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Taste the delicious breakfast at “Hotel Clubby Sapporo”


“Hotel Clubby Sapporo” is located in Sapporo Factory in Chuo-ku, Sapporo City. The hotel is getting reputations for their breakfast from domestic and international travelers! Hokkaido Likers will tell you the secret of their delicious breakfast which is particular about Hokkaido.


Table of Contents

- “Hotel Clubby Sapporo” is like a clubhouse of your stay at Sapporo
- They are ranked within top 20 of hotels with the best breakfast 2018
- Delicious breakfast carries chef Shimizu’s wills
- “Japanese breakfast set” is limited to 20 people per day


“Hotel Clubby Sapporo” is like a clubhouse of your stay at Sapporo

“Hotel Clubby Sapporo” is across “Renga-kan” of Sapporo Factory which is located in Chuo-ku, Sapporo City. 

ホテルクラビーサッポロ外観▲Hotel Clubby Sapporo
* Provided picture

It’s about 5 mins walk from Exit 8 of Metro Tozai Line “Bus Center-mae Station,” and about 7 mins walk from Exit 21 of Metro Toho Line “Sapporo” Station. 
The hotel is located in the walkable distance from Sapporo Station and Odori area, yet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The quiet environment is one of the attractions of this hotel. 
It has 118 rooms total, and you can spend time here like a clubhouse of Sapporo. 
Their warm hospitality in the small environment leads to comfortableness. 
I can understand that there are many repeat customers both within and outside of Japan. 
Hotel Clubby Sapporo is now getting reputations from everywhere as “the hotel with delicious breakfast.” 


They are ranked within top 20 of hotels with the best breakfast 2018

Have you heard about the biggest tourism website in the world called “TripAdvisor®”?
The Japanese corporation announced “The top 20 hotels offering best breakfasts 2018 - chosen by travel lovers (Japan version)” in April 2018. 
Clubby Sapporo was ranked as #16 in the list. 
Surprisingly, 7 hotels in Hokkaido ranked in the top 20. You can tell how great breakfasts in Hokkaido hotels are. 
Hotel Clubby Sapporo already had certain reputations on their foods, however, why are they particular about breakfast especially?
Hokkaido Likers went to ask about the secret. 


Foods produced in Hokkaido, bonds with producers - delicious breakfast carries chef Shimizu’s wills

First of all, please take a look at the official website of Hotel Clubby Sapporo.
ホテルクラビーの公式HP▲Hotel Clubby Sapporo’s official website. 

On the top part, you can see “breakfast” among concept, topics, and accommodation.  
Usual hotels would put “Lunch/Dinner” or “Restaurant” and then users can find information about breakfast. However, Hotel Clubby Sapporo puts “breakfast” on the top-level!  
I can already feel how proud they are about their breakfast.
I interviewed Noriyuki Shimizu, the head chef of the hotel about breakfast which people in Japan and all over the world say delicious. 

ホテルクラビーサッポロ、総料理長・飲料支配人の清水則之さん▲Noriyuki Shimizu, Hotel Clubby Sapporo’s head chef, and manager of drinks. 

Hotel Clubby Sapporo’s breakfast is basically provided in a buffet style. They offer over 30 kinds of Japanese and Western dishes. (Menu may vary depending on the seasons)

ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食ブッフェ▲Many Hokkaido-like foods and dishes are put on the table. 
* Provided picture 
ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食ブッフェ▲They also offer Zangi, Hokkaido’s iconic food. 
* Provided picture

ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食のパン▲They bake croissants, etc., in the hotel. They also offer pastries from “coron,” a famous bakery in the city using Hokkaido flour. 
* Provided picture
Chefs led by Shimizu carefully select ingredients. They visit around producers in Hokkaido, meet the farmers directly, and choose what to use in the breakfast. 
For example, the rice used in Hotel Clubby Sapporo is only the breed called “Oborozuki” which is specially farmed in Shinshinotsu Village. Among them, they only provide rice produced by two farmers in Shinshinotsu Village, Okamura, and Tamura. 
“Although it’s produced in Shinshinotsu, rice turns out differently such as the size, how dry it is, etc., if the farms are different.”
“However, the rice from the same field turn out to have the same size and same situation. So the flavor, when it’s cooked, is totally different.” Shimizu told me. 

