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“salumi hayashi” - a homemade salami, ham, and sausage shop which you don’t want to tell anyone

Foodies in Sapporo watch trends from Maruyama district as there are many restaurants which are particular to highest qualities and center of new food cultures. 

“salumi hayashi” opened in July 2017 in the area and it has gained many fans by word of mouth from locals. 

Tsutomu Hayashi, the owner who became a sausage chef because he loved sausages, introduced his recommendations and best sellers. 

alt、 ▲いつも真っ白のコックコートにハンチング帽をかぶっている林さん。「サルーミは、サラミ・ハム・ソーセージなどの食肉加工品を表すイタリア語なんですよ」▲Mr. Hayashi is always wearing bright white cock coat and a hunting cap. “Salumi is an Italian word means processed meat products such as salami, ham, and sausages.” 


Extracting the flavor of meat simply without any bits of help

You can feel that products from the shop do not use anything unnecessary from the moment you have a bite. 
The biggest reason why people becomes addicted to salami, ham, and sausages from “salumi hayashi” is that. 

alt、▲プライスカードには主な原材料や造り方のほか、おすすめの食べ方も書かれています。※品揃えはその日によって異なります▲The price cards explain major ingredients, recipe, and recommended ways to eat. * They offer different products depending on the day. 

“Our sausages do not use preservatives, pH adjuster, extender, and sweetener which most hams and sausages use. Extracting the flavor of meat simply is the most important thing in my opinion.” 

Mr. Hayashi told me gently. He follows and considers the motto of the factory in Gotemba City Shizuoka Prefecture, which he got trained to become how he is now, as the guideline of his work. 

He provides 15 to 20 kinds of salami, ham, sausages every day. Everything is homemade by Mr. Hayashi at the kitchen built with the shop. 

alt、▲「キャンプでベーコンを作ったりしているうちに食肉加工がおもしろくなって、職人を目指すようになりました」。林さんは神奈川県平塚市出身ですが、20歳の頃旅行で訪れて以来、札幌ファンになったそうです▲“I became interested in meat processing as I made bacon during camping. And became to dream to be a sausage maker.” Mr. Hayashi is from Hiratsuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture but became a fan of Sapporo when he visited here for vacation when he was 20 years old.


Putting one little work and effort for each product 

Let me introduce best sellers of “salumi hayashi.” By the way, he uses 100% Hokkaido produced pork to all products, so I will not refer to that. 

The first one is “dry salami.” Although it’s called dry, the texture is moist and soft. This is because he ferments and ages the meat with the lactic acid bacterium. 

He puts white pepper, garlic, sweet pepper, cayenne pepper, and more lean meat than sausages and mixes it with red wine. After stuffing it into hog casings, he dries and matures for about a month in refrigerator and cellars. 

alt、▲スパイシーな香りが広がる「ドライサラミ」60g1,080円。スライスしてビールやワインとどうぞ▲“Dry salami” is filled with spicy aroma. 1,080 yen for 60 grams. Slice and have it with beer or wine. 

From a few kinds of hams, he chose “Cloth wrapped loin ham,” the shop’s signature product. 

“I use high-quality Hokkaido produced pork loin, mature for two weeks, and wrap it with a cloth to shut the flavor.” Mr. Hayashi told. As the ham is less salty compared to others, you can notice even the slight flavor and texture of meat. 

alt、▲脂身、肉ともに過度なテカリがなく、自然な色に仕上がっている「布巻ロースハム」100g594円。焼いても塩辛くありません▲“Cloth wrapped loin ham” has natural color without too much shine of meat and fat. 594 yen for 100grams. It’s not salty even when it’s grilled. 

He offers coarse-grained sausage and herb sausages. He blends various spices to coarse-grained sausage and adds thyme, caraway, clove, parsley to coarse-grained sausage. 

 alt、▲下の2本が「あらびき」、上の1本が「ハーブ」各100g518円。いずれもボイルまたはグリルで▲The bottom two pieces are coarse-grained sausage, and the one on the top is herb sausage. Both sausages are 518 yen for 100grams. Have them boiled or grilled. 

Other than that, he also offers cheese, garlic, and piccante sausages as standard flavors. “I adjust the saltiness, etc., and repeatedly make, eat, revise according to customers’ voice.” The deliciousness of his products gets better each time you visit.  

“This one also sells constantly.” Mr. Hayashi introduced me “fig and venison pâté,” the pâté which mixed venison, pork liver and dried fig. He is familiar with venison since he was training at Gotemba City, as deer habit in the Izu Peninsula as well. 

alt、▲「イチジクと鹿肉のパテ」90g540円。濃厚な味わいとイチジクの甘さが、口の中で溶け合います▲“Fig and venison pâté” is 540 yen for 90grams. Thick flavor and sweetness of fig mix in the mouth. 

“Hokkaido’s venison was considered smelly before, but most people don’t bother as processing technology has developed. It now has more deliciousness than smells, so it’s an attractive ingredient to me.” 

The aromatic bacon which he cooks 7 hours with the direct heat smoker, the ham aged for three months called coppa, and smooth liver paste is also popular products with many repeat customers. 

alt、 ▲工房で製造中のベーコンの日の入り具合を見る林さん。「ベーコンは、焼き上がってから1日おいてから販売します。そうすると、肉の中の脂が落ち着いて、よりおいしくなるんです」▲Mr. Hayashi is watching bacon which was in the middle of making at the kitchen. “I sell bacon a day after I finished grilling. In this way, fat in the meat will calm down and becomes more delicious.” 


Relax at the bar counter when you visit the shop

Some people would want to taste small pieces of each one if they offer this much kind of homemade salami, ham, and sausages. Well, you can make your wish come true at “salumi hayashi.” 

“The president of the factory I got trained opened the bar once in a month. It was a great opportunity to hear what customers feel from products we have made. I built a six-seat bar counter in my shop because I wanted a place like that.” 

alt、 ▲林さんとおしゃべりもできるバーカウンター。手前のお皿は、赤ワインと合わせて味わいたい「本日のサルーミ4種盛りプレートセット」1,000円。知り合いのソムリエが、サラミやハムなどに合うものとして選んだワインが常時8種類ほど用意されています▲You can chat with Mr. Hayashi at the bar counter. The plate in the picture is “today’s four-kinds salumi plate set” 1,000 yen which you should have with a glass of red wine. He stocks about eight kinds of wines selected by his friend sommelier to pair with salami and ham. 

As for the food, he offers not only salami and hams but also cheese and pinchos which matches well with wines. Also, there are a variety of drinks from aperitif to digestif and non-alcoholic beverages. “Most people stop here after work or before going to a party on weekdays.” 

He offers limited menus and plates during weekends. Weekend menus are popular to females live in the neighborhood or solo female customers. They seem to consider this place as a hidden gem. 

alt、▲「11月に入ったら、ソーセージのトマト煮も提供しようと考えています」と、楽しそうに語る林さん▲“I plan to offer sausage tomato stew from November.” Mr. Hayashi told me excitedly. 

“salumi hayashi,” loved by locals in the neighborhood, is located right in front of “Maruyama Daiichi Torii” bus stop of a fixed-route bus connecting Sapporo and Otaru. 

Why don’t you make a stopover here? You will understand why the shop is considered a place which people don’t want to tell anyone. 



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