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Did you know Maruchan “Double Ramen” is a Hokkaido-limited product?


Maruchan’s “Yakisoba Bento” is famous as a Hokkaido-limited product but did you know that “Double Ramen” is also a Hokkaido-limited product? Why is it sold only in Hokkaido? Do people outside of Hokkaido know about “Double Ramen”?


Table of Contents

- What is Maruchan “Double Ramen”?
- How was Double Ramen developed?
- There was only soy sauce flavor at first; Miso and salt flavors came later
- Let’s try Double Ramen soy sauce!


What is Maruchan “Double Ramen”?

Maruchan “Double Ramen” is an instant noodle sold from Toyo Suisan. 

You can easily find Double Ramen at supermarkets if you live in Hokkaido and many people buy the ramen for stocks. 

“Why do you highlight Double Ramen?” Some people may think like that. 

マルちゃんダブルラーメン▲Maruchan’s Double Ramen. From the left: soy sauce, miso, and salt. I, Takako Chiba the chief editor of Hokkaido Likers, did not know that Double Ramen was a Hokkaido-limited product until summer 2018… I should study more.
* Provided picture
However, this is not a national instant noodle. 
Because Maruchan’s “Double Ramen” is limitedly sold in Hokkaido.  
Furthermore, it contains two portions (double) in a package
It’s not two small chunks of noodles. It contains two regular-sized noodles (85g) in one package. 


Toyo Suisan produces many kinds of instant noodles such as “Maruchan Seimen” and “Yatai Juhachiban,” but Hokkaido-limited “Double Ramen” is the only product which contains two portions in one package.


How was Double Ramen developed?

As soon as I learned Double Ramen is a Hokkaido-limited product, I contacted Toyo Suisan to ask about the truth. However, their answer at first was that they do not have many resources about the product because it’s a Hokkaido-limited product with quite a long history. 
Toyo Suisan, which was established in 1953, developed Double Ramen in 1964. It was 54 years ago which means over a half century ago. 

1964年のマルちゃんダブルラーメン▲The picture of Maruchan’s Double Ramen when it was first sold in 1964. This is a rare picture! 
* Provided picture 

They started selling the green packaged instant noodle “Tanuki Soba” in 1963, the year before Double Ramen came out. 
They do not produce “Tanuki Soba” anymore, but it evolved into “Tempura Soba” (came out in 1970) and “Midori No Tanuki Tensoba” (came out in 1980) with its roots. 
Also, they put “Tanuki Curry Udon” into the market in 1965, the year after Double Ramen came out. 
This turned into “Curry Udon” with orange curtain designed on the package and had been loved for more than a half century. 
Their Double Ramen has the same length of history with these nationally known long-seller products from Toyo Suisan. 
It was developed because they opened the Sapporo factory in 1964. 

小樽市銭函にある東洋水産の北海道工場▲Toyo Suisan’s Hokkaido factory in Zenibako, Otaru City. Sapporo factory moved to Otaru in April 2014. 
* Provided picture 

“As it was ‘developed by local researchers for local people and made in the factory in Sapporo’, we planned to make it a Hokkaido-limited product from the beginning.” (Toyo Suisan)
Then why did they put two portions in a package and made it “double”? They planned the product for people who want to eat more and people who share the ramen with someone else. 
Toyo Suisan’s researchers in Hokkaido developed the product for locals, produced in Hokkaido factory, and put some money-saving aspect in it. It contains a lot of love towards Hokkaido. That is Double Ramen. 


There was only soy sauce flavor at first; Miso and salt flavors came later

Each flavor of Double Ramen, soy sauce, miso, and salt, came out at different timings: 
Double Ramen soy sauce September 1964
Double Ramen miso January 1875
Double Ramen salt January 1998 
Why didn’t they make all at once? When they put the first flavor, soy sauce, into the market, it did not have the name of flavor on the package. It was just called “Double Ramen.” 
They received customers’ voice to wish for miso flavor eventually, as they are based in Hokkaido. So they developed “Double Ramen Miso” and put out in the market in 1975. If there is a miso flavor, the product called Double Ramen until then became to be called “Double Ramen soy sauce.”
After that, the request for salt flavor rose because there were soy sauce and miso flavors. They put “Double Ramen salt” into the market in 1998. 


Let’s try Double Ramen soy sauce!  

Let’s try “Double Ramen soy sauce!” However, there is no special thing about it. It’s a usual delicious instant noodle, 

 マルちゃんダブルラーメン袋▲Double Ramen soy sauce

マルちゃんダブルラーメン袋の中▲There are two portions of noodles and soup. 

マルちゃんダブルラーメン袋の裏面つくり方 ▲The cooking process is the same as usual instant noodles. 

The smooth noodles are easy to chew, and I could have this forever. The soup is a light soy sauce flavor with potherbs and spices. 

調理したダブルラーメンしょうゆ味▲The Double Ramen for one person. 

Double Ramen is the best to have when you are too hungry that one package of instant ramen won’t fill. 
And don’t you think that Double Ramen is good value for money with two portions when you compare the prices? 
Maruchan Seimen soy sauce 105g (noodles 80g) Recommended retail price: 105 yen (w/o tax)
Shoyu Aji Ramen 100g (noodles 87g) Recommended retail price: 105 yen (w/o tax)
Yatai Juhachiban soy sauce 95g (noodles 80g) Recommended retail price: 105 yen (w/o tax)
Double Ramen sou sauce 182g (noodles 85g*2 portions) Recommended retail price: 138 yen (w/o tax)
* From Toyo Suisan official website

I asked Toyo Suisan why Double Ramen became a long-seller product since it came out. 

“First, of course, there is a feeling of great value for money as it contains two portions. But more than that, the biggest reason is that it was developed for people in Hokkaido, and locals support the nostalgic flavor for a long time.” 

I can recommend Double Ramen for those who came to Hokkaido for sightseeing and looking for some unique souvenir. 
You can easily find Double Ramen at supermarkets, etc. 
* Cooperation
Toyo Suisan Kaisha, LTD. CSR and public relations division


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