ホテルクラビーサッポロ、総料理長・飲料支配人の清水則之さん▲Shimizu said that it was surprisingly delicious when he experimented to cook rice with only ones with the same size. He used tweezers to select each rice piece! He is particular about using rice from the single field because of this experience. 

Shimizu’s recommendation in this season is tomatoes from Fukagawa City. However, it is not just a tomato. It’s a kind of tomatoes which waited to harvest until it fully ripens.  

ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食、木熟トマトのステーキ▲Grilled fully ripe tomatoes. 

You can enjoy the grilled fully ripen tomatoes at the breakfast restaurant. 
And the eggs. 
Hotel Clubby Sapporo uses eggs produced by healthy chickens raised by Mr. Murata in Naganuma Town. They provide eggs in omelets cooked freshly in front of guests. 

ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食、オムレツ▲They cook omelets on guests’ orders. 
* Provided picture
ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食、オムレツウニソース* Provided picture

“Omelets are delicious and recommended, but you can feel the flavor of eggs more directly by making egg on rice using raw eggs we offer at the restaurant.” 
“We made special soy sauce for this egg on rice - eggs by Mr. Murata and rice Oborozuki from Shinshinotsu.” 
This special soy sauce adds boiled sake, mirin, and ingredients made from chickens to soy sauce made in a barrel made of cedar wood. You can pour 0.4g each time you push. And there is a detailed description of how many times you should push the soy sauce bottle to have the best egg on rice. 
They are even particular about such simple dish.  
Why do they put this much work on breakfast? Shimizu told us: 

ホテルクラビーサッポロ、総料理長・飲料支配人の清水則之さん▲The best season of the ingredients and the best time to eat is different. I try to watch for the best time to eat, Shimizu told. 

“I would like everyone to know that there is a delicious breakfast here on the next day people move around for a whole day visiting sights or working and sleeping after having Hokkaido-like dishes.” 
“Recently, many people don’t add breakfast when they stay at a hotel. However, I want every guest who stays at our hotel to add breakfast. I know that sashimi rice bowls would please guests from outside of Hokkaido. However, I would like to provide breakfast to feel Hokkaido by offering foods carefully grew by producers in Hokkaido.” 


“Japanese breakfast set” is limited to 20 people per day

I introduced that Hotel Clubby Sapporo’s breakfast is basically in the buffet style; however, they started “Japanese breakfast set” which is limited to 20 people per day from February 2018. 

ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食、「和朝食膳」▲“Japanese breakfast set” limited to 20 people per day. Reservations are required. 

“Japanese breakfast set” is prepared in the different restaurant called “Il Moment”, which is a reservation-only restaurant. So you can enjoy a quiet and slow morning here. 
The most significant characteristic of “Japanese breakfast set” is that you can have freshly cooked dishes. They cook grilled fish and Japanese style omelet upon guests’ orders.
Rice is, of course, Oborozuki from Shinshinotsu and Japanese style omelet uses eggs produced by Mr. Murata in Naganuma Village. 

ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食、「和朝食膳」の焼き魚▲Grilled fish changes every day. It was Atka mackerel when we visited there. They told me saffron cod are surprisingly popular. 
ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食、「和朝食膳」汁物▲The soup differs every day such as crabs, shrimps, and Sanpei soup. 

ホテルクラビーサッポロの朝食、「和朝食膳」出し巻き卵▲Japanese style omelet is cooked after guests’ order, so it’s warm and fluffy.  

There is a buffet area which provides salads, fruits, drinks, etc., other than the set dish so those who want more food would be able to satisfy. 
“Japanese breakfast set” is popular among elders and business persons. People spend a slow morning here as they like; some of them have some coffee, and others read newspapers, etc. 
People who don’t stay at Hotel Clubby Sapporo can also have their breakfast buffet and Japanese breakfast set so those who live in Sapporo and want to try a delicious breakfast can visit here casually. 
However, there are some timing that is crowded, so I recommend to call before going. You have to make reservations for the Japanese breakfast set. 
The chef Shimizu turns Hokkaido foods which will welcome harvest seasons into delicious breakfast, and it’s waiting for you! 

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