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Have you heard about “Tanglone,” the apple juice mixed with kelp extract born in Ashibetsu City, Hokkaido


Those who feel nostalgy from the word “Tanglone,” raise your hand. “Tanglone” is enzymolysis kelp extract and apple mixed juice born in Ashibetsu City. It was provided in school lunch at schools in Hokkaido from 1975 to 1985.

 The long-seller product from Ashibetsu City, Hokkaido “Tanglone”

“Tanglone” came out in 1969 from Atsubetsu City in Hokkaido. It’s enzymolysis kelp extract and apple mixed juice which adds vitamins, etc., and a long-seller product which celebrates 49th anniversary in 2018. 
When you hear the word “Tanglone” first time, many of you might think what language is that. The name came from “tangle” in English. They made up the word “Tanglone” so that children can easily remember the name. 

北海道芦別市生まれ、昆布エキスとりんご果汁の清涼飲料「タングロン」2▲I found four packs set at Dosanko Plaza in Sapporo Station. Of course, you can buy from one pack. 

“Tanglone” was born from the success of extraction of kelp extract in research of Hokkaido University Faculty of Fisheries in Hakodate. And as a coal mine in Ashibetsu City in Hokkaido closed in 1967, the past-president of Nihon Kouso Sangyo, Ltd. established the company and started producing and selling “Tanglone” with the help from the country and Hokkaido according to the law to promote industrial coal. 

At that time, there were no examples of drinks using kelp extracts, and enzyme and the drink became a huge hit.

“Tanglone” has somehow nostalgic flavors 

As there are illustrations of kelp on the package, the most significant characteristic of “Tangalone” is that it has kelp enzymatic extract in the drink.
“If there is kelp, does it taste like dashi broth?” 
Some people may think like that. However, once you tasted, you will know that the juice is delicious with refreshing flavors. It does not taste like dashi broth at all. 

北海道芦別市生まれ、昆布エキスとりんご果汁の清涼飲料「タングロン」3▲One pack is 90ml, so it’s the right amount for a child to drink everything.  

When people recommend samples at Hokkaido exhibitions, most people smell the drink first. Then they put in the mouth nervously. 
“Many people tell us that it tastes like Katsugen or Mammy when they sample the dink. And many people who already know about Tanglone often tell us that ‘we used to drink that’ or ‘there were Tangalone in my grandma’s fridge.’ Also, those who drink Tangalone first time tell us that they feel some nostalgy from the flavor.” Inoue from TKS Tanglone told me. 

北海道芦別市生まれ、昆布エキスとりんご果汁の清涼飲料「タングロン」4▲It looks like apple juice when it's put into a glass. We usually drink from the pack directly using the attached straw. 

When it first came out, Tangalone were bottled and delivered to each house just like milk. The paper pack has not changed its design for 48 years. They are not planning to change in the future as well. 
Those who want to take Tangalone home as a souvenir from Hokkaido, check out “Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza” in Sapporo Station. You can also order from TKS Tanglone’s official website


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