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Crabs, crabs, and crabs! “Sencho No Ie” - the family-run inn along Lake Saloma provides an unbelievable amount of meals!

The family-run inn along Lake Saloma called “Sencho No Ie” is famous among Hokkaido fans who come from outside of Hokkaido. Why? Because you can encounter the unbelievable amount of seafood such as hair crabs, king crabs, snow crabs, etc.

Forget that you are on a diet! Try to finish everything!
夕食の一例。これで2人前。夕食ではこんなに品数が!▲The picture is an example of the dinner. This is for two persons. Isn’t it surprising to see this amount for dinner? 

Table of Contents

- This is an example of their dinner! 
- Their breakfast had plenty of amounts as well
- Relax at a casual inn
- You should see the sunset going down to Lake Saloma!



This is an example of their dinner! 

“Their food is amazing” 
“You can have plenty of crabs!”
“You should definitely stay at this inn if you are going to Hokkaido.” 
“Sencho No Ie” got popular from words of mouth mostly from travelers who have visited Hokkaido many times. 
Well, what kind of dishes do they provide?  
期待を胸に夕食会場へ▲I went into the restaurant with full of expectations. 

I tried to take a picture of the dinner but I couldn’t fit in everything because there were too many dishes…
So let me introduce an example of their dinner one by one!  
Sencho No Ie is famous for crabs. 
毛ガニ、タラバガニ、ズワイガニの三大ガニをたんまり。これで一人前!毛ガニは半身でカニ味噌もぎっしり♪▲They provided plenty of hair crabs, king crabs, and snow crabs. This is for one person! Especially for the hair crab, they provided half of one crab, and it contained a lot of crab innards, too! 
カニしゃぶもあります。鮮度がいいからこそ味わえる逸品▲They also had crab shabu-shabu. This is a kind of dish which crabs need to be extra fresh.
カニ玉やカニ天ぷらもあります▲There was also omelet with crabs and crab tempura. 
刺身も品数多し!この日は5点盛▲There were many kinds of sashimi, too! They had 5 kinds on this day.  

It is already a lot of food. But you can’t give up! There are more. 
刺身も品数多し!この日は5点盛▲Three kinds of delicacies, etc. 
ツブ貝、タコ、サケを使った料理の数々▲Dishes that use whelk, octopus, and salmon. 
ベビーホタテの酒蒸し▲Sake-steamed baby scallops. 
吸い物にタラバガニの足がどーんと!▲The soup had huge pieces of king crab leg! 

▲シメのごはんはかにめし!▲And the crab rice to end the meal!  
This was everything on the day I stayed.
Are you able to finish everything in one meal?  
I took almost two hours to finish everything, and my stomach expanded as if I put a huge balloon.  
You should have a small lunch or snacks on the day you stay here! 
You can take away crabs that you couldn’t finish so see how much you can eat in one meal.  

Their breakfast had plenty of amounts as well

Their dinner gets the most attention, but they also offer plenty of food for breakfast! 
ある日の朝食。汁物がジャンボサイズで岩海苔がたっぷり。珍味の氷頭なます(ひず=鮭の頭の軟骨)もあり!これにおひつ(ごはん)がつきます▲An example of their breakfast. The soup came with a huge bowl and had a lot of seaweed in it. I encountered to Hizu-Namasu (pickled salmon head), too! The breakfast comes with rice. 

Most foods match perfectly with rice. 
I had a lot of food from the morning! 
I can eat a lot more than usual when I am traveling. This is very strange. 
イクラが登場することも!▲They sometimes offer ikura!  

The reason why Sencho No Ie provides an unbelievable amount of seafood is that fisherman runs the inn.  
Since they can get Okhotsk seafood at a reasonable price, the fee for staying here is much less than most people expect. It’s only 8,000 yen (without tax) for a night with two meals! 
Don’t you think it’s cheap if it’s 8,000 yen with this amount of food?  
* The content of meals including ingredients and menu is subject to change according to seasons.  

Relax at a casual inn

Let me introduce other parts of the inn. First is the front desk. 

館内には漁師道具などのオブジェや写真が多数展示されています▲There are many fisherman-related decorations and pictures in the inn. 
フロントから客室へと向かう途中には橋があります。橋の名前は成金橋。何とコメントしてよいか悩んでしまう絶妙なネーミングww▲There is a bridge built from the front desk to guest rooms. The name of the bridge is “Narikin Bashi” (Newly rich bridge) I can’t find the right word to explain my impressions…  

There are no elevators in the inn. 
You will climb stairs and carry baggage by yourselves to second and third-floor guest rooms. You should work out a little because you are going to have a big amount of food.  
客室は昔ながらの和室のお部屋。バス・トイレ付きで冷暖房付き▲The guest rooms are classic Japanese style room. Each room has a bathroom, a toilet, and air conditioner. 
Those from outside of Hokkaido might surprise, but many hotels and inns don’t build air condition in guest rooms. 
This inn has an air conditioner in each room. This is a great plus if you are traveling during summer.  
温泉ではありませんが、大浴場サロマの湯もあります▲There is no onsen, but they have a public bath Saloma No Yu.  
Other than that, they frequently host events called “Osakana Quiz” and lottery. You have a chance to win seafood and delicacies!  
In this inn, you should enjoy the meal and just relax. 

You should see the sunset going down to Lake Saloma!

Sencho No Ie is located along Lake Saloma in Tokoro Region of Kitami City, which became to be known from the curling team. 
It takes approximately 50 mins drive from Memanbetsu Airport, the base of sightseeing in Okhotsk. 
This inn is a great place for sightseeing in Lake Saloma, and a base of a tour in Abashiri and drift ice. 
オホーツク海(左)と水路でつながっているサロマ湖(右)。両者の間には砂嘴(さし)があり、ワッカ原生花園があります▲Lake Saloma (right) is connected to the Sea of Okhotsk (left) with a waterway. The long narrow spit lays in between them, and there is Wakka Gensei Kaen. 
ワッカ原生花園は自転車で巡れます。船長の家から原生花園の入口までは車で5分程度▲You can see around Wakka Gensei Kaen with a bicycle. It takes about five minutes by car to the entrance of Wakka Gensei Kaen from Sencho No Ie.  
You can reach to the east side of Lake Saloma by walking about two or three minutes from Sencho No Ie. 
Which means, you can see the west side of the lake from there, and can watch the sunset going down to the lake!  
サロマ湖畔のオブジェ越しに湖に沈む夕陽を鑑賞▲Watching the sunset through the monument along Lake Saloma.  
After you enjoy the sunset, go back to the inn and have a lot of food. 
Don’t you want to enjoy eating here and lay down at the room and relax? 
  • Crabs, crabs, and crabs! “Sencho No Ie” - the family-run inn along Lake Saloma provides an unbelievable amount of meals!