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Enjoy local foods of Nemuro at “Swan 44 Nemuro” - the roadside station with a beautiful view and wild birds

“Swan 44 Nemuro” is the easternmost roadside station in Japan, located in Nemuro City, and is the best place to view Lake Furen, the Ramsar Site wetlands. You can enjoy local foods of Nemuro such as Escalope and Hanasaki crab Kamameshi while enjoying views of the lake with wild birds including whooper swans and Steller’s sea eagle.

ガラス張りの道の駅の目の前に氷結した風蓮湖が広がります▲The magnificent view of frozen Lake Furen is in front of the huge glass windows of the roadside station. 


Table of Contents

- An amazing view! You can get the view of Lake Furen where many wild birds come flying
- Enjoy local foods of Nemuro
- The Hanasaki crab Kamameshi is amazingly delicious!
- Get some local sake and local confections for souvenirs
- This roadside station is where you want to make a stop for a while 


An amazing view! You can get the view of Lake Furen where many wild birds come flying

The roadside station (Michi No Eki) “Swan 44 Nemuro” is located along the National Route 44, the major road from Kushiro City to Nemuro City.
When you drive from Kushiro City, the roadside station is located much further than Nemuro City, so it is a perfect place for a rest when you visit downtown Nemuro or Cape Noshappu. 


The attraction of this roadside station is not only a convenient location for a rest while traveling from a city to city, but also the beautiful view to see Lake Furen which leaves full of a natural environment. 

道の駅の脇にある展望台や道の駅の館内から風蓮湖の眺望を楽しめます▲You can enjoy the view of Lake Furen from the observation deck on the side of roadside station or inside of the roadside station. 

There is a record that approximately 300 kinds of wild birds came flying to Lake Furen area, which has complex geography with wetlands and tidelands, etc. 

In spring and autumn, Swan (whooper swans) and in winter Steller’s sea eagles and white-tailed eagle come flying around the lake. Even Japanese red-crowned cranes come here from March to early December. 

The lake is the legendary spot for bird watching. 

氷結した風蓮湖の奥には、砂が堆積した陸地、春国岱(しゅんくにたい)が左右に広がります▲Shunkunitai, the shoal lies at the back of frozen Lake Furen. 

Inside the roadside station, you can enjoy exhibitions to introduce natural environments and use binoculars for bird watching. 

建物の中へ入ると、まるで博物館か何かの展示施設に入ったかのような感覚▲Once you enter the building, you would feel like you are in the museum or something. 

The roadside station is a glass-fronted building.
You can get a fantastic view through the enormous windows. 

画面で眺められるテレビ望遠鏡があるほか、窓辺にも望遠鏡が複数あります▲There is a TV telescope which you can see the view through the screen and plenty of telescopes along the windows. 

You can use telescopes for free, and they also offer binoculars for rentals. 
You can get close views of this magnificent sceneries, and you may be able to capture figures of wild birds and wild animals if you are lucky! 

Don’t disappoint too much if you could not find wild animals. You can also view them very closely. (^^)

窓辺にはエゾシカやオジロワシなどのはく製が展示されています▲They display stuffings of an Ezo deer, a white-tailed eagle, etc. 

エトピリカのはく製、カワイイ♪▲The stuffings of tufted puffin looks cute. 

You would be surprised to see this much of natural sceneries in a roadside station. 
This is a roadside station with fantastic views both from inside and outside of the building. 


Enjoy local foods of Nemuro

In a roadside station, you can enjoy local foods generally. 

This roadside station, too, offers local foods to visitors. 
There is a restaurant to enjoy local foods of Nemuro at the roadside station “Swan 44 Nemuro.”

レストランでは大きなガラス窓越しに雄大な風景を眺めながら食事を楽しめます▲At the restaurant, you can enjoy meals while seeing these magnificent views through the enormous windows.

There are many kinds of local foods in Nemuro, but the most famous one is definitely “Escalope”! 

