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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Hakodate Onuma Tsuruga Resort Epuy” lets you enjoy delicious tastes from southern Hokkaido

Let’s plan a trip during the fall foliage season! “Hakodate Onuma Tsuruga Resort Epuy” is a resort hotel that can be a base of sightseeing in Hakodate, with delicious meals using southern Hokkaido food. I can recommend this hotel to those who consider delicious foods as the highlights in their trip.

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」のブイヤベース


The meals contain the deliciousness of the local flavors! 

The hotel is located at three minutes walk from “JR Onuma-Koen Station” where the express train from Sapporo to Hakodate stops.
If you plan to visit here by drinving, it takes approximately 40 mins from Hakodate, 20 mins from Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station, and 3.5 hours from Sapporo. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」の外観▲“Hakodate Onuma Tsuruga Resort Epuy”

“Hakodate Onuma Tsuruga Resort Epuy” is located on the side of Lake Konuma in Onuma-Cho Nanae. The concept of their cuisines is “Onuma 50 miles slow food.”

They mainly use ingredients that are produced within the 50-miles radius from the hotel, which are vegetables, meats, dairy products, and seafood raised by nature in southern Hokkaido.

Some of them are locally consumed and rare to see in the market out of the town, such as carefully produced cheese from local cheese factory, and to try the local tastes is one of the biggest attractions of staying in this hotel. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」のブイヤベース▲One of the standard menu from “French” is “Hakodate Bouillabaisse.” The soup of seafood such as blue crabs is excellent! 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」の料理の一例▲The meat dish from “French Japonais” Nanakamado 9 dishes course. They sometimes use the local beef “Onuma Beef” in the course. 

You can choose from two dinner courses: “French” and “French Japonais” which adds Japanese essence such as bonito or kelp soup to French cuisines. You will use chopsticks for the French Japonais course. 
Each dish from both courses have characteristics, and you can enjoy various flavor, texture, and temperature. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅(つるが)リゾート エプイ」の朝食▲Breakfast is a half-buffet which puts the choice of eggs as the main. 

They also built a boulangerie in the hotel, and all the bread are homemade. 
They taste mild with Hokkaido produced wheat. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」のブーランジェリー内観▲“Boulangerie Epuy” - You can take away the bread and drinks and have them at the table in the garden. 


The building looks like an exotic mansion 

There is a garden in front of the building, and you will walk the garden to reach the entrance. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」のガーデン

When you open the huge door, you will see the massive counter and luxury chandelier. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」のロビー

There are big stairs towards the lodgings, and all the rooms are spacious. 

It feels like as if I was invited to a traditional and exotic mansion which makes me excited. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅(つるが)リゾート エプイ」の宿泊棟の階段▲The stairs towards the lodgings. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」のツインルーム▲The standard twin room. The room does not include a bathtub because there is a small onsen. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」の露天風呂つきツインルーム▲Twin room with open-air bath is perfect for staying for more than one night. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」の部屋の温泉露天風呂▲The open-air bath is built at the deck. It feels nice to be surrounded by forests! 

The authentic bar with the diorama of the steam locomotive which used to operate around here is open for every visitors who stay here. 

The table charge and drinks are included to the room fee (some drinks cost extra). Spend some time here after the dinner to relax. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」のバーラウンジ▲“Bar Lounge Crawford” is a great place for railway geeks, too. 

In the morning, open the door at the back of the bar to outside. 
Walk through the forests while listening to birds sing, toward the terrace on Lake Konuma. 

The surface of the lake is beautiful, and the air feels nice. 

「函館大沼 鶴雅リゾート エプイ」の湖上テラス▲“The terrace on the lake” feels excellent, especially in early morning.

It is a great idea to wake up early and take a walk before the breakfast to enjoy a wonderful meal to start your day. 


The hotel offers the off-season rate in winter!  

You can enjoy the stay itself here in Tsuruga Resort Epuy where you can enjoy the tastes and nature of southern Hokkaido. Also, it is a convenient place as a base of sightseeing in south Hokkaido such as Hakodate.  
Those who like to spend time outside can experience hiking at Mt. Komagatake or canoeing at Lake Onuma. 
You can also participate in the on-the-lake activities in winter because Lake Onuma and Lake Konuma freeze. 
They offer the off-season rate from November to March, so it’s a chance to stay here.
The hotel is a perfect place to just stay in and relax.
The fall foliage starts typically from mid-October. When nature surrounds gets all red, the tastes of fall become the best time.
They are planning to hold an event to offer drinks and pincho around the bonfire at the garden from 19 to 28 October.
  • “Hakodate Onuma Tsuruga Resort Epuy” lets you enjoy delicious tastes from southern Hokkaido

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Fumiko Magota