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The Hokkaido University Museum Shop renewed and reopened!

Hokkaido University is one of the most famous sights in Sapporo. 

Among them, the Hokkaido University Museum is gaining more popularity since its re-open after the renewal in July 2016. 

The museum shop of Hokkaido University Museum, too, renewed and reopened alike! 


The shop has the same atmosphere from the museum

When I visit the brand-new museum shop Potoro after seeing museum exhibits, I was confused that I was still seeing exhibitions. The shop’s atmosphere is entirely the same as the historical museum. 

▲There are many museum and Hokkaido University original products in the shop. 

That should be expected because most shelves and desks used to display products are used in Hokkaido University Museum and laboratories for a long time.

Many of them still keep equipment tags on.  

▲The desk used in the film “Detective in the Bar” is from around 1930. 

▲This furniture had a tag saying Hakodate Fisheries High School (Technical college in the former system which was established in 1935 then integrated into Hokkaido University Faculty of Fisheries in the new system)! Search for the tag at the museum shop. 

Many interesting products are displayed on the furniture which was stored in the museum after being used for a long time and became old. 

Some of them include equipment used by actual researcher and replica of specimen exhibited in the museum. The shop is unique and has a lot of identity as a university museum shop. 

▲Balance beam used when making insects specimen
This is useful when you make many specimens. It helps maintain the height of labels which you write date and place of collecting the insect, the species name, and the name of the collector. The specimen box looks nicer when labels have the same height. This is one of the products that Hokkaido University’s museum should offer as they have the leading entomology laboratory in Japan since 1896. 

▲The replica of extinct animals’ teeth. The specimen of a mysterious mammal Desmostylus is one of the most famous specimens that Hokkaido University Museum has. 

According to Ikai, the manager of the shop, the objective of products that relate to exhibitions in the museum is that visitors take back the fresh knowledge and interests gained from the museum through the products. 


Products that are planned and designed by Hokkaido University’s students

Another characteristic of Hokkaido University Museum Shop is that students studied about the museum plans and designs products and you can purchase them at the shop. 

Students did everything from marketing to pricing and writing descriptions about the products! 

These products carry wishes of current Hokkaido University students to make Hokkaido University Museum closer to people. Everything looks nice, and I could not decide which one to get! 

▲The student products area 

▲One of the student products: hand towel Pocket Museum (Researchers) 
The hand towel prints face of researchers who dedicated to developing various research fields in Hokkaido University. Those who have visited the museum, how many researchers can you identify? There are also insects and fish versions of the hand towel which uses specimen stocked in Hokkaido University Museum. 

They are planning to add more student products. We should look forward to what kind of products come out! 

Other than above, there are more varieties of products such as Ainu crafts and books related to Hokkaido University and studies at Hokkaido University.

Hokkaido University Museum is free admission. 

Visit the brand-new Hokkaido University Museum Shop Potoro after enjoying exhibits at the museum!

You will find some unique souvenir at this shop. 


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