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Nemuro’s local sweets “Nemu Roll” and “Nemuro Ruskman”

Have you heard of “Nemu Roll” or “Nemuro Ruskman”? Both are local sweets from Nemuro, a city in the eastern Hokkaido. There are several unique local dishes in Nemuro such as “Escalope” and “Oriental Rice,” so there are of course sweets. I can recommend those for afternoon snacks and souvenirs.


Table of Contents

- The local sweets prepared by confectioneries and bakeries in Nemuro
- “Nemu Roll” made a long queue in front of the shop
- If you talk about Nemuro, not Laxman, “Nemuro Ruskman”


The local sweets prepared by confectioneries and bakeries in Nemuro

In Nemuro, there is “Nemuro Sweets Study Group,” which local confectioneries and bakeries gather and study about confections. 

Nemuro’s local sweets are made and sold at members of the study group. Every confection is somewhat related to Nemuro. 

「パテスリーはまざき」の浜崎さんにお話しを伺いました▲I visited Mr. Hamazaki, who is the 2018 board member of “Nemuro Sweets Study Group,” and owns “Pastry Hamazaki.” 

He made several kinds of sweets in the past. 

The first one was a confection using kelp, but it did not sell well. The second one he made became a huge hit. 
That was the original cake roll “Nemu Roll,” which started to sell at each shop in 2010. 

He started selling “Nemu Low-Calorie Sweets” in the next year, which is the low-calorie version of Nemu Roll. Then he made “New Nemu Roll.”

「パテスリーはまざき」の「ねむLowカロリースイーツ」。通常のチョコレートケーキの半分のカロリーで、軽やかなチョコレートムースが特徴▲“Pastry Hamazaki”’s “Nemu Low-Calorie Sweets.” The calorie is half of a usual chocolate cake, and the light chocolate mousse tastes very nice. 

However, since fresh cakes don’t last long, it was not suitable for souvenirs. To create something that can be carried around for a while, they came up with “Nemuro Ruskman” in 2014. 

The unique point of these confections is that actual products are different in each confectioneries and bakeries even though they share the common theme. 
You can enjoy each shop’s ideas and unique flavors. 

Those who have a sweet tooth should visit several stores to compare the flavors! 

In this article, I will introduce “Nemu Roll” and “Nemuro Ruskman” from two pastries in Nemuro City. 

市内のメイン道路、国道44号沿いにある「パテスリーはまざき」▲“Pastry Hamazaki” is along National Road 44, the main street of Nemuro. 

市内の繁華街の一角にある「詩菓家(しかや)」▲“Shikaya” is in the corner of Nemuro downtown. 


“Nemu Roll” made a long queue in front of the shop

“Nemu Roll” is a cake roll made under the theme, Nemuro.
Each pastry can create freely according to their ideas as long as it is a cake roll and use something inspired from Nemuro in somewhere; such as ingredients, shapes, and other figures. 
The name of the product differs in each store and “Nemu Roll” is the general term. 

左が「はまざき菓子店」、右が「詩菓家」の「ねむロール」▲On the left is Nemu Roll from “Pastry Hamazaki” and the right is from “Shikaya.”

As it was covered in the local newspaper when it started to sell in 2010, long queues appeared in pastries every day to buy “Nemu Roll.”

Although we don’t often see long queues now and not all pastries in the study group offer Nemu Roll, few stores still bake Nemu Roll as long sellers. 
However, be careful because some shops only offer Nemu Roll seasonally or irregularly. 

“Pastry Hamazaki”’s “Nemu Roll” = “Nemuro Mascarpone Cake Roll”

This is a fruit cake roll made with mascarpone cheese from Betsukai-Cho, the town next to Nemuro. 
The mousse feels very light, and it makes the juicy flavor of fruits inside stand out. 


“Shikaya”’s “Nemu Roll” = “Moo Moo Roll”

This cake roll is inspired by Holstein relaxing in the middle of a pasture in the Nemuro Region. 
They made cake roll look like Holstein with light colored dough made with egg white and black colored dough made with black cocoa. 
The moist dough has milky flavors. 


If you talk about Nemuro, not Laxman, “Nemuro Ruskman”

Those who like history might connect something with the term “Ruskman.” 
Yes, the name came from Laxman, the first Russian envoy who came to Nemuro in 1792. 

“Nemuro Ruskman” is baked sweets developed by each shop to fit the designated sized packages. 

The most significant difference of “Nemuro Ruskman” and “Nemu Roll” is not only they are baked sweets but also you can purchase a set with rusks from different pastries and bakeries. 

これらを各店にて自店の商品の単品販売もしていますし、7種類入った箱での販売もしています(「詩菓家」の店頭にて)▲These rusks are sold separately in different pastries and bakeries as well as a set box with seven kinds. (The photo is taken at “Shikaya.”)

You can purchase this set not only at each pastry and bakeries but also Michi No Eki (Roadside Station) in Nemuro, etc., as souvenirs. 
You can compare different flavors if it’s a set box and it is great for souvenirs, too. 

2019年1月現在7店舗で7種類のラスクがあり、1箱の中に7種類入っています▲There are seven kinds of rusks from 7 different shops as of January 2019. A box contains seven types. 

There are various rusks in the set: some of them have a shape of Hanasaki club, some of them use kelp salt and red beans for ingredients.
It is easier to compare different flavors than fresh cakes. 
Try it! 

“Pastry Hamazaki”’s “Nemuro Ruskman” = “Gateau Rusk” 

This rusk looks like a leaf-shaped pie. 
You can feel the flavor of butter once you have a bite. 
As the name Gateau suggests, this rusk is natural yet has a deep flavor. 

左が「はまざき菓子店」、右が「詩菓家」の「根室ラスクマン」▲The left is “Nemuro Ruskman” from “Pastry Hamazaki,” and the right is from “Shikaya.”


“Shikaya”’s “Nemuro Ruskman” = “Kani Kani Goo” 

This rusk looks really cute! 
The rusk is wrapped with Monaka dough, and you can feel the black and white sesame flavors once you have a bite. 
Please mind that it does not contain club meats. 

Don’t you want to try local sweets from Nemuro? 
If you visit Nemuro and plan to stay and have it within a day, have “Nemu Roll,” and if you want something to take home, have “Nemuro Ruskman”!
Compare the different flavors from each shop! 
  • Nemuro’s local sweets “Nemu Roll” and “Nemuro Ruskman”