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Experience beautiful nature of Kiritappu Wetland at B&B Porch

Kiritappu Wetland in Hamanaka-Cho faces the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most well-known wetlands in Japan. Kiritappu Wetland is also registered as one of the Ramsar sites. If you wish to experience natural attractions of wetlands, why don’t you set B&B Porch as a base? You can see wetlands from the B&B, and they also offer various eco-tours to experience great nature.


Table of Contents

- The B&B with the view of Kiritappu Wetland in front
- Mr. Urita, an ex-Konbu fisherman, established the B&B from the fascination towards the wetland
- The owner also established the Kiritappu Wetland national trust
- I also recommend eco-tours such as cross-country skiing, canoeing experience, and uninhabited island excursion


The B&B with the view of Kiritappu Wetland in front

B&B Porch is located in between Kiritappu Wetland and the Pacific Ocean
You can get the view of the Pacific Ocean with an uninhabited island from their front door and magnificent wetland at the back. 

窓の外に広がる雄大な風景は感動モノ!▲The fantastic landscape from the window was fascinating! 

It is about 1.5 hours from Kushiro City, the base of sightseeing in eastern Hokkaido, and also 1.5 hours from Noshappu Cape in Nemuro City, which is the easternmost point of the mainland. As you can see, the B&B is located at a very convenient place as a stopping point of a journey in the easternmost areas of Hokkaido. 

They have a total of four guest rooms: three twin rooms with the view of the wetland and one single room with the view of the Pacific Ocean. There is no bathroom in each guest room, but their guest rooms are spacious and cozy enough to relax. 


冷蔵庫もあり。電源コンセントが室内各所に多数あるので各種充電には困りません ▲The guest rooms are also equipped with a refrigerator in each guest room. There are plenty of plugs in guest rooms, so you won’t get in trouble charging your devices.  


Mr. Urita, an ex-Konbu fisherman, established the B&B from the fascination towards the wetland

The owner of this B&B is Katsuya Urita, who was born and grew up at a local Konbu fisherman’s family. 

瓜田勝也さん▲Katsuya Urita

He succeeded the family business when he was young, but he quit fisherman in 1986 in spite of oppositions and established B&B Porch here. 

Encountering a man who moved to this neighborhood from Tokyo and opened a cafe in 1983 changed his life. 

To Urita, Kiritappu Wetland was a playground since he was a child. He took the man who moved from Tokyo to the wetland to show around but notices countless garbages such as empty cans. He was extremely shocked to see the destroyed wetland which he felt shame to introduce. 

湿原を散策しながら瓜田さんにお話しを聞きました▲I asked Urita many questions as we walked the wetland together. 

“I need to protect nature and share information about Kiritappu Wetland.” 

He felt like that at that time. 

He realized the attraction of Kiritappu Wetland. His wish to protect and introduce nature of Kiritappu Wetland made him established B&B Porch, as a place to share information about the wetland. 


By the way, Porch means an area with a roof outside of a front door. He named the B&B because he wanted the place to be a front door of Kiritappu Wetland. 


The owner also established the Kiritappu Wetland national trust

When he opened B&B Porch, “Kiritappu Wetland Fan Club” which is a volunteer organization to protect nature of Kiritappu Wetland, was also established. After that, he established a national trust NPO to buy private lands of wetlands to protect in 2000. 

“We have to purchase wetlands to protect Kiritappu Wetland and share the beauty to our future children.” 

Members of the NPO, including Urita, speak like that to each landowner and continue their activity to purchase private lands. 

湿原の奥へと延びる全長500mの琵琶瀬(びわせ)木道▲The 500 meters long Biwase wooden path continues to the deeper parts of wetlands. 

He also built an information center next to B&B Porch as a base of national trust activities and sharing information. A wooden path to enjoy wetland was also built. 

Wetlands, information center, and wooden path are all in front of B&B Porch. If you stay at the inn, you can enjoy the evening and early morning walk around the wetland. 

霧多布湿原に沈む夕陽。最高のロケーションです▲The sunset of Kiritappu Wetland, how beautiful is this? 


I also recommend eco-tours such as canoeing experience, and uninhabited island excursion

At B&B Porch, he shows slides about seasons of Kiritappu to introduce attractions of the wetland and the neighborhood for his guests. 

ある日の夕食の一部。宿の食事は極力地元の食材にこだわったオリジナル料理で、魚介類を中心とした和洋折衷のコース料理、朝食は和定食を味わえます▲Above is an example of a part of their dinner. They offer original dishes using local ingredients as much as they can. For dinner, they offer a course menu, mainly using seafood, mixing Japanese and Western dishes. In the morning, they provide Japanese style breakfast.

窓の外に広がる湿原風景を見ながら朝食を楽しめます▲You can enjoy the breakfast as you see the beautiful landscape of the wetland from windows. 

窓の外に広がる湿原風景を見ながら朝食を楽しめます▲You can also find a telescope in the room. You might be able to find wild birds and wild animals if you are lucky!

They also offer eco-tours to experience nature intimately. 

They host canoeing experience in rivers of the wetland, and Kenbokki Island, an uninhabited island floating on the Pacific Ocean, excursion, etc., from spring to autumn. 
You can enjoy skiing tour to explore wetlands covered with snow in winter. 

春から夏にかけては緑色に染まる湿原と彩を添える花々の風景を木道から楽しめます▲You can enjoy views of green wetlands and colorful flowers from the wooden path from spring to summer.

浜中町の沖合に浮かぶケンボッキ島からの眺め。海の向こうの陸地が北海道本土です▲The view from Kenbokki Island in Hamanaka-Cho. The land over the sea is the mainland of Hokkaido. 

It is nice to walk around the wooden path, but it is also great to participate in activities with specialists of local history and nature. You will surely be satisfied by getting thorough information! 


Urita told me that people who got amazed by attractions of Kiritappu Wetland stay for several days when they come here next time. Most of the repeaters come here to have a nice long relaxing vacation: walk around wetlands, ride on a canoe, or visit other tourist destinations from the B&B. 

I felt the richness and value of having nature around when I stayed in the B&B. Why don’t you visit B&B Pension to experience the attractions of Kiritappu Wetland slowly? 
  • Experience beautiful nature of Kiritappu Wetland at B&B Porch