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“Hong Kong Yakisoba” is our favorite instant yakisoba noodles in Hokkaido!


Hong Kong Yakisoba” will celebrate its 55th anniversary in 2019. This instant noodle helped me a lot through my life; when I got a little hungry, a snack while studying or before going to clam schools, a light meal for brunch on Sundays, etc. It stays as my and many of Hokkaido people’s loving instant yakisoba noodles.

Table of Contents

- What is “Hong Kong Yakisoba” from S&B Foods?
- “Hong Kong Yakisoba” was not limited in Hokkaido! 
- Why is it called “Hong Kong”? What is the name of the man on the package? 
- Let me have “Hong Kong Yakisoba”! 


What is “Hong Kong Yakisoba” from S&B Foods?

We have introduced Hokkaido limited “Yakisoba Bento” and “Double Ramen,” and when we published the articles, we received users voices:

“If you talk about Hokkaido limited instant noodles, there is Hong Kong Yakisoba!”

“Please write an article about Hong Kong Yakisoba!”

“Don’t forget Hong Kong Yakisoba!”

Many Hong Kong Yakisoba Likers gave such comments to the previous articles.  
Well, I’m sorry that I made you wait. 
This article talks about “Hong Kong Yakisoba” which will be on Hokkaido Likers for the first time.  
Hong Kong Yakisoba” is an instant yakisoba noodle which anyone can cook easily by cooking flavored instant noodles with a frying pan. 
It first came out in 1964. This is a long-seller popular product which will celebrate its 55th anniversary in 2019. S&B Foods, which probably every Japanese have had at least one of their products including spices, herbs, curry, and stew.

ホンコンやきそば初代パッケージ▲The first package of Hong Kong Yakisoba. Is the color somewhat like curry? 
* Provided photo
いまのホンコンやきそばパッケージ▲The current “Hong Kong Yakisoba.”
* Provided photo 

In Hokkaido, you can easily find Hong Kong Yakisoba at supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.  
Those who live in Hokkaido might be getting excited by reading this article. Somewhat like this:  
“I had this since I was a child!"
“I still love it!”

And those who are from Hokkaido but live other places currently might be feeling nostalgic like this: 
“Oh, this reminds me of the past!” 
“I should get it next time I visit Hokkaido!”

“Hong Kong Yakisoba” is an instant yakisoba noodle touches to the soul of Hokkaido people so much.  


“Hong Kong Yakisoba” was not limited in Hokkaido! 

“Hong Kong Yakisoba” is limitedly sold in Hokkaido. 
You might probably have considered like that until now! 
I wanted to say like that, but it seems like you can also find it in parts of Miyagi Prefecture and Oita Prefecture. 

ホンコンやきそば5個パック▲Those in Hokkaido might be familiar with this 5 pack set. 

Why is it limited in certain areas? I asked S&B Foods. 
“We were selling Hong Kong Yakisoba in all regions at first, but we had to reduce the area because of the sales and our capacity of production. We now sell it only in certain areas including Hokkaido and parts of Miyagi Prefecture and Oita Prefecture where there were high needs.” 
We are not sure if we liked the spicy sauce flavor of S&B or the easy cooking process requiring only a frying pan and some water suited outdoor life in Hokkaido where we put tents on beaches. Now we can have “Hong Kong Yakisoba” because Hong Kong Yakisoba and Hokkaido people had some good chemistry. 
Those in Miyagi Prefecture and Oita Prefecture! 
Let’s keep loving “Hong Kong Yakisoba” together as we are friends who know the deliciousness of Hong Kong Yakisoba! 
Oh, of course, Hong Kong Yakisoba fans in other regions, too. 


Why is it called “Hong Kong”? What is the name of the man on the package? 

By the way, why did they use “Hong Kong” for the name?  
That was because Hong Kong was famous for Cantonese cuisines in 1964 when they started selling Hong Kong Yakisoba. Hong Kong had delicious fried noodles, so they used in the name so that people imagine about Hong Kong. 

ホンコンやきそば中華コック長▲They said the mascot character does not have a name, but it says “the Chinese chief chef” so please call him “the chief chef.”  

Let me have “Hong Kong Yakisoba”!

The most significant characteristic of “Hong Kong Yakisoba” is that it is flavored deep-fried noodles. So you can easily cook it if you just with some water. 

ホンコンやきそばの内容▲It turns out into delicious noodles no matter who cooks it as the noodles are flavored. 

Speaking of the flavor, well, the yakisoba is made by S&B Foods, whose primary business is spices and herbs. 
They mix spices, which they are good at, with Worcestershire sauce, fish flakes, and kelp extracts. Then mature it to produce the deep-flavored sauce. 
“Hong Kong Yakisoba” contains noodles and toppings only. 

The recipe is straightforward! 


フライパンにホンコンやきそばを入れる▲Put the given quantity of water and put noodles in it once the water boils. 

You can adjust the amount of water according to your likings. However, from my experience of having “Hong Kong Yakisoba” for a long time, I feel like it turns out best to follow the given quantity which is 200 milliliters. 

ホンコンやきそばをほぐす▲Keep frying until water disappears entirely as you separate the noodles. It is like boiling down. 

How much time to fry also depends on your likings. I would say fry shortly if you like moist texture. 
You can still enjoy the chewy texture of yakisoba noodles even if you cook until the noodles get soft. 
When you fry until water disappears entirely, it will turn out into really good yakisoba almost as if we bought from a stall. 

ホンコンやきそばのできあがり▲In the end, sprinkle the toppings which came with the noodles, put on some pickled ginger if you like, and it’s done! It is also delicious with a fried egg. 

These toppings make “Hong Kong Yakisoba” more delicious! It contains plenty of sesame and seaweed flakes. 

ホンコンやきそばのかやく▲The noodle comes with plenty of toppings. 

As I was writing this article, I started to feel like having Hong Kong Yakisoba. 
“Hong Kong Yakisoba” is somehow addictive. 
If you had not it for a while, why don’t you have Hong Kong Yakisoba?  
Those who can’t find Hong Kong Yakisoba in where you live, you can purchase it from S&B Foods online shop. It is 2,754 yen for 30 packs.
You would probably think “What should I do with 30 packs?” 
Don’t worry, S&B Foods introduces various recipe using Hong Kong Yakisoba on their website. 
This instant noodle is also good for a unique souvenir from Hokkaido. 
However, be careful that people in Miyagi Prefecture and Oita Prefecture also know about this instant noodles.  

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  • “Hong Kong Yakisoba” is our favorite instant yakisoba noodles in Hokkaido!

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