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Who is “Ciel” wearing Tondenhei costumes? It is booming!

It is sometimes the station manager and wears Ainu costumes at other times.
And now he is booming from the Tondenhei costumes. 

You are very cute and phantasmagoric! Who are you “Ciel”? 


It was born with JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo!

JR Tower, located in front of Sapporo Station, finished its construction in 2003, and JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo opened on May 31. 

▲JR Tower in front of the station is the landmark of Sapporo. 

The concept of the hotel is “Sapporo Sky Resort.” 
And Ciel means “sky” in French. 

The cute teddy bear named Ciel, who is 1,620 yen with 15 centimeters height and 95 grams weight, was assigned to be the mascot character of the hotel when the hotel opened. 

▲The color is white and brown. 

Ciel gave peace in mind to not only tourists but also hotel staffs with various seasonal costumes such as float in summer and ski in winter. 

▲Spring/It seems like bears are also sleepy in spring. 

▲Summer/It wears red and white swimsuits. Put on a swim cap and follow the rules in the pool. 

▲Autumn/Halloween style with jack-o-lantern and a broom. 

▲Winter/They are carrying skis. Are they going to backcountry skiing or something? 

In recent years, they set a theme of the year and change the costume once in a year. 

For example, in 2015, they made the station manager costume version of Ciel to celebrate the opening of Hokkaido Shinkansen. 
Staff went to take a picture of Sapporo Station’s station manager to reflect the details of costumes. I can see their hard work; Ciel wears a very realistic outfit! 

▲The costume is made with canvas. 

▲They made a realistic costume for Ciel as they are a part of JR group! 

And they created the Ainu costume version in 2017 because the year 2018 is the 150th anniversary of the name Hokkaido. 

By the way, Sapporo Ainu Association supervised the Ainu patterns printed on the costumes such as Moreu (the swirl pattern), Shiku (eyes), and Aiushi (thorn), etc.

▲Ciel wears the Ainu traditional costume with beautiful streamline patterns. 

▲It tells us how much work they put to this costume. 

The Ainu costume Ciel came out too good that a Hokkaido prefectural office staff who was driving the Hokkaido 150th anniversary project found Ciel and decided to use Ciel for the promotion. Ciel also took a plane and visited the central government in Tokyo! 


Ciel is booming from the social network! 

They had not done a huge promotion about Ciel in particular.
However, the situation changed after they created Ciel with Tondenhei (military settler colonists recruited after the Meiji Restoration to develop and defend Hokkaido) costumes in 2018. 

▲Ciel looks stubborn with Tondenhei uniform and Tondenhei hat. 

It happened from the post to social networks from a hotel guest. The guest posted the picture of a flyer about Tondenhei version of Ciel which was put in the guest room. 

Just at that time, the comic series “Golden Kamuy” which is about the Ainu culture in Meiji Period was getting very popular and had just turned into anime and started broadcasting on TV. Ciel was cute from the beginning, but they were tagged with Golden Kamuy on social networks, and that made fans of the manga visit the hotel. 

Some people even buy Ainu costume version and Tondenhei version both and it is said that hotel staffs who are usually cool got nervous because it was selling unbelievably! 


Bonus - Ciel’s various costumes (not everything) - 

Front desk clerk Ciel


Japan national football team uniform Ciel


15th anniversary Ciel 


Festival Ciel


Heart Ciel 


Cellphone strap Ciel


Ciel with a muffler


and more!

Tondenhei Ciel became sold out in early November, so they sell “Normal,” “Ainu costume,” and “Front desk clerk” versions at the front desk. 
Of course, you don’t have to stay a night in this hotel to purchase one of them!
Why don’t you bring back Ciel to your home, which is the only souvenir from Hokkaido you can buy at this hotel? 

Check out the latest information about Ciel from the hotel’s official website
  • Who is “Ciel” wearing Tondenhei costumes? It is booming!

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Daisuke Sato