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Release | Akiko Miyanaga

Visit “Baikouken Tokyo” and “Hokkaido FINE DINING Kamuy” if you want to taste food from Hokkaido in the Kanto area!

「ばいこうけん東京」のしょうゆラーメン、しんこ焼きと「北海道FINE DININGカムイ」の北海道肉盛り、紋別ずわい蟹ほぐし身 甲羅焼き

Those from Hokkaido and Hokkaido fans live in the Kanto region, visit these two restaurants if you want to enjoy the deliciousness of Hokkaido’s seafood, meat, and vegetables! 

Enjoy the delicious foods from Hokkaido at “Baikouken Tokyo” produced by the long-established ramen shop in Asahikawa, which was established in 1969, and “Hokkaido FINE DINING Kamuy”!  

“Baikouken Tokyo” is like an antenna shop of Asahikawa because they introduce foods that are loved by locals

First, I would like to introduce “Baikouken Tokyo” which is located on the fifth floor of Tokyo Marunouchi JP Tower KITTE. 

The restaurant is a “ramen dining” restaurant where you can enjoy ramen for lunch and ramen plus dishes which you can feel the seasons of Hokkaido for dinner. 

​「ばいこうけん東京」店頭▲The restaurant is located on the fifth floor of KITTE shopping mall, under the theme of “warmth of our town.”  

During the dinner time, customers can enjoy various dishes that use Hokkaido’s seasonal ingredients and local dishes such as sausage from Nishikagura in Asahikawa, seafood from eastern Hokkaido, and soy sauce pickled horseradish, etc. 

Asahikawa’s local food “Shinko-yaki” is rarely found in Tokyo. It’s a dish which grills half of the young chicken wildly. 

The restaurant provides chicken breast and thighs which makes customers easy to eat. It became the signature dish of the restaurant. 

The chicken was crunchy outside and soft inside. The sweet and spicy sauce is specially made at the restaurant. 

It makes me want to drink more beer! 

​「ばいこうけん東京」の旭川市民のソウルフード「しんこ焼き」▲Asahikawa’s local food “Shinko-yaki.” You can enjoy both chicken breast and thighs on one plate. 

There are other great friends with beer such as “Grilled Sake-toba (dried salmon skin) served with cream cheese,” which cream cheese and dried salmon skin surprisingly matches well, and “Grilled squid with squid ink” with slightly sweet flavor.

「ばいこうけん東京」の「鮭とばの炙り クリームチーズ添え(左)」と「イカスミ スルメ炙り(右)」▲“Grilled Sake-toba (dried salmon skin) served with cream cheese” (on the left) and “Grilled squid with squid ink” (on the right) are delicious, and people won’t be able to stop eating. 

The fancy ramen dining that is suitable for a date night 

The important thing I have to point out is their stylish interior and the view from the restaurant. 

The entrance looks suitable for a woman to dine alone, and you can see the Tokyo Station built with red bricks from the window side seats. 

​「ばいこうけん東京」から眺める東京駅舎▲You can enjoy the lunch as you see the Tokyo Station building which is designated as an Important Cultural Property. 

You can enjoy a beautiful night view at night, so the place is perfect for a date night! 

There are repeat customers who reserve window side seat all the time. 

「ばいこうけん東京」から眺める夜景▲You can enjoy delicious Hokkaido dishes as you get the night view of Tokyo. (The picture is provided by Ocean Co, Ltd.)

End the night with Asahikawa Ramen! 

Of course, ramen is a must-have for dinner time, too. The ramen loved by locals since its opening in 1969 is provided herein Tokyo with the same flavor. 

The tonkotsu, chicken bone, and seafood mixed soup has deep flavor yet not oily and matches very well with the specially made middle-thick curly noodles. 
 「ばいこうけん東京」のしょうゆラーメン▲The charsiu made with Kamekomi Pork is soft, and the extra thick memma has excellent appearance! 


“Hokkaido FINE DINING Kamuy” is a dining restaurant which does not miss any flavors of ingredients 

The second restaurant is “Hokkaido FINE DINING Kamuy” which is located on the third floor of “Bay Quarter Yokohama” at the east exit of Yokohama Station. 

This is a new style restaurant produced by “Baikouken.” 

