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Release | Yuki Konishi

Taste the fluffy shaved ice using vegetables and fruits created by a farm “Oshitani Farm café”


Shaved ice has become a standard dessert from a fad.

There are many unique shaved ice in Japan, and I found a very Hokkaido-like farmer’s shaved ice!


Table of Contents

- Enjoy the natural flavors of farmer’s fluffy shaved ice 
- Berry flavored shaved ice with berries picked at the best season
- Shaved vegetables
- Be careful about the business hours! 



Enjoy the natural flavors of farmer’s fluffy shaved ice 

“Oshitani Farm café” is located in Naganuma-Cho, which is a farmers town and about an hour drive away from Sapporo.

It’s a summer limited shaved ice cafe opened in 2017 within the property of “Oshitani Farm” who produces asparagus, etc. 

押谷ファームカフェのふわふわかき氷▲The cafe uses a container. 

Standard shaved ices try to be unique with syrups and sauces. However, Oshitani Farm café’s fluffy shaved ice is going unique with ingredients! 


“We basically use ingredients grew in our farm. We freeze them and shave them to make the shaved ice. Enjoy the farmer’s shaved ice which uses the whole foods.” Shizuoka Oshitani told me. 
All the fluffy shaved ice are 500 yen each! The reasonable price is possible because it’s operated directly by the farm.
Let’s see how their fluffy shaved ice is like. 


Berry flavored shaved ice with berries picked at the best season

This “Seasonal berries and cheese” flavor freezes cream cheese and fresh blueberries together and creates dotted patterns of blueberries on the shaved ice! 

押谷ファームカフェのふわふわかき氷▲The sauce differs seasonally. It was haskap when we went there.

The other one is “Fresh strawberry and milk” flavor. 

This is the standard flavor which everyone likes. They use 5 to 6 pieces of strawberries for a cup so you can feel the strong flavor of strawberries. 

押谷ファームカフェのふわふわかき氷▲They use the breed called “Kentaro” which was picked in June to July.

Shaved vegetables 

They even make vegetables into shaved ice. 
It is dish type shaved ice! 
Minako Takada, the photographer of this article and a shaved ice lover, named it. 


They dip fruit tomatoes into syrup and freeze them together. Finished with farm-produced basil sauce after shaving the tomatoes! 


The flavor is a little sweet, but the combination of tomatoes and basils are, of course, delicious!  
Outdoor grown corn will welcome the harvest season after mid-August.
And you can encounter with the super sweet breed “Sunny Chocolat” shaved ice! 


You can notice the rich aroma as they shave the corn.
They make corns into soup with a little milk and freeze it. One cup of shaved ice has about a half of a piece of Sunny Chocolat. 

押谷ファームカフェのふわふわかき氷▲The shaved ice is served with salt so you can enjoy the change of flavors. It will turn into a cold corn soup when it’s melt! 

What do you think about the flavor of this shaved ice? 


It’s not matcha, it’s Japanese mustard spinach! 
Japanese mustard spinach is also produced in Oshitani Farm. They add yogurt and mangoes for accents. 
Oshitani Farm café’s fluffy shaved ice melts in a second in the mouth and has a refreshing aftertaste. 
Is this the power of natural ingredients? I could finish two cups without problems. 
“It’s good that we don’t feel guilty to have them because it uses berries and vegetables, right?” Ms. Oshitani said. 


“I always think how to make our farm’s products into delicious and unique shaved ice.” 
She never compromises about the quality of existing menus and makes minor changes all the time. 
This year’s season almost ends but we should look forward to the new flavors in future. 


Be careful about the business hours! 


There are many shaved ice shops operate throughout the year but here is Hokkaido and a farm.
They only operate during summer when they can harvest crops. 
They plan to open the cafe from mid-July to late September but be careful because the periods differ by weather and temperature. 
By the way, they ended on September 20 in 2017. 
They usually work in the space next to the cafe for packing and shipping work, so they don’t have a phone in the cafe. 
If you would like to confirm about the business hour, contact them with Facebook page’s messenger and reach early. 


Not only having fluffy shaved ice as you enjoy the view of Oshitani Farm but also spending some time at the garden made by Ms. Oshitani is also a good plan. 

押谷ファームカフェのふわふわかき氷▲The garden lets you enjoy seasonal flowers 

Oh yes, don’t forget to enjoy herb tea made with herbs made in the garden when you visit the cafe. 



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