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Release | Fumiko Magota

Hori’s “Corn Chocolate” - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifts

Hori’s “Corn Chocolate” celebrates 30th anniversary in 2018. I will reveal the secret of the reason of continued popularity of the snack made with Hokkaido corns.



The exquisite chocolate snack using Hokkaido produced corns

“Corn Chocolate” born in 1988 is one of the best-known confections among Hokkaido people. 

When you open the package, you can feel the sweet aroma of corn and puffs and can enjoy the mild flavors of crunchy chocolate. 

It’s so delicious that you can’t resist having one more piece. 


The secret of the crunchiness is freeze-dried Hokkaido corn and few kinds of puffs. 

I don’t have to mention the deliciousness of Hokkaido corns. The snack includes that! 


The mild and creamy texture comes from carefully selected couverture chocolate. 

They seek for the best balance of flavor, aroma, and texture by adjusting the ratio of chocolate and puffs, kinds of puffs depending on the flavors. 


There is the total of five flavors

Which includes “Corn Chocolate,” “Corn High-milk Chocolate,” “Corn Chocolate Premium,” “Corn Chocolate Hokkaido Strawberry,” “Corn Chocolate Yubari Melon.”


Let me introduce each of them. 

ホリのとうきびチョコ▲This is the standard “Corn Chocolate.” It uses white chocolate. Those who have never tried should try this one first. 

ホリの「とうきびハイミルクチョコ」▲“Corn High-milk Chocolate” uses milk chocolate which is not sweet too much. 

ホリの「とうきびチョコ プレミアム」▲“Corn Chocolate Premium” adds roasted hazelnuts to carefully selected white chocolate and creates the roasted aroma. 

ホリの「とうきびチョコ 北海道いちご」▲“Corn Chocolate Hokkaido Strawberry” produces the sweet and sour flavor of Hokkaido strawberries. 

ホリの「とうきびチョコ 夕張メロン」▲You can enjoy the rich aroma of Yubari melon, one of the most representative fruits of Hokkaido, with “Corn Chocolate Yubari Melon.” 

Which flavor would you like to try? 

The snack is reasonable in price as it’s only 360 yen (including tax) with ten pieces. 

Anyone would satisfy with this snack even if you bring to places with many people such as offices and schools. 
  • Hori’s “Corn Chocolate” - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifts

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Fumiko Magota