 「北海道FINE DININGカムイ」の店頭▲You can enjoy the dishes with nice sea breeze and the view of Yokohama bay area at the outside tables. 
Their teppanyaki dishes made with Hokkaido produced beef, pork, and seasonal vegetables and seafood are the most popular dish here. 

「北海道FINE DININGカムイ」の鉄板焼き調理▲The experienced chefs cook mostly Hokkaido produced foods elegantly. (The photo is provided by Ocean Co., Ltd.)

Hokkaido also has delicious meats, not only seafood! 

The signature menu is “Tokachi produced beef sirloin”! 

You can enjoy the natural flavor of beef with their teppanyaki dish. 

Hokkaido grown wagyu beef has umami in fat and soft as it instantly melts in the mouth. 

“Obihiro produced Kamikomi Pork loin,” also used for charsiu on Baikouken’s ramen, is smooth and has light yet sweet fat. 

“Tokachi produced beef hanging tender” uses Toyonishi Beef and you can feel the meat juice spread into the mouth. 

 「北海道FINE DININGカムイ」の(左上から)ラム肩ロース、帯広産 かみこみ豚ロース、十勝産 牛サーロイン、十勝産 牛サガリと北海道産野菜(中央)▲(From the top-left) Lamb chuck roll, Obihiro produced Kamikomi Pork loin, Tokachi produced beef sirloin, Tokachi produced beef hanging tender, and Hokkaido vegetables in the center. * Consult with the staff about the mixed beef plate. 
They recommend enjoying vegetables with teppanyaki, too, as it is the best way to feel the natural flavors. 

They provide marinated horseradish, one of the most famous ingredients from Hokkaido, and different rock salt matches well with each meat. 

They also provide creative cuisines and Hokkaido-like menus such as crabs and sea urchin

They offer not only teppanyaki menu that can taste the natural flavor of ingredients but also various creative cuisines. 

 「北海道FINE DININGカムイ」の「トマトのさっぱり出汁漬けカプレーゼ風~北海道モッツァレラチーズ~(左)」と「季節の鮮魚のグリル 北海道産鮭の岩のりソースがけ」▲Creative cuisines such as “Caprese style tomato marinated in the dashi served with Hokkaido mozzarella cheese” (on the left) and “Seasonal grilled fish - Hokkaido salmon served with seaweed sauce” are also the must-try here. 

Hokkaido produced tomatoes turned into the dish which you can enjoy its sweetness at its best. 

And the seasonal grilled fish was Hokkaido salmon served with seaweed sauce when we visited the restaurant. 

The unique creative cuisines that are only served here makes me understand how high the quality of this restaurant is. 

Of course, you can enjoy Hokkaido like dishes such as crabs and sea urchin! 

「北海道FINE DININGカムイ」の「ずわい蟹ほぐし身 甲羅焼き(左)」と「羽釜炊きうにめし(右)」▲“Grilled snow crab flakes in the shell” (on the left) and “sea urchin rice cooked in a Hagama” (on the right) are popular to Hokkaido fans in the Kanto region. They carry the smell of the sea in Hokkaido. 
As they want to provide the best ingredient of the season, they also provide ingredients from Kanagawa Prefecture. 

I can feel how they work hard to provide delicious foods to customers. 

 「北海道FINE DININGカムイ」の店内▲The interior is sophisticated. You can enjoy your meal comfortably.  
They both want to be a place to not only share delicious foods from Hokkaido but also share feelings such as “want to go back to the hometown”, “want to visit Hokkaido one day”, “want to revisit Hokkaido,” etc. 

In this October, they will open “Baikouken” and “Hokkaido FINE DINING Kamuy” in Takashimaya Department Store Bangkok branch in Thailand. 

They will surely increase the number of Hokkaido fans by introducing Hokkaido’s delicious food and food culture to people in abroad. 

“Baikouken Tokyo” and “Hokkaido FINE DINING Kamuy” appeals Hokkaido’s food culture to people outside of Hokkaido. 

Those who are in the Kanto region, why don’t you visit the restaurants and enjoy the delicious foods from Hokkaido? 
* Menus change seasonally. 
  • Visit “Baikouken Tokyo” and “Hokkaido FINE DINING Kamuy” if you want to taste food from Hokkaido in the Kanto area!