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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Bocca White Pudding” - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifts

You can enjoy the deliciousness of Hokkaido milk plenty with “Bocca White Pudding.” But wait, how do we eat this thing? 



Enjoy the deliciousness of Hokkaido milk with a pudding! 

“Bocca White Pudding” is a pudding made with “Date Milk,” milked from cows grow in different farms including their ones, around Date City in south-west Hokkaido. 

牧家の白いプリン▲“Bocca White Pudding” is 883 yen (including tax)

The pudding has a rich flavor of milk, and the texture is…wait, before we talk about the flavor, everyone should be curious “how to eat this pudding,” right?  

I recorded a video to show how to eat the pudding. Please watch the video below first. 


The pudding collapsed a little bit, but were you able to understand?  

Yes, pudding comes out by making a hole into this balloon! * Be careful because pieces of rubber of the balloon may be left sometimes. 

I held the pudding high to show you more clearly, but it is easier to take it out if you put the pudding on a plate. 


I asked Mr. Sato in the sales division of Bocca why they made the shape like this. 

“We tested few types of packages to make a dessert which people put on a plate to eat. The balloon idea was the loveliest and most fun.” 


Put on the attached caramel sauce after putting out onto a plate, and it’s ready. 

The rich flavor of the milk is fantastic, and their unique chewy texture is notable. 

Even one piece is quite filling. 

Also, there are few “friends,” so let me introduce them. Of course, every flavor use “Date Milk”! 

“Bocca Salty Caramel Pudding”

牧家の塩キャラメルプリン▲“Bocca Salty Caramel Pudding” is 883 yen (including tax) 

Salt makes the bitter and roasting flavor of caramels stand out. Comparing to White Pudding, the texture is softer and meltier. You can put on the crunchy “Caramel Crush” on top. 

“Bocca Crème Brûlée”

牧家のクレームブリュレ▲“Bocca Crème Brûlée” is 883 yen (including tax) 

They stuffed the flavor of “Bocca Crème Brûlée” into balloons. This pudding also is melty, and you can enjoy the slight aroma of vanilla and browned butter. It also attaches the same “Caramel Crush” with Salty Caramel Pudding. 

“Bocca Cream Cheese Cake”

牧家のクリームチーズケーキ▲“Bocca Cream Cheese Cake” is 972 yen. 

It uses “Bocca Yogurt Drink” and lemon peel. The sweet and sour cherry berry sauce made with sour cherries and framboise is fascinating. It’s refreshing. 

I want to try everything before giving them to someone as presents! 
  • “Bocca White Pudding” - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifts

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Fumiko Magota