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Release | Fumiko Magota

Parlor Enoki - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (12)

Let me introduce the new shop produced by the Shime-parfait restaurant with a long queue every day. That is “Parlor Enoki” in Sapporo Factory.



The parfait relaxes your stomach with gentle flavors

“Parfait, Coffee, Sake, Sato” and “Parfait, Coffee, Sake, Sasaki,” (Simply “Sato” hereafter) which we have already introduce in Hokkaido Likers, opened a new shop “Parlor Enoki” in November 2018. 


It is located on the second floor of “Sapporo Factory Sanjo-Kan” which is three mins walk from the exit no.8 of Metro Tozai Line Bus Center-mae Station. 

The opening hour is from 10 AM to 8 PM, so I would like to recommend here as an early Shime-parfait place for a night, or a Shime-parfait place after lunch. 


The owner Enokibayashi discusses the parfait with the chef Sato, and he uses ice cream and sorbet made in Sato. 

I visited the shop and tried “Wasanbon Matcha and Uguisu-Mame - mascarpone cheese and Nanko plum” and “Fruits - Yuzu and apricot” which the content changes seasonally. 

サッポロファクトリーのパーラーエノキのパフェ▲“Wasanbon Matcha and Uguisu-Mame - mascarpone cheese and Nanko plum” consist of Uguisu-an (bean paste), Nanko plum sorbet, matcha ice cream using Wasanbon, mascarpone cheese, etc. 1,240 yen without tax. 


サッポロファクトリーのパーラーエノキのパフェ▲The fruit-flavored sorbet of “Fruits - Yuzu and apricot” was incredibly delicious! 1,340 yen without tax. * The content of fruits changes depending on the season. 


As well as Sato, the harmony of different ingredients is fantastic, but the significant characteristic of parfaits from this shop is the gentleness of visuals and flavors. 

They have plenty of other menus such as sundae using homemade sauce, fruit sandwich, homemade butter chicken curry, kids’ meal which comes with a mini cake and mini soft serve, which makes the best place for families. (They also have tatami seats!) 

サッポロファクトリーのパーラーエノキのカレー▲They prepare Indian curry with stirred onions and potherb. “Homemade Butter Chicken Curry” is 650 yen without tax. 

Those who couldn’t go out casually at night and had no opportunities to have Shime-parfait, you can try it here! 
  • Parlor Enoki - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (12)

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Fumiko Magota