道の駅「スワン44ねむろ」のエスカロップ。このレストランで不動の一番人気メニューです(写真提供:道の駅スワン44ねむろ)▲Escalope from roadside station “Swan 44 Nemuro.” This is the no.1 popular menu in this restaurant. (The picture is provided by roadside station Swan 44 Nemuro) 

Escalop is a dish which put tonkatsu and demi-glace sauce on top of butter rice with diced bamboo shoot. 
This is iconic food for Nemuro people and often called “Esca” as the shorter term. 

トンカツのかわりに根室産のカキのフライをのせた「カキエスカ」も人気あり(写真提供:道の駅スワン44ねむろ)▲Those who want to taste seafood of the port town Nemuro, would you like to try dishes using Nemuro’s signature food pacific saury fish? 

“Saury fish Negitoro rice bowl” uses sliced pieces of saury fish seasoned with homemade soy sauce koji. (The picture is provided by roadside station Swan 44 Nemuro) 

サンマをおろし細切りにして醤油麹に漬け込んだ自家製素材を使用した「秋刀魚ネギトロ丼」(写真提供:道の駅スワン44ねむろ)▲Another famous seafood from Nemuro is Hanasaki crabs. 

You can enjoy dishes using Hanasaki crabs such as Hanasaki crab ramen, Kamameshi, and Teppou Jiru soup. 


The Hanasaki crab Kamameshi is amazingly delicious!

Among many local foods of Nemuro, this Hansaki crab Kamameshi is another level! 
It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare, but I would like to recommend this dish strongly. 
Time passes quickly while you enjoy the views outside of the window or do some shopping at the souvenir shops. 

炊きあがるのが待ち遠しい!▲Can’t wait until it’s ready! 

約20分後。できました~!▲After about 20 minutes, it’s ready! 

This Kamameshi is prepared with Hansaki crab meat and Hanasaki crab soup. They blend polished rice and Hakuchou glutinous rice from Nayoro for the rice. 

花咲ガニ、いーっぱい!▲It has plenty amount of Hansaki crabs! 

カニは噛めば噛むほど、じゅわ~っとカニのうま味が染み出てくる♪ごはんはモッチモチ!▲I felt more and more flavor of crabs as I chewed pieces of Hansaki crabs. Rice was very chewy! 

汁物にも花咲ガニどっさり!出汁きいてます!!▲It had many pieces of Hansaki crabs in the soup! The flavor was really rich. 

The amount was filling, and I felt Hansaki crab Kamameshi was very luxurious. 

The price is surprisingly only 1,280 yen (including tax, as of February 2019) including Kamameshi, soup, a side dish, pickles, etc. 
It’s an excellent value for money! 

You should definitely try Hansaki crab Kamameshi if you have a chance to stop by here. 


Get some local sake and local confections for souvenirs

Let’s look for something local for the souvenir. 
Those sake lovers would imagine this one when you hear the word Nemuro, right? 

根室へ来たなら北の勝!複数銘柄販売されています▲Kita No Katsu is the local sake from Nemuro! They offer a few labels. 

This one is a perfect friend for rice. 

サンマフレークのような「さんまぼろぼろ」▲“Sanma Boro-Boro” is like saury fish flakes. 

Everyone would love snacks. 
They offer many kinds of snacks, but among them, the most popular one is this one using Blakiston’s fish owl for the motif which is sold limitedly at the roadside station. 

「しまちゃんクッキー」箱をあけるとイラストがあり、クッキーを取り出すと写真が出てくるんです♪▲“Shima-Chan Cookies” There is an illustration when you open the box, and there is a picture of the birds when you take out the cookies. 


This roadside station is where you want to make a stop for a while

What did you think of the roadside station Swan 44 Nemuro?
You can enjoy the fantastic views of nature while having delicious local foods of Nemuro and shopping for souvenirs. 

You shouldn’t stay here for just a toilet break! This place makes you want to stay for a while. 
  • Enjoy local foods of Nemuro at “Swan 44 Nemuro” - the roadside station with a beautiful view and wild birds