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“ICE STAR RESORT KIRORO” - enjoy the magical ice and snow sceneries near Sapporo


During mid-winter in Hokkaido, various snows and ice related events appear in different parts. The ice and snow sceneries appeared in Kiroro Resort as well, where are approximately one hour drive from Sapporo Station and about 40 mins drive from Otaru Station.


Kiroro Resort is one of the most famous resorts in Hokkaido, located in Akaigawa Village in Yoichi District. 
Many tourists visit from other parts of Japan and from all over the world in winter and enjoy the fluffy powder snow in Kiroro. 
“ICE STAR RESORT KIRORO,” the ice and snow area, appeared next to The Kiroro Tribute Portfolio Hotel Hokkaido in Kiroro Resort. 

キロロトリビュートポートフォリオホテル北海道の隣、「ICE STAR RESORT KIRORO」▲“ICE STAR RESORT KIRORO” is located next to The Kiroro Tribute Portfolio Hotel Hokkaido. 

キロロトリビュートポートフォリオホテル北海道の隣、「ICE STAR RESORT KIRORO」の夜▲It becomes romantic at night.  

This event has been held from 2013 in Tobetsu-Cho. It was held in Sapporo three years ago once, and the venue moved to Kiroro Resort from two years ago. 
Maybe some people have been to the ones held in Tobetsu-Cho or Sapporo. 
The ice dome = ice igloo is built with the first-rate Swedish craftsmanship. Both exterior and interior consist of ice and snow only.  

アイスイグルーをつくる人▲The ice igloo building professionals built the igloo. 

 氷を切る人▲They don’t stack blocks just with their feeling! They calculate everything. 

アイスイグルーの細工▲Do you notice? Although they are ice, their work is really neat just like a wooden mosaic. 

アイスイグルー▲ce stacked perfectly without gaps. This is truly an artisan’s work. 

Looking at this ice igloo is already fun, but you can’t miss “ICE STAR RESTAURANT” and “ICE STAR CAFE&BAR” both built in the ice dome.  
Also, they built “ICE STAR RINK,” the outdoor skate link for the first time. 
Since Kiroro Resort is near Sapporo, not only those who live in Sapporo but also those who set their base of sightseeing in Sapporo and planning to visit around the area can reach here by just taking some extra time. 

The temperature zero degrees feels warm 

The ice dome, tables, chairs, are all made with ice. Consider this is the real world version of Elsa’s castle from the film “Frozen.” 
When you enter the ice igloo, there is an entrance, the bar in front and the restaurant in the back. 

アイスイグルーの扉▲Beyond the door is Elsa’s castle, not, the ice room. 


We can’t notice during the day because of the light, but there are LED lights inside the ice. So the ice is lit all day. 
Daytime is also lovely but from evening to night when lights become existent gradually makes the atmosphere really romantic! 


Inside is approximately 20 meters in length, 7 meters in width, the highest point of the dome is 5-6 meters high. The area is about 142 square meters. 

アイスイグルーのバーカウンター▲The bar counter too, of course, is made with ice. 

There are walls, so you don’t feel winds. But remember that floor, walls, and ceiling are ice and snow. 

There are no heatings. 

The room temperature is approximately 0-1 degrees. 
Think that it is 2-3 degrees warmer than outside. 
Probably people in Hokkaido would say this is warm. 0 degrees temperature is much warmer than windy outside with below zero temperature! 
However, it’s still zero degrees. You can’t stay long unless you wear proper clothes, so prepare warm items before you visit here. 
You can’t enjoy the place with fancy clothes! 


Enjoy cheese fondue in the ice igloo 

You can enjoy warm cheese fondue (reservation required) during the dinner time 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM at “ICE STAR RESTAURANT.” 

ICE STAR RESORT KIROROのチーズフォンデュ▲Cheese fondue with thick and deep flavors.  


You can visit “ICE STAR CAFE & BAR” without a reservation from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM. They offer warm drinks such as hot chocolate and cocktails with ice glass, etc. Not only the taste but it’s very photogenic and instagrammable. 
* The last call is 11:00 PM and closes at 11:30 PM on every Fridays and Saturdays. 


They host DJ events inviting the world-famous DJ Fuminori Kagajo who lives in Sapporo from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM every Fridays. You can enjoy a different kind of night with the music. 



Play with ice and snow at the outdoor skate rink

“ICE STAR RINK,” the outdoor skate rink appeared from this year. Although the size of the skate rink is 15m*10m, approximately the size of a swimming pool, it’s a hard-core skate rink put ice without gaps then polished the surface.



They offer shoe rentals so anyone can stop here and enjoy skating casually.  


You can experience winter in Hokkaido at “ICE STAR RESORT KIRORO” by seeing, touching, playing, eating, and drinking ice and snow. 
Those who live in Sapporo or near Sapporo, if you think you want your friends who visit Hokkaido to enjoy something really like Hokkaido, you should recommend here. 
And those who are planning to visit tourist destinations from Sapporo or Otaru, if you don’t know where to go, you should definitely visit here. 
You can visit Kiroro Resort with public transportations.  
Take JR express Ishikari Liner or JR express Airport from Sapporo Station to Otaru-Chikko Station or Otaru Station. 
You can reach Kiroro Resort from the station by a taxi or a bus (in winter). 
There is also Kiroro Bus which goes to Sapporo to Kiroro Resort and Otaru-Chikko Station or Otaru Station to Kiroro Resort directly. (You need a reservation) 
Check out The Kiroro Tribute Portfolio Hotel Hokkaido’s official website for details. 
“ICE STAR RESORT KIRORO” is open until March 23, 2019. 


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