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Release | Fumiko Magota

Enjoy Hokkaido-French cuisine at “Mikuni Sapporo,” the French restaurant connected to JR Sapporo Station

French restaurant “Mikuni Sapporo” is connected to JR Sapporo Station! Why don’t you try some Hokkaido-French cuisine to start or to end your journey? 


You will reach the renowned Hokkaido-French restaurant with the direct elevator

From sometime not too long ago, I started hearing the phrase “Hokkaido-French cuisine.” This refers to French cuisines using fresh or matured ingredients from Hokkaido. 

Seizo Mikuni, the chef who is from Mashike-Cho in Hokkaido and owns the flagship restaurant in Yotsuya Tokyo, produced the French restaurant “Mikuni Sapporo” which JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo operates. This restaurant is one of the restaurants who offer Hokkaido-French cuisines. 


You can reach the restaurant by going up with the direct elevator from “Sapporo Stellar Place” which is connected to JR Sapporo Station. The restaurant has a classy atmosphere, but since they don’t set dress codes, you can spend a relaxing moment at this restaurant. 

The service feels excellent; the distance between servers and customers is just right. You can get the view of central Sapporo and Mt. Moiwa from big windows. 


ミクニサッポロ内観▲The main dining area is spacious. (The picture is provided by French restaurant “Mikuni Sapporo.”)

JR札幌駅直結の「フレンチレストラン「ミクニサッポロ」」の個室▲There is also a private dining room with the view of a patio. 

They only offer course menus. Dinner is from 8,300 yen and lunch is from 4,300 yen. (Both prices include taxes and the service charge, as of 2018 December) 

The dishes change seasonally. I will introduce one example of the 4,300 yen course menu. 

JR札幌駅直結の「フレンチレストラン「ミクニサッポロ」」の前菜▲Amuse bouche was “Mousseline of lily bulbs made by Mr. Yamanishi in Obihiro and seafood gelée.” They use matured lily bulbs which increased sugar content. The dish had lots of different textures including creamy lily bulbs and scallops, whelks, etc. My expectations for coming dishes raised from the appetizer. 

The head chef who supervises the dishes is Makoto Nihonyanagi. He is from Urakawa-Cho and has deep knowledge about ingredients from Hokkaido. 

“Hokkaido ingredients get attractive year by year! It tastes much better when you have them in Hokkaido.” He told me about ingredients from Hokkaido. 

JR札幌駅直結の「フレンチレストラン「ミクニサッポロ」」の二本柳料理長▲Mr. Nihonyanagi says “I value the sense of seasons.” 

To taste the natural flavor of the ingredients, he tries to not add too much work to them when he cooks. For example, the main dish when we visited “Roasted Eniwa Snow Country Pork” is prepared slowly to taste the fluffy texture of the pork. And the pork is simply flavored with sauce which uses pork's umami flavors.

The vegetables on the sides are just simply boiled or grilled. 

JR札幌駅直結の「フレンチレストラン「ミクニサッポロ」」の肉料理▲The main dish was “Roasted Eniwa Snow Country Pork.” They use Sangenton Pork grew in Eniwa City which is close to Sapporo City. It is said that this pork has a great balance of lean and fat. 

“I wanted to make sure our customers feel full from our course.” The course is satisfying in terms of volumes, too. 

JR札幌駅直結の「フレンチレストラン「ミクニサッポロ」」のデザート▲The dessert was “Blanc-manger of Hojicha tea and mandarin sorbet.”
The bitter flavor of Hojicha tea and the aroma of mandarin reminds me of happy moments when we relax near Kotatsu in winter. 

Consider visiting this restaurant to make some great memories! 
  • Enjoy Hokkaido-French cuisine at “Mikuni Sapporo,” the French restaurant connected to JR Sapporo Station

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Fumiko Magota