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“Niseko Sanroku Parlor” - You can find amazing sandwiches made with carefully selected ingredients

ニセコ山麓パーラー 手づくり クロックムッシュ

Trekking, cycling, fishing… It feels great to spend time in nature under the clear blue sky, but you cannot resist from getting hungry when you do outdoor activities, right? 

So, let me introduce “Niseko Sanroku Parlor,” an excellent sandwich shop that is a perfect match for your outdoor activities. 

As the shop’s name is “Niseko Sanroku,” it is located at the foot of the main mountain of Niseko Mountain Range, Mt. Annupuri. The shop is in the woods of Higashiyama District which is close to “Niseko Village.”
I visited the shop around 3:00 PM on a weekday when the busy lunchtime ends.

ニセコ山麓パーラー 案内看板▲Continue walking by following the sign. 

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店舗外観 コンテナハウス▲The container with the sign written “OPEN” is the shop. 


Two dreams came true in Niseko

“Niseko Sanroku Parlor” opened in February 2017. Yasuhide Ichitani, who experienced working for Italian restaurants, etc., in Tokyo made the shop open with his wife, Mie. He always had dreamed of having his own shop from the start of working in the food industry. 

“I choose Niseko because our family had wanted to live in the suburbs. I liked Niseko and although the season is limited, but there are abundant food resources. Moreover, many people visit here both in summer and winter, so it was attractive as a place to do business.” 

ニセコ山麓パーラー 市谷さんファミリー▲The owner of the shop Yasuhide and Mie Ichitani, and their daughter Fuki. 


The carefully thought menu particular about ingredients and methods

Mr. Ichigaya had decided to provide sandwich from a long time ago. 

“When I went to Italy to study cooking, I always had Panini, and it was delicious no matter where I eat. I thought that if I were to have my own shop, I would provide something like that. It was about 10 years ago.” 

He wanted to create a casual sandwich shop rather than an expensive Italian restaurant. The blueprint of “Niseko Sanroku Parlor” was already created back then. 

Sandwiches are one of the fast foods which people can have in one hand while doing something such as work or moving from one to another. Sandwiches from Niseko Sanroku Parlor is the same in that way, but Mr. Ichitani, who used to be an Italian chef makes it. There is no compromise on not only the ingredients but also combination and methods. 

ニセコ山麓パーラー 手づくり クロックムッシュ▲“Sanroku style Croque-monsieur (880yen)” comes with french fries made with Niseko potatoes. 

For example, the “Sanroku style Croque-monsieur” on the picture uses his homemade Pate de Campagne, of course, and also the ham which is the main factor in determining the taste is also homemade by Ichitani. 

He soaks herb pork from Makari into salted water then slowly boils in the low-temperature bouillon. The ham turns into beautiful pink color and moist, soft texture. It tastes perfect with gruyere cheese sauce. 

He provides six kinds of sandwiches: “Sanroku style Croque-monsieur,” “BLT sandwich,” “Falafel sandwich,” “roasted beef sandwich,” “Ezo deer burger” plus “Today’s special.”

ニセコ山麓パーラー キッチン 店主 市谷さん▲Mr. Ichitani is making french fries. 

He makes not only bread but also ham, bacon, putty, and sauce. Among them, he has put extra hard work on the ciabatta bread to reproduce the flavor of Italy. He did lots of experiments on the arrangement of powder and water. 

He puts hard work to every sandwich from the stocking of ingredients to side dishes. “Falafel sandwich” uses chickpea croquette for vegetarians, “BLT sandwich” uses homemade bacon, and “Ezo deer burger” uses the specially stocked deer meat from the hunter he knows. 

“Ezo deer burger seems popular to visitors from abroad. The skilled hunter properly lets out blood before cooking, so the meat is soft and does not smell at all. I made it into a simple red burger with red wine sauce and beets.

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 ショーケース 手づくりパン▲The crunchy outside and chewy inside ciabatta bread reproduce the flavor of the Italian one he had in Italy. 

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 ショーケース 焼きたてパン▲He sells homemade bread at the shop. 

“I feel the shop is getting noticed gradually as there are customers who stop by before rafting and who asks for takeaways.” Mr. Ichitani said. 

He also offers drinks such as dripped coffee, herb tea, homemade pesticide-free yuzu tea, etc., and soup, desserts, so it is also nice to have a slow lunch here with a delicious sandwich. 


They renovated the container by themselves

He has put much work on not only the food. He renovated the container entirely with his wife; not only the interior furnishing such as floor and walls but also putting insulation materials. 

“At first, I thought of doing a food truck with a trailer house, however, when I was searching about many kinds of stuff on the internet and found a video of a person who turned a container into a house. That looked really interesting to me.” Mr. Ichitani said. 

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 カウンター▲The inside of the container looks like this. The rusted floor and plaster wall are made by themselves. 

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 カウンター 窓▲The big window pictures the woods in front of the shop. You can get the view of Mt. Yotei in winter when leaves fall out. 

Their carpenter friend taught them how to do, but Mr. Ichitani and Mie did the whole work. Mr. Ichitani is a cook, and his wife Mie is a pottery artist, so they are both excellent at using their hands, but it must have been very hard for them to the carpentry. 

“The hardest part was putting on insulation materials on the walls of the container without leaving any space. It never ended although we continued doing and I almost gave up.

I thought of just leaving some spaces. However, my carpenter friend told me it’s the important process to protect the container from hotness in summer and coldness in winter. So I completed.”

Because of the hard work, the container is warm and comfortable even in mid-winter if they use a stove. 

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 ショーケース パン▲The showcase and the counter where he displays the homemade bread is also made by himself. There is the kitchen in the back. 

ニセコ 山麓パーラー 店内 アイコン▲The fat piggy is the icon of the shop.

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 お店づくりの記録▲He puts the films which recorded the process of renovating the container on the wall. 

The rustic mood of wooden floor and plaster wall matches perfectly with the container. It also matches well with the location. Take a look at the film on the wall which recorded the process of renovating the container. You will surely be amazed and can see how they had so much fun making the shop. 

It took 5 months to finish the renovation, and he worked for 2months within 5 months to put insulation materials.

“To tell the truth, I hurt my back because of too much work and had to be in the hospital for two months.” It feels like Mr. Ichitani’s characteristic to not compromise even for details, just like his dishes. However, the health issue is very important for a cook. 

Being healthy must be the first thing. It may have been a god’s will to start the shop after maintaining his body. 


Original pottery pieces are displayed and sold at the store

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 陶芸作品▲Mie’s pottery pieces are displayed and sold at the gallery space in the shop. The unique color is beautiful.

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 陶芸作品▲There are many everyday potteries such as single-flower vases and mugs. 

You can find a pottery artist Mie’s pieces at the shop. 
She values her inspiration to “put this menu on this dish” and creates dishes that can be used in everyday lives. She was taking a break because her daughter Fuki was born in last autumn but started making new pieces from summer. She sells her pieces at the shop and also sells at events.

She puts information about pottery pieces at the Instagram of “Niseko Sanroku Pottery” so check out it together with “Niseko Sanroku Parlor.”

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 美枝さんと風希ちゃん▲Their daughter Fuki with her stage face. She is the idol of the shop. 

ニセコ山麓パーラー 店内 照明▲The Edison light bulbs with beautiful lines of filament match perfectly with the container. 

The fantastic sandwiches with particular ingredients and everyday dishes - “Niseko Sanroku Parlor” was filled with the warmth of Ichitani couple. 
Good for the body and gentle for the mind. Don’t you want to visit here? 


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