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I stayed at “Farm Inn Maburitto” near Cape Erimo: Dinner at the ranch was Tankaku Wagyu Beef Yakiniku!

えりも短角王国 高橋ファーム▲Erimo Tankaku Kingdom Takahashi Farm provided the picture

“Erimo Tankaku Kingdom Takahashi Farm” near Cape Erimo is a livestock farmer raising Tankaku Wagyu Beef. There is “Farm Inn Maburitto” in one corner of the farm, and you can enjoy Tankaku Wagyu Beef Yakiniku for dinner and homemade breakfast with a slow relaxing time at the farm if you stay a night. You can also visit there to have a yakiniku lunch during the day.



Table of Contents

- Raising Tankaku Wagyu Beef started as a side job of kelp fishing
- Check-in to the farm inn
- Tankaku Wagyu Beef yakiniku for dinner! 
- A beautiful morning at a farm and homemade breakfast
- You can enjoy the “time” itself which passes slowly


Raising Tankaku Wagyu Beef started as a side job of kelp fishing

観光名所として有名な襟裳岬▲Cape Erimo is a famous tourist destination

襟裳岬から車で5分ほどの高台に広がる「えりも短角王国 高橋ファーム」の牧場(画像提供:えりも短角王国 高橋ファーム)▲The farm of “Erimo Tankaku Kingdom Takahashi Farm” is located on a hill approximately five mins drive from Cape Erimo (Erimo Tankaku Kingdom Takahashi Farm provided the picture) 

Farmers in the Erimo-Cho, where Cape Erimo is located, started to raise Tankaku Beef as a side job for kelp fishing since the mid-Meiji Period to take measures to bad fishing. 

“Erimo Tankaku Kingdom Takahashi Farm” was one of them. 

Mr. Takahashi, the owner in the past generation, moved to Erimo as a fisherman from Akita Prefecture and started livestock farming later. The third generation and the fourth generation raise approximately 200 Tankaku cattle now. 

今でも短角牛の生産とともに昆布漁も。例年7月上旬から8月末か9月上旬位が漁期です(画像提供:えりも短角王国 高橋ファーム)▲They still do kelp fishing and raise Tankaku cattle both. They dedicate themselves to kelp fishing from early July to late August or early September every year. (Erimo Tankaku Kingdom Takahashi Farm provided the picture) 

Tankaku Beef comes from Nanbu Beef which was raised in Iwate Prefecture in the past. 

They have less fat comparing to fatty wagyu beef, which means low calorie and healthy. They also contain plenty of amino acid and protein. 
The lean meat is chewy yet soft, and you can enjoy the strong natural flavor of the beef itself. 

春から初冬まで広々とした放牧場でのんびり過ごし、ミネラル豊富な牧草を食べて育ちます▲They grow slowly from spring to early winter in this enormous farm while having mineral-rich grass. 

Because they are lean meat, many farmers in the town converted themselves from Tankaku Beef farmers to black cattle wagyu farmers as the popularity of fatty wagyu beef raised. Takahashi Farm now became the only Tankaku Beef farmer in the town. 

They started to manufacture and sell beef and beef processed foods and drinks to pass down the Tankaku Beef farming to the next generation, together with the history of Erimo-Cho. 
They involved in the sixth industrialization and became one of the most famous livestock farmers in the area. 

子供たちを牧場に招いて社会教育活動もしています(画像提供:えりも短角王国 高橋ファーム)▲They invite children to the farm and provide educational programs. (Erimo Tankaku Kingdom Takahashi Farm provided the picture) 


Check-in to the farm inn

“Farm Inn Maburitto” was established on the scenic hilltop in an enormous farm in 2002. 

“Maburitto” is a term used in the North-East (Tohoku) Region. It describes people who manage grazing cattle with respect and intimacy. 

建物右がファームイン守人、左は焼肉小屋短々(たんたん)▲The building in the right is Farm Inn Maburitto and in the left is Yakiniku House Tantan. 

Farm Inns are inns in farms and ranches. The objective here is to experience farmers’ lives and suburb’s lives by staying at inns in properties of farms and ranches. 

Let me introduce how Farm Inn Maburitto is like. 

広々とした交流スペース。リビングのような場所で、旅人同士やスタッフの方々との交流はここで▲The big lounge. It is like a living room, and you can interact with other travelers and staffs here. 

吹き抜けなので開放感あり!▲It feels spacious because the living room is built in a wellhole style! 

They offer two guest rooms; they call private rooms.
Both of them are located on the second floor. One of them is on the side of Cape Erimo with the view of the ocean, and the other one is on the side of Hidaka Mountain Range with the view of mountains. 
* Note: You can’t see the cape from the guest room. 

これ、客室名!?それぞれの部屋のキーには「海が見えます」「山が見えます」▲Is this the name of the room!? The keys for each room say, “You can see the ocean” and “You can see the mountain.” 

プライベートルームは屋根裏部屋のようで隠れ家のよう!?洗面用具とパジャマは各自持参ですが、寝具はあります▲Private rooms are like a loft, and it’s as if a secret house! You have to bring your own pajamas and travel amenities, but they provide futon and sheets. 

Toilet and bathroom are on the first floor, and there is a shared refrigerator in the hallway on the second floor. 

プライベートルーム「海が見えます」の窓を開け、えりもの風を感じてみました▲I felt the wind of Erimo by opening the window of the private room, “You can see the ocean.” 

You will have free time until dinner after checking in. 

