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Release | Fumiko Magota

3 top-selling products the from Shin-Chitose Airport’s private label “1st HOKKAIDO”!

There is the airport’s private label shop where you can purchase their original desserts, on the second floor of Shin-Chitose Airport domestic terminal waiting room. The name of the shop is “1st HOKKAIDO.”

Remember the name from now on! 

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」のお菓子


The first private label shop for Shin-Chitose Airport

Turn left right after passing the security checkpoint of Shin-Chitose Airport domestic terminal. “1st HOKKAIDO” is across the gate no.15 and no.16. 

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」

The store opened in July 2017 as the first private label shop for Shin-Chitose Airport. 

There are various original desserts and snacks for souvenir using ingredients from Hokkaido displayed in the bright shop using mostly white. 

The manager Kurokawa said: “You can forget to buy souvenirs and pass the security checkpoint. We are here!” 

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」▲Ms. Kurokawa (front-right) and staffs. 

I saw many people visiting the store including business people and families when I visited the store. What are the top-sellers?

You must be curious. I asked them the 3 top-sellers! 


3 top-selling products from “1st HOKKAIDO”

The third place is “NORTHLAND CRACKER NORZA.”

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」のお菓子▲“NORTHLAND CRACKER NORZA.” They have “CORN” and “TOMATO” and each is 680 yen (including tax) with 5 packs containing two pieces. 

This is a senbei type cracker using Okhostk potatoes. The hard texture is kind of addicting. 

There are two flavors: “CORN” uses Hokkaido corn, the summer vegetable here, and “TOMATO” using tomato juice to add flavors. You can enjoy the flavors of natural ingredients more and more as you chew.

The crackers can match well with beer and wines, so it’s perfect for those who do not have a sweet tooth. 

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」のお菓子

The second one is “BERRY CRUNCH.”

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」のおかし▲“BERRY CRUNCH” is 1004 yen (including tax) for 12 pieces. 

Those are crunchy chocolates containing dried strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries. 

You can feel the nice sour smell of berries when you open. Chocolates are stuffed with fruits, and the crunchy texture feels nice. Each one is quite filling. 

The sweet and sour flavor with a beautiful package as if it contains a piece of jewelry seems perfect for a gift for females! 

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」のお菓子

And the top-selling product is “White Quintet.” 

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」のおかし▲“White Quintet” is 885 yen (including tax) with 8 pieces. 

They are cat tongue type cookies with white chocolate and cheese cream. However, it is not just that. There are five layers of a cookie, white chocolate cream, cheese cream, white chocolate cream, and a cookie! 

The texture is crunchy, and the salty flavor of cheese makes the sweetness of chocolate stand out. 

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」のおかし

She also showed me the newest product “Monaka & Chocolate (Ki No Chocolat).” It just came out in September 2018. 

They are the Japanese-Western dessert putting chocolate on monaka. The snack is beautiful, too! 

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」のおかし▲“Monaka & Chocolate (Ki No Chocolat)” is 1,350 yen with 5 sticks. 

The concept of this label is “To deliver luxurious time as if you are traveling with a first-class seat.” 

新千歳空港のプライベートブランド「1st HOKKAIDO」のろご

They offer many other souvenirs other than I have experienced above.

Pass the security checkpoint early and enjoy the time until departure here! 
  • 3 top-selling products the from Shin-Chitose Airport’s private label “1st HOKKAIDO”!

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Fumiko Magota