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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Sumibikabuto Hitsuji” provides Hokkaido grown lambs and muttons stocked from 15 farms

If you feel like Genghis Khan but something different from usual, you should head to “Sumibikabuto Hitsuji” in Susukino! You can compare different producers, ages, and parts of lambs and muttons produced in Hokkaido.

すすきのの北海道産ひつじ肉 炭火兜ひつじの羊焼肉


It’s rather a lamb and mutton yakiniku than Genghis Khan! 

To tell the truth, most of lambs and muttons consumed in Hokkaido are imported from Australia, New Zealand, etc. However, “Sumibikabuto Hitsuji” is particular about providing Hokkaido-grown lambs and muttons. They stock from 15 farms in Hokkaido and customers can enjoy three to four kinds every day. 

すすきのの北海道産ひつじ肉 炭火兜ひつじの外観▲This is the entrance. 

すすきのの北海道産ひつじ肉 炭火兜ひつじの内観▲The picture of the inside. They build ducts on top of each table except counters, so you don’t have to worry about smokes and smells! 

They stock the whole sheep, take meats out from bones, and mature the meat divided into parts at a certain temperature. 

As for the rare parts such as innards, they need to provide while it’s fresh, so they provide everything in a limited quantity within a day they stock. (Check their Facebook page for what parts they have today) They mature most of the other parts in the restaurant and provide to customers at the best timing. 

You can enjoy comparing the meats regarding producers, breeds, parts, lamb, hogget, mutton, etc. Oh, how many perspectives do I have to consider? 

This should rather be called as lamb and mutton yakiniku rather than Genghis Khan. 

すすきのの北海道産ひつじ肉 炭火兜ひつじの羊焼肉


We had these this time! 

They provide the meat with homemade soy sauce based sauce without chemical seasonings. 

We had these four kinds: 

“Poll Dorset lamb chuck roll” from “Ekorin Mura” Eniwa City
They only feed grass, and the flavor of fat is light and delicious. It was soft as because it was lamb. 

“Southdown hogget loin” from “Yorkshire Farm” in Shintoku-Cho
The meat was filled with umami everywhere. It was milky and mild; everyone would love this one. 

“Suffolk mutton tenderloin” from “Shepherd Gauche” in Kamishihoro-Cho
The quality of lean was terrific! I was admired with some wilderness I felt as I chew the meat. 

すすきのの北海道産ひつじ肉 炭火兜ひつじの羊焼肉▲They look delicious, aren’t they? 

“Suffolk mutton innards mix plate” from “Farm Inn Dohoku” in Bifuka-Cho
They season mixed innards such as rumen, reticulum, omasum, abomasum, and with salt sauce.
They do the preparation very carefully, so it was totally fresh. I could enjoy the different textures. 

Vegetables which you will have with the different salt sauce from meat are mainly stocked directly from farmers. They had seasonal vegetables such as pumpkins, burdock, and maitake mushroom directly delivered from farms on the day I visited. 

すすきのの北海道産ひつじ肉 炭火兜ひつじのやさい▲They have many kinds of vegetables in the mixed vegetable plate! 

For the onions, they use Sapporo-ki created in Sapporo. 

Sapporo-ki is the long-seller traditional vegetable which is famous for getting sweet when it's heated. 

The regular onions’ sugar content is around 8% to 9%, but Sapporo-ki has approximately 15%! 

The onions get even more delicious with lamb and mutton fats, and it won’t stop you from having them. 

すすきのの北海道産ひつじ肉 炭火兜ひつじの札幌黄▲There were plenty of Sapporo-ki in the restaurant.


To become a specialist to connect farmers and customers

“We aim to be a specialist to connect farmers and customers.” The manager Kawashima and the meat manager Kokubo told us. 

すすきのの北海道産ひつじ肉 炭火兜ひつじのスタッフ▲Kawashima (left) and Kokubo (right)

They have strong connections with farmers as staffs visit far farms on regular holidays of the restaurant. The farmers and the restaurant together try to provide delicious foods to customers. 

They renewed the menu in October 2018 and added new dishes such as Mapo tofu made with minced sheep meat. 

They also added curry made with a whole sheep. They start with extracting soup from sheep bones. The “Shepherd Gauche” sheep curry is provided for 300 dishes limitedly. 

They plan to make with meat from different farms when they sell out, and after that from another farm and continue. 

It sounds interesting to compare flavors depending on farms! 

すすきのの北海道産ひつじ肉 炭火兜ひつじの羊焼肉▲They offer many Hokkaido drinks such as Sapporo Classic draft beer! 

It must be difficult to decide what to eat when you see the menu. 

Take your time to choose what to have but make sure you have enough room in your stomach to taste their meat, vegetables, side dishes, and beer! 
  • “Sumibikabuto Hitsuji” provides Hokkaido grown lambs and muttons stocked from 15 farms

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Fumiko Magota