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“Panpakapan” in Urakawa is a bakery with the view of the ocean and uses lots of locally produced ingredients

“Panpakapan” is a bakery located by the side of the beach in Urakawa-Cho which is popular among locals that people keep coming during the opening hours. They offer lots of pastries and bread using locally produced seasonal vegetables, dairy products, local salmon, sausages, etc. You can not only enjoy it by taking it with you but also with a cup of vegetable soup in the store.


Table of Contents

- A hidden bakery like a secret hideaway
- Ms. Isai says she wants to support the community through her pastries
- The most recommended pastries! 
- Have delicious pastries in relaxing store or by the beach


A hidden bakery like a secret hideaway

Panpakapan is a bakery located in Urakawa-Cho in Hidaka Region where is famous for thoroughbred horses and the cherry blossom lane. The store is located by the Pacific Ocean and feels very refreshing when visiting. 

お店の窓の外には太平洋♪▲You can get the view of the Pacific Ocean from the store. 

The store is located near the downtown of Urakawa-Cho. You can reach there by taking a turn from the major road in the region, National Route no. 235. 

The turning point is very difficult to figure out that although car navigation system tells you to turn right or left, you won’t be able to find the point at first. 

Those who plan to visit the store for the first time, if you try to turn right on the national route coming from Sapporo City or Tomakomai City where there is a lot of traffic, you might be frustrated by trying to figure out where to turn when lots of cars are passing by.  

Although it takes a little more time, drive towards the direction of the downtown where Urakawa-Cho town hall is located and make a U-turn, then drive towards Tomakomai and turn left. It would be easier for first-timers. 

浦河町の街中方面を背に苫小牧市方面へ進み、青色の道路標識があるこの交差点の手前、左の歩道が低くなっている部分(2か所あるうちの手前側)で曲がります▲Drive towards Tomakomai from the direction of Urakara-Cho’s downtown. Turn just before the crossroad with blue signs. 

国道から見た様子。左が浦河町の街中、右が苫小牧市方面。住宅脇の細い道を進んだ正面にある三角屋根の建物がお店です▲The picture of the store seen from the national route. The left direction is Urakawa-Cho’s downtown, and the right direction is Tomakomai City. The building with a triangular roof at the back of narrow street is the store. 

ぱんぱかぱん、発見!▲I found Panpakapan! 

The store with the view of the ocean is very close to the national route, but it’s a little hidden. I felt like I found a secret hideaway when I arrived. 

では、お店の中へ!▲Let’s get inside! 


Ms. Isai says she wants to support the community through her pastries

When I entered the store, many freshly pastries welcomed me from both sides, and I got a view of fantastically beautiful ocean from the big window. There were few counter seats and table seats in front of the window with plenty of lights. 

The store had lots of fantastic components in such a small space. 


Ms. Isai, the owner of the bakery, runs the store with a few numbers of staffs. 
She was working as a registered dietitian before, but she opened the bakery in 1994 to make her dream to become a bakery come true. The store moved to the current location in 2004. 

「未経験でいきなり開業なんて今思うと無謀ですよね。お店やりながら日々研究しました」と笑顔で語る以西さん▲“Now I think about the past; I was really adventurous to open a bakery without any experience. I was experimenting every day as I run the store.” Ms. Isai told me with a smile. 

The bakery has become a popular store now. Pastries sell one by one from the opening of the store; every freshly baked one sells right after she put them on the shelves. Most pastries sell out by the noon every day. 

“I want to support producers and merchandisers in Urakawa-Cho and neighborhood.” Ms. Isai tells like this. 

Vegetables and fruits that local farmers produce, seafood caught at the local port, dairy products and meat processed by local people. 

She is particular about locally produced seasonal ingredients and uses them in the pastries. 

For example, asparagus and spinach for spring, cucumber, tomatoes, and corns for summer, pumpkins, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots for autumn, etc. She changes vegetables seasonally even for the same pastries. 

旬の野菜と地元産のベーコンを使ったキッシュ。季節が変わると野菜も変わります▲Seasonal vegetables and local bacon quiche. Vegetables change with seasons. 