You can spend a quiet moment for yourself in the private room, visit the living room to talk with others or read and see one of many historical documents about the ranch and the town or magazines in the room. 

Since you are visiting the farm, I recommend going outside while the sun is up and enjoy the atmosphere of the farm. 

柵の手前までは立ち入ることができます▲You can get near the fence but not allowed to cross it. 

広大な牧場。牛さんたちがのんびり草を食べて過ごしています▲The farm is enormous. Cattles are having grass and seem they are relaxed. 

牛さんをアップで撮ったら、偶然遠くからこちらを伺うエゾシカさんが。観光客には可愛いアイドル的存在ですが、この地に暮らす人にとっては牛の草を食べてしまう厄介者です▲When I was zooming into cattle, I found an Ezo-deer looking at me far away. Ezo-deers are cute mascots to tourists, but they are troublemakers to locals because they eat grass for cattle. 

I was enjoying the landscape of farms as I walk around, and without noticing, it was almost sunset. I should get ready for dinner time, which I was looking very much forward. 


Tankaku Wagyu Beef yakiniku for dinner! 

The dinner is provided at the building next to the inn, Yakiniku House Tantan. 

牧場の夜。建物から漏れる明かりと星の明かりだけが闇夜に輝きます▲The night of a farm. The only lights in a night are lights from the building and starlights. 

さあ、焼肉!焼肉!▲Yes! Let’s eat Yakiniku! 

The meat offered here is, of course, only Tankaku Beef raised at this farm. They are beef provided by farmers at the place production. How luxurious experience is it? 

ある日の夕食、肉づくし!これで1人分です▲Dinner of a day. Plenty of meats! The picture is for one person. 

They offered short ribs, hearts, tongue, hanging tender, shank, 100% Tankaku Wagyu Beef hamburg, and miso-flavored offals. 

The meat comes with some vegetables and rice. Rice is “Apoi Rice” produced in Samani-Cho, the town next to Erimo-Cho. They are Nanatsuboshi grown near Mt. Apoi. 

高橋さんが牧場やお肉の説明をしながら焼いてくれました▲Mrs. Takahashi grilled beef for me as she explained about the farm and meat. 

お肉は一気に焼いちゃうなんてもったいない!1枚ずつ丁寧に焼いて、じっくり味わいます▲You should grill it one by one and enjoy it thoroughly because beef is excellent! 

短角牛ハンバーグ。いい色になってきました!これがまた、肉々しくてジューシーなんです♪▲Tankaku Wagyu Beef hamburg is looking delicious! This hamburg was very meaty and juicy. 

味噌ホルモンは野菜とともに。ごはんがいくらでも進んでしまいそうないい味です▲I had miso flavored offals with vegetables. It tasted really great with rice. 

As Tankaku Wagyu Beef is less fatty compared to other beef, I did not feel oiliness and heaviness that I usually feel when I have yakiniku. It felt light, and I could feel the juicy, delicious flavor of beef. They were meats that I wanted to enjoy slowly by pieces. 

Having beef raised in the place. This is the real, local production for local consumption. The happiness after having dinner was more than anything. I could sleep really well. 


A beautiful morning at a farm and homemade breakfast

It is great to wake up with the sun and take a walk around the farm in the early morning. 
It is also nice to get up late in a relaxing and quiet environment.  

It is common that you wake up, see the clock, and realize option two became your choice unintentionally. What will happen to you? 

ゆっくり寝坊した末、交流スペースへ行ってみるとまぶしい朝の陽ざし差し込んでいました▲The bright morning sun was making the living room shine after I had overslept. 

高橋さんが朝食を作ってくれていました▲Mrs. Takahashi made me breakfast. 

Mrs. Takahashi, you take care of cattle and guests! When do you sleep? I cannot stop respecting her. 

心のこもった手作り朝食▲Her hearty homemade breakfast. 

They offer seasonal grilled fish, etc. I had grilled salmon and whelk sashimi. Of course, both of them are locally sourced. 

地元で水揚げされたツブの刺身。えりも町は道内有数のツブの産地です▲Locally sourced whelk sashimi. Erimo-Cho is one of the most famous producers of whelks in Hokkaido. 

I enjoyed locally sourced ingredients thoroughly at this farm inn; beef for dinner and seafood for breakfast. I could not be happier. 

I did not want to go, but it was almost 10:00 AM. It was time to check out. 

建物を出ると目の前には早春の牧場。遠くには頂に雪を残す日高山脈▲There was the early spring farm in front when I got out of the building. I could see Hidaka Mountain Range with snow on the top far away. 


You can enjoy the “time” itself which passes slowly

The famous song by Shinichi Mori “Cape Erimo” has a phrase like this: “There is nothing in spring of Erimo.” 

With the highest respect, I would say: 

“There are cattle in spring of Erimo.”
“There are meats in spring of Erimo.”
“There is also seafood in spring of Erimo.” 
“There is the ocean in spring of Erimo.”
“There are also mountains in the spring of Erimo.”
“There are heartwarming people in spring of Erimo.”
“There are nice winds in spring of Erimo.”
“I oversleep in spring of Erimo.” 

I have too many things to say, and the chorus would go forever. It won’t be a song…

If you stay at “Farm Inn Maburitto” for a day, you would not feel that there is nothing in spring of Erimo. You can enjoy the slow “time” in Erimo as you interact with nature, earth, food, and people. 

えりも短角王国 高橋ファーム

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  • I stayed at “Farm Inn Maburitto” near Cape Erimo: Dinner at the ranch was Tankaku Wagyu Beef Yakiniku!