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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Salmon Butter Flake” from Sato Suisan - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifs

I would like to recommend this to those who want to have Hokkaido salmon but too lazy to grill it! You can feel the slight flavor of butter.



Salmon and butter are the best pair!

When I think of souvenirs related to salmons, I always imagine “Sato Suisan” which we have already introduced in Hokkaido Likers! 

I found delicious salmons at Salmon Factory! (Link to Japanese article)

“Temari Sujiko” - put a bite-sized piece of sujiko on rice (Link to Japanese article)

Sato Suisan offers various products: from cut pieces of salmon caught from wild at offshore of Hokkaido to processed foods. In this article, I would like to introduce “Salmon Butter Flake.”


The product mixes pieces of salmon and butter which turned into a product from an employee’s idea. 

Since people can carry it with normal temperature, it especially sells well at the Honten located in front of JR Sapporo Station South Exit and Shin-Chitose Airport where tourists gather. 


When I had it with rice, I felt the moist salmon had slight butter flavor and made it to mild taste. The amount of salt was just right, 

It can be said that the Hokkaido’s local dish “butter on rice” is combined with salmon flakes. 

This salmon flake is totally different from usual ones and it surely has Hokkaido-like taste.


The price is also not expensive which makes the product more attractive, which is 575 yen (including tax) per bottle. 

Make your family and friends taste the deliciousness of Hokkaido salmons! 

  • “Salmon Butter Flake” from Sato Suisan - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifs

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Fumiko Magota