガレイ▲The stewed fish of the day was Slime flounder. 

They saved Slime flounder for us! 

We can catch many kinds of flounders, such as cresthead flounders, pointhead flounders, barlin flounders, etc. Among them, Slime flounder is said to be the best one for stewing because of the richness in fat and thickness of the meat. 

Stormy weather continued for the past few days, but they luckily could stock good Slime flounder on the day we visited. It was almost a miracle. Mothers told me, “You are so lucky!” 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂ババガレイを煮付けるところ▲They don’t cook all at once and stock them. They prepare each piece upon orders. 

The secret of the stew is this sauce. 

The sauce is made with water, soy sauce, mirin, sugar, crystal sugar, sake, dashi. The amount of each ingredient is written in the notebook so that anyone can produce the same flavor. 

However, the secret of being different from stews in other restaurants was that they were adding sauces every time.

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂平井悦子さん▲“The color looks salty, but it does not taste like that,” Etsuko said. It was fun to chat with mothers, too! 

“We were afraid to add sauces in the first one or two years. However, when we tried adding sauce once, the flavor got much deeper. We should have done that earlier!” Etsuko said. 

The sauce contains delicious flavors from various fish. They can produce rich and deep flavor by keep adding the sauce. 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂ババガレイにショウガを入れる▲They cook for about 10 mins with plenty of gingers. 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂ババガレイの煮付け盛り付け▲You can have freshly cooked stewed fish. 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂キッチン内▲Mothers cooperate very well to make one dish in the kitchen. 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂たらこ▲Put on Shikabe’s specialty, Tarako on the rice. 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂で御膳を運ぶ平井悦子さん▲“Thank you for waiting! It’s ready!” 


Let’s try the stewed fish first! I put on my chopsticks, and fluffy meat of fish broke easily. I put on the sauce a little bit and brought it into my mouth. 

“Super delicious!” 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさん食堂ババガレイの煮付け▲The fat Slime flounder was extremely fluffy! 

Slime flounder has thick meat, and it felt like a lot of amounts. 

Moreover, since it had plenty of fat, I could feel the delicious flavor of the flounder when I sucked filet and fins. 

I could put rice three times with one bit of stewed fish. 

The huge Tarako on rice becomes trouble then. 

I could have one bowl of rice just with stewed fish. What should I do with Tarako? 

鹿部町道の駅浜のかあさんたらこののったご飯▲You can also have rice just with Tarako. 

The Tarako is very rich, and you could have a half bowl of rice with a little amount, but I put plenty of Tarako in my bite to feel luxury. 

According to mothers, many people ask for another bowl of rice here. The best record was five bowls! 

Stewed fish cooked by mothers by the sea, using delicious seafood from Shikabe. 

Hokkaido Likers definitely recommends this dish as the food worth the visit. 

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