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Release | Fumiko Magota

The beautiful petit gateau “Bento Sucre” is a must-have dessert at Sapporo Station

Visit Snaffles Sapporo Tokyu branch if you feel like some sweet stuff around Sapporo Station.

“Bento Sucre” which can be purchased only here, is a beautiful looking petit gateau. They are delicious desserts combined Hokkaido and Paris. 

札幌駅直結のスナッフルス さっぽろ東急店「Bento Sucre」(ベントウ・シュークレ)

“Snaffles Sapporo Tokyu branch” has just opened on the basement floor of Tokyu Department Store Sapporo branch in April 2018. Snaffles is the factory and the seller of Cheese-Omelet which we have already introduced and a sister shop of Kiyota branch which you can visit there by car. 

札幌駅直結のスナッフルス さっぽろ東急店

Snaffles is one of the biggest confectioneries in Hokkaido. They offer unique desserts made with carefully selected ingredients from Hakodate, where they were established and the whole Hokkaido. Many people love their delicious and unique desserts. 

札幌駅直結のスナッフルス さっぽろ東急店サロン

How that Snaffles can entertain us with the new desserts? 

Their signature menu is this; “Bento Sucre.”

札幌駅直結のスナッフルス さっぽろ東急店のベントウ・シュークレ▲“Bento Sucre” is limitedly offered at Sapporo Tokyu branch. 


A French chef directed the petit gateau displayed in a bento box

Snaffles’ young French patissier directed this new dessert inspired by Japanese bento box. 

It displays eight pieces of petit gateau which include a seasonal touch of Hokkaido and French trends in a square-shaped ceramic bento box. 

札幌駅直結のスナッフルス さっぽろ東急店の「Bento Sucre」(ベントウ・シュークレ)

Everyone can’t resist screaming “Kawaii!” or “It looks delicious” when they open the box. 

When I visited the shop, the bento box contained from the top-left; Cafe chou with two kinds of cafe cream, orange and grapefruits tart, and chocolate tart. 

The middle row from the left; Sakura, mango, and yuzu mousse, and Sakura and English team mousse.

The bottom row from the left; apple tart, vanilla mousse, and apricot jam cake, and passion fruits and chocolate tart.

The carefully planned and delicate flavors will satisfy us in spite of its small size. 


Buy varieties of macarons and Madeleine for souvenirs

Those who want to taste more desserts from Snaffles or those who don’t have time to enjoy in the store, I recommend macarons and madeleine which are limitedly available at this branch. 

They offer 12 kinds of macarons. It’s crunchy when you have the first bite, becomes sticky after the second bite, and it becomes at its best when mixed with the smooth buttercream. 

札幌駅直結のスナッフルス さっぽろ東急店のマカロン▲Violet, orange, pistachio, English tea, coffee, etc. Every flavor is fantastic, and I could not decide my favorite. 

On the other hand, Madeleine uses ingredients from Hokkaido, which is different from the climate in Paris, to produce Parisien flavor. 

Unique flavors such as framboise, matcha & chocolate, citron, nuts, etc., stimulates our curiosity. 

札幌駅直結のスナッフルス さっぽろ東急店のマドレーヌ▲It has a moist texture and rich flavor. 


Available only in summer! A parfait which can take away

They offer seasonally limited cold dessert verrine until August 31, 2018. 

The concept is “A parfait for souvenir.”

Smooth, crunchy, sour, sweet, rich, fruits, roasting, fresh…

The bottle contains a variety of textures, aroma, and flavors which you have never had before. 

You will experience little excitement each time you scoop a bite. 

The plastic bottle with a lid makes us easy to carry around. 

It’s best for a dessert to have outside in a park or for a present, but also great for a dessert to have on a train if you are in the middle of a journey. 

札幌駅直結のスナッフルス さっぽろ東急店のベリーヌ▲From the left; pistachio and strawberry, tropical cheese cake. They offer five kinds of parfaits. 

Have some relaxing time with Hokkaido-born desserts! 
  • The beautiful petit gateau “Bento Sucre” is a must-have dessert at Sapporo Station

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Fumiko Magota