ソーセージやベーコンは、町内にある「マイクソーセージ」で製造されたものを使用▲She uses sausages and bacon processed by “Mike Sausage” in Urakawa-Cho. 

The secret of the bakery’s popularity might not only the atmosphere and location. Their use of local ingredients and seasonal flavor might be attracting people, too. Of course, the flavor is promised! 

The most recommended pastries! 

They put different pastries depending on seasons but usually offer approximately 35 kinds. I will introduce the most recommended pastries among these numerous variations!

◇“Hot Dog” 


This pastry puts Mike Sausage’s coarse-grained sausages in a koppe-pan. Cabbages are hidden under sausages. Sausage allows you to taste the flavor of meat and really juicy! The texture of cabbages and refreshing flavor act as an accent.

◇“Ginsei smoked salmon sandwich” 


Ginsei is a brand salmon in Hidaka Region. This region was one of the most significant salmon fishing grounds, and Ginsei salmons are selected salmons with ultimate freshness, plenty of fat, and large sizes. 

I felt a strong flavor of salmons! It also contained lots of vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, tomato). The bun seemed hard, but it was softer than I imagined and was easy to eat. The amount was pretty much! I thought this one sandwich might be enough for a meal for some people. 

◇“Cream bun” 


The cream bun is a long-seller as they offer cream bun since the opening of the store. It contains souffle-like custard cream inside a light bun. It is not too sweet so you can have it for a meal rather than a snack as well. This is the standard pastry that you should get one of them when you visit the store. 

◇“Whipped cream sandwich”


It puts additive-free whipped cream from Hidaka Nyugyo in fluffy Koppe-pan. The cream is smooth and was not too sweet. It was light yet really milky and had a deep flavor. It was great for a light snack! 

They put strawberries from Urakawa-Cho for toppings in May and July, and it becomes a “strawberry and whipped cream sandwich. ”

◇“Panpaka Pudding” 


Although this is not a pastry, I would like to recommend it! 

The pudding is made of cage-free organic egg, Horoshiri Milk from Hidaka Region, beet sugar, honey, etc. You will use a long spoon as the pudding is in a bottle. It was sweet but not too heavy, so I felt it was perfect for a dessert after a meal. 


Have delicious pastries in relaxing store or by the beach

Purchase your favorite pastries and have it at the store. There is a table for four people and three counter seats by the window and seats for two people and one person. 

おひとり様向けの席。落ち着いて食べられます▲This is the seat for one person. You can relax and enjoy eating. 

暖かくて天気がよい日は屋外のテラス席も最高に気持ちよさそう!▲It seems nice to have it outside as you see the ocean on sunny and warm days! 

Other than pastries, they offer drinks such as milk, coffee, and soup with plenty of vegetables. 

パンとともに、アイスコーヒー、野菜のスープをオーダー。ミネストローネもあります▲I had iced coffee and vegetable soup to have with my pastries. They also had minestrone soup. 

“The content and number of vegetables depend on seasons, but I try to use as many vegetables as I can by considering nutrition.” Ms. Isai told me. 
Wow, she really was a registered dietitian. 

この日の野菜は、コーン、アスパラガス、ホウレンソウ、シメジ、ニンジン、タマネギ、パプリカ、ジャガイモ、コンブ、ひよこ豆、ウィンナー、さらに玄米も入っていました▲The soup of the day had corn, asparaguses, spinaches, Shimeji mushrooms, carrots, onions, bell peppers, potatoes, kelps, chickpeas, sausages, and brown rice. 

The soup had so much vegetable! This is surely a healthy dish. I felt really nice to have such amount of vegetables outside. If you are planning to have pastries at the store, you should order the soup, too! 


A pastry with a view of ocean uses plenty of locally produced ingredients. I understood why locals love this place. 

This is a must-stop place if you drive around Hidaka Region such as Urakawa-Cho. Why don’t you enjoy seasonal flavors while watching the ocean? 
  • “Panpakapan” in Urakawa is a bakery with the view of the ocean and uses lots of locally produced ingredients