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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Chocolatier Masále” - the boarding waiting room branch of the Sapporo’s local chocolatier! Dessert time at Shin-Chitose Airport to finish your journey!

How about some time to have chocolate at the boarding waiting room in the Shin-Chitose Airport domestic terminal building to finish your journey or business trip? I will introduce Sapporo’s local chocolatier “Chocolatier Masále.”


Sapporo’s local chocolatier’s branch in the boarding waiting room

Turn left when you enter the boarding waiting room after you pass the security checkpoint at the C-gate on the second floor of Shin-Chitose Airport domestic terminal. 

Chocolatier Masále Shin-Chitose Airport gate lounge shop” is across the gate no.9 and it’s a branch of Sapporo’s local chocolatier which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018. 

There are a few branches in Sapporo, but this branch and the flagship store are the only shops with eating space. The branch opened in December 2017. 


Chocolate brownies” are the best-known signature product that most locals in Sapporo would give the name when they were asked about Masále.

Brownies with crunchy walnut are wrapped with sweet chocolate and beautiful designs. 

新千歳空港限定パッケージの「ショコラブラウニー」▲This is “Chocolate brownies” with Shin-Chitose Airport limited package. The color doesn’t look like chocolate comes from the mint leaves which are used in their logo design. 

It seems like their chocolates are popular as a souvenir from business trip as I saw a few people wearing suits in the shop to purchase some chocolates. 


Their products are addicting to chocolate lovers

One of the attractions of “Chocolatier Masále” is that they have various chocolate desserts. 

The Shin-Chitose Airport gate lounge shop also offers various chocolate desserts such as bite-sized chocolates Bon Bon Chocolat, cake, pastry, soft serve, etc… and make us trouble, no, enjoy. (lol)

「ボンボンショコラ」▲“Bon Bon Chocolat” From the top: “Caramel,” “Atsuma Haskap,” “Takinoue Black Mint.” These three are Shin-Chitose Airport limited flavors! 

チョコレートムースや生チョコレートを重ねたケーキ「マリアテレサ」▲“Maria Teresa”  is the melty chocolate cake which made without flours. It melts instantly in the mouth and leaves a rich aroma of cacao…! 

「パンオショコラ」▲“Pain Au Chocolat.” It kneads cocoa into the dough made with Hokkaido flour, and fermented butter weaves into multiple layers to create crispy texture. The flavor of bitter chocolate in the center works as an accent. 

フォンダンショコラ×冷たくて甘いソフトクリーム▲“Fondant Au Chocolat (with soft serve).” The mixture of bitter and warm fondant au chocolate with cool and sweet soft serve is amazing! Melted chocolate comes out from the cake dough. They use white chocolate in the soft serve. 

All desserts have excellent texture, aroma, and sweetness. What kind of work are put into their desserts? 

I asked the president Mr. Furuya, and he answered like the following: 

“We always stock 40 to 50 kinds of cacao beans carefully selected from around the world at the factory. We adjust the mix and the amount of those to produce the flavor we want to express and create our unique chocolates.” 

They also do severe management of temperatures depending on the processes as chocolate can easily be affected by temperature. 

“In that environment, our artists work hard to produce the best texture and flavor and handmade each chocolate.” 

The memories from Sapporo will become more and more delicious! 
  • “Chocolatier Masále” - the boarding waiting room branch of the Sapporo’s local chocolatier! Dessert time at Shin-Chitose Airport to finish your journey!

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Fumiko Magota