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Scallops from Sarufutsu are incredibly delicious - a must-have when you stop by the roadside station!

Sarufutsu Village on the north of Okhotsk coastline is famous for scallops. You can enjoy the best quality fresh scallop rice bowl or grill fresh scallops by yourself at “Sarufutsu Marugotokan” located inside Michinoeki-Sarufutsu Park.

You better know the deliciousness of this dish! It’s seriously great. If you are planning to drive the northernmost area of Hokkaido, you must check out this roadside station!


Table of Contents

- “Sarufutsu Marugotokan is located in “Michinoeki-Sarufutsu Park”
- You must have the seasonally limited “grilled fresh scallops” if you find it on the menu
- The scallop rice bowl was very fresh and filling
- Have some ice cream for dessert! Their dairy products are also recommended


“Sarufutsu Marugotokan is located in “Michinoeki-Sarufutsu Park”

“Michinoeki-Sarufutsu Park” is located at about one hour drive from Cape Soya, where the monument of the northernmost point of Japan is located, towards the south. 

道の駅がある場所は広大な猿払村営牧場の一角。周囲には牧歌的で雄大な風景が広がります▲The roadside station is a part of an enormous farm operated by Sarufutsu Village. The field gives you picturesque rural scenery.

There are several facilities in the roadside station. Such as accommodation, shop, and museum to introduce the lifestyle and history of the village. 

道の駅にある農業資料館(左)と風雪の塔(右)▲The farming museum (on the left) and wind and snow tower (on the right) are both facilities of the roadside station. 

“Sarufutsu Marugotokan” is one of such facilities where visitors can shop and have Sarufutsu’s specialties such as scallops and Sarufutsu milk.

The president of this facility is an ex-fisherman. He wanted to create a place where tourists can casually enjoy fresh seafood as Sarufutsu is famous for scallops. 
He renovated the building which used to be a bathing facility and opened Sarufutsu Marugotokan in 2015. 

壁面のイラストがカワイイ、まるごとさるふつ館▲Sarufutsu Marugotokan has cute wall paintings. 


You must have the seasonally limited “grilled fresh scallops” if you find it on the menu

If you find “fresh grilled scallops” (350yen including tax/piece) when you visit there, you should have that! This is seriously delicious! 

さるふつまるごと館の活ホタテ焼き。漁があった時に仕入れた新鮮なものしか提供していません▲A piece of grilled fresh scallop I had at Sarufutsu Marugotokan. They provide only fresh ones which they can only stock when fishers went fishing. 

The scallop fishing season in Sarufutsu Village is normally from mid-March to early November every year. 
They don’t go fishing during holidays such as Obon holidays or when the weather is bad. 

The weather depends on the day, which means, they can’t go fishing every day. 

Of course, they stock fresh scallops only right after scallop fishing. Therefore, Sarufutsu Marugotokan cannot stock fresh scallops when there is no fishing. 

Which means, you are fortunate if you find fresh scallops on the menu. They are truly superfine fresh scallops. 

店内のバーベキューコーナーで食べられます▲You can have the scallops at the barbeque area in the shop. 

The staffs pick up scallops from the fish-tank after the order. Put the scallops on the grill and wait a while until it’s cooked. 

片方の殻を外すと、ホタテの貝柱やキモから染み出たエキスがジュクジュク~ッと音を立てていました▲Juices from scallops were boiling when I took out one side of the shell. 

1つは焼き台にそのままのせただけ。もう片方は猿払の生乳から作った「さるふつバター」をのせて焼きます▲I cooked the one piece as it is and put “Sarufutsu butter” made from Sarufutsu’s milk on the other piece. 

The nice smell of scallops filled the room after a while. When it seemed ready, I picked up the pieces from the grill. 

エキスがジュクジュク!バター入りは右です▲Juices were still boiling! The right one is with butter. 

First, I had the one without butter. 

It was quite chewy. 
And strong flavors of scallops came out as I chewed. The natural salt flavor from the scallop itself was good enough. 

I did not need to add soy sauce. It is better to enjoy the flavor of scallops as it is, without putting any seasonings. 

I had the one with butter next. 
This one was very chewy like the other one. And the thick flavor of butter soaked into the scallop and added deepness and mildness to the taste. I felt like it made the scallop tastier! 

Don’t consider it as just a piece of grilled scallop. You should feel lucky that you can enjoy this high-quality scallops easily and casually! 


The scallop rice bowl was very fresh and filling

Don’t give up when you don’t find the fresh grilled scallops on the day you visit here. 

You can enjoy different delicious dishes using scallops, salmon, and octopus caught in Sarufutsu, such as scallop rice bowl, ikura rice bowl, scallop curry, octopus curry, etc.

Among them, I would like to recommend “scallop and crab rice bowl”. (1,200 yen including tax) 

猿払産のホタテと、同じく猿払産の毛ガニ、秋鮭のイクラを盛った贅沢な丼です▲It’s a luxurious rice bowl using scallops and hair crab from Sarufutsu, and ikura. 

You can enjoy the local specialties of Sarufutsu thoroughly! The dish uses two huge pieces of scallops. 

This dish is recommended for those who would like to try various specialties including scallops. 

And I was fortunate that I could encounter “the red scallop”! 

めったにお目にかかれない赤玉▲This is the truly rare red scallop! 

Red scallops is a colored scallop because of mutation. It’s one of the several hundred scallops which is extremely rare. 

It looks completely the same from the outside so you can’t find red scallops until you take out the shell. 
The flavor and texture are the same as regular white scallops, but it had a certain visual impact. You may encounter something good when you find this piece on your dish!

Have some ice cream for dessert! Their dairy products are also recommended

You should enjoy not only seafood but also dairy products of Sarufutsu. 
The shop in the facility sells various local dairy products such as “Sarufutu Milk”, butter I used for the grilled fresh scallop, ice cream, etc. 

地元の生乳から製造したさるふつ牛乳。牛乳の風味とコクが豊か▲Sarufutsu Milk is made from cows raised in Sarufutsu. The milk is thick and tasty. 

牛乳同様、地元の生乳から製造したさるふつバター。塩分控えめでまろやかな味わい▲Sarufutsu Butter is also made from cows raised in Sarufutsu just like the milk. It was not too salty and was mild.

沖縄の海塩を合わせた塩バターもあります▲They also had salt butter which mixed sea salt from Okinawa. 

Among all the products, I would like to recommend “Sarufutsu Ice Cream” (150yen including tax/piece) to have for dessert after having fresh grilled scallops, etc. 
They use local milk for the ingredient, of course. 

左からバニラ、コーヒー風味、ごまの3種類あります▲There are three kinds: from the left - vanilla, coffee flavor, and sesame. 

The standard flavor is vanilla.
You can have inside the shop, too, however, the view was very nice so I went outside to enjoy my cup of ice cream. 

どこまでも続く緑の大地を眺めながら味わうアイスクリーム。最高のスイーツタイムです▲Having some ice cream with the continuous green field… this is the best dessert time ever! 

The ice cream was very milky, tasty, yet not too sweet. The texture was very smooth. 

It was delicious with natural flavor, but at the same time, I felt the excellent quality of the ice cream. It’s a must-have dessert after the meal. 

I could enjoy exquisite scallops and dairy products from Sarufutsu casually at Sarufutsu Marugotokan. It’s a must-visit place when you drive around northern Hokkaido. 

* All price information in this article are as of September 2018. 
  • Scallops from Sarufutsu are incredibly delicious - a must-have when you stop by the roadside station!