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Limited products from “KITAKARO L” - Recommended gift you can purchase in Sapporo

If you are planning to choose souvenirs at “KITAKARO L” which opened in April 2018, get the limited chocolate with melts in the mouth instantly!

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」のお菓子

KITAKARO L” is Kitakaro’s, which Hokkaido Likers has already introduced several times, the second street-level store in Sapporo. (By the way, the first store is here!) 

They made the store with a new brand image different from the classical styles of Sunagawa flagship store which is about 80 kilometers away from Sapporo.

Look for the colorful “L” sign. 

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」の外観

​“L” comes from “Lab.” They put their vision to challenge creating new flavors. 

They offer not only their signature products such as “Hokkaido Kaitaku Okaki” and “Baumkuchen Yosei No Mori” but also chocolates as their original products which they had not been selling much in the past. 

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」の内観

They have various limited products in the store, and most of the best sellers use chocolates. 

Let me introduce the three best selling products! 


If you are looking for souvenirs, this is the best! 

No. 3

“L Crunch Chocolate” 

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」のお菓子L Crunch Chocolate” is 490 yen for 10 sticks

“This is very popular among our employees, too.” The store manager Horio introduced me crunch chocolates which are made with cranberries, strawberries, oats, corns, etc., and coated with chocolates.

The price including ten sticks is excellent as a souvenir for large groups.

No. 2

“L Chocolate Doughnuts” 

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」のお菓子
L Chocolate Doughnuts” is 250 yen/piece. 

They coated chocolates to baked doughnuts made with chocolates from Belgium. 

You can enjoy the thick flavor of chocolates, and the moist texture attracts chocolate lovers. 

No. 1

“L Chocolate Brownie”

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」のお菓子
L Chocolate Brownie” is 1,250  yen for four pieces. 

It layers thick brownie dough made with cacao from Ghana and ganache with deep flavor and coats with bitter chocolates. 

The brownie is very smooth as if it does not use flours. 

According to Ohno, the PR, “I personally have this brownie with red wine.” 

It must be a great idea to bring this brownie with Hokkaido red wine…! 


Have their desserts while you look for the heart-shaped L mark 

There is a kitchen in the shop, and you can have freshly baked apple pies. 

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」のキッチン

You can enjoy the flavorful caramel, sour apple, and nice texture of cooked apple with “L Caramel Apple Pie.” 

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」のお菓子▲“L Caramel Apple Pie” is 300 yen/piece

Of course, you can’t forget the cream puffs which “Kitakaro” offers different flavors at each branch. In this shop, they offer “L Cream Puff” which is made with biscuit dough on top and pie dough on the bottom. 

They put two kinds of creams which is whipped cream mixed with cream cheese and custard cream mixed with cottage cheese. They have a great balance of sourness and sweetness. 

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」のお菓子▲“L Cream Puff” is 230 yen/piece

You can take away these desserts, but you can also have them at the eating space at the shop. 

And there is the “L” mark on the wall around the benches, and there is one heart-shaped L mark! 

Find the heart-shaped one while you have their desserts at the shop! 

札幌市中央区「KITAKARO L」のイートインスペース

* All prices include tax. 
  • Limited products from “KITAKARO L” - Recommended gift you can purchase in Sapporo

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Fumiko Magota