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“Yukizuru” and “Haskapp Jewelry” by Morimoto - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifts

Morimoto will celebrate their 70th anniversary this year since they founded in Chitose City where Shin-Chitose Airport is located. I will introduce two confections that are loved by both locals and tourists alike.

もりもとの「雪鶴」と「北の小さなケーキ  ハスカップジュエリー」


Morimoto will celebrate their 70th anniversary this year

It was the early Showa era. The origin of Morimoto is that they sold pastries and snacks during the after-war periods of food shortage, using the confectionery techniques that the founder learned in Karafuto. 

They founded in 1949 in Chitose City and will celebrate their 70th anniversary this year. 

もりもとの70周年のロゴ▲The logo to celebrate the 70th anniversary! (Morimoto provided the picture) 

The founder’s will “Provide a lot of delicious foods to everyone” has been passed down generations after generations. Morimoto’s stores sell various Western and Japanese confections and pastries that children and elderlies can both enjoy.

* Check out the web magazine they started to celebrate the 70th anniversary! 


“Sunny Jelly red” which came out in 2000 was introduced by media as order desserts were one of the opportunities that the name Morimoto became famous in all Japan. 

モリモトのゼリー▲“Sunny Jelly red.” They use tomatoes from Niki-Cho for ingredients. (Morimoto provided the picture)

There are many confections that I would like to recommend as souvenirs. In this article, I will introduce two of the long-seller products. 


“Yukizuru” has cream between fluffy buns 

Yukizuru” came out in 1972. The second generation implemented techniques he learned when he was training and developed Yukizuru. 

The illustration of a crane in the current package (as of June 2019) is drawn by a manga artist Mari Yamazaki, who spent her childhood in Chitose. 

もりもとの「雪鶴」▲“Buttercream” flavor and “Haskapp” flavor, they are 160 yen (including tax) for each. 

Bouche is a simple dough made with flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. Its fluffy and light texture is impressive. Smooth cream is in between buns. 


The cream of “buttercream” flavor lets us enjoy the deep taste of butter, and it’s a little salty with cheese!  

Also, the cream of “Haskapp” makes distinct sourness of Hokkaido’s fruit haskapp. On the contrary to buttercream flavor, it’s very refreshing. 

I heard that these are often chosen for red and white colored presents for celebration occasions in Chitose. 


“Haskapp Jewerly” has a smooth texture

Haskapp Jewelry” is a confection putting haskapp jam and buttercream in between cookies then coating the edges with chocolates. 

もりもとの北の小さなケーキ  ハスカップジュエリー▲“Haskapp Jewelry” is 180 yen (including tax) for a piece. 

The cookie which corrupts instantly and melts in the mouth immediately, sweet and sour haskapp and mild buttercream and sweet chocolate creates a fantastic harmony. 

It’s made mainly with cookies, but its delicate and sophisticated flavor is more like a cake. 

もりもとの北の小さなケーキ  ハスカップジュエリー

You can purchase both of the two confections made with ingredients in Hokkaido at shops in Sapporo and major souvenir shops. 

They also offer them in boxes so those who are looking for delicious souvenirs should try! 

  • “Yukizuru” and “Haskapp Jewelry” by Morimoto - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifts

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Fumiko Magota