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Release | Fumiko Magota

Hokkaido gifts loved by everyone - “Jaga Pokkuru” and related products!

“Jaga Pokkuru” is one of the most famous gifts from Hokkaido with its unique crunchy and soft, flaky texture. Did you know there are other related products as well?


“Jaga Pokkuru” is sold by Hokkaido division of “Calbee, Inc.” who is famous for manufacturing potato chips. 

They created a brand called “Potato Farm” and manufactures snacks for souvenirs using Hokkaido potatoes. 


The trigger was when the manufacturing line of the Hokkaido factory was transferred to Shin-Utsunomiya factory in 2000. 

The production amount decreased to about half, and they had to think of some new business. Then, Shin-Chitose Airport, which was very close to their factory caught their eyes. 

Could we make some Hokkaido-like souvenirs which can be sold at the airport? 

“Pure Jaga”, the predecessor of Jaga Pokkuru was then completed after the development and started selling in September 2002. 

They established their brand “Potato Farm” at the same time. Then they changed the name to “Jaga Pokkuru” and sold as a renewal product after 9 months. 

札幌のポテトファームのじゃがポックル▲“Jaga Pokkuru” 

It deep-fried Hokkaido-grown potatoes called “Toyoshiro” and flavored with Okhotsk salt. It became a huge hit with its right saltiness and crispy and soft, flaky texture created by their unique manufacturing process. 

It is now one of the most famous souvenirs from Hokkaido.


Jaga Pokkuru’s related products! 

Did you know that there are many related products to “Jaga Pokkuru”? 

Of course, all the products are made from 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes. 

Let me introduce other unique and interesting products which are as delicious as “Jaga Pokkuru”. 


“Jaga Pirika” born in July 2005


It consists of small and colorful pieces! “Pirika” means “cute” in Ainu language and as the name depicts, it has a cute visual looking. 


White, red, purple are the natural colors of potatoes. 

They use brand potatoes called “Toyoshiro”, “Northern Ruby” and “Kitamurasaki” and you can enjoy different textures and flavors. 

All of them are breeds which are improved in Hokkaido. 


“IMOKO & KOBUTARO” born in March 2008


This is a potato chips type snack with certain hardness. The scallop flavor produces a rich aroma and flavor. 

And it contains crunchy dried kelp as an accent. 


This product is recommended to those who like Japanese style flavors. 


“IMOTA & MAMEJIRO” born in July 2014


As “IMOKO & KOBUTARO” I introduced above, the deep-fried potato chips have similar hard texture.  

They use Hokkaido soy sauce for seasonings, so this one is Japanese style as well. 


Beautiful green edamame is produced in Memuro-Cho in Tokachi region. 

Edamame is freeze-dried, so it has crunchy and fun texture, but at the same time, you can feel the flavor of edamame. 


“Melty cheesy Crispy Potato Chips” born in June 2016


This one is different as above two, and it’s potato chips with Western-style flavor. 

It mixes Hokkaido produced gouda cheese to crispy potato chips. 


This potato chips' deep flavor matches perfectly with beer, too! 

* Production is temporarily stopped during summer because the cheese will melt and they will restart production from October. 


“Jaga Rimuse” born in December 2016


“Jaga Rimuse” is made with out-sized, small pieces of “Jaga Pokkuru”. 

This is an evolved version of Jaga Pokkuru, which you shake the chips after putting flavor powders packaged together.  

Flavors are scallop & salt, grilled corns, soup curry, and dried salmon. 

They extracted the Hokkaido flavors and aromas into powders. 


By the way, “Rimuse” means “to dance” in Ainu language. 

“Jaga Pokkuru” becomes more delicious when they dance in the bag. 


“Karameta Potato” and “Kun Jaga” born in August 2018


These two are the latest products which started selling in 2018 and limitedly sold until October. 

“Karameta Potato” is made with the same potatoes as Jaga Pokkuru, except it is coated with caramel. This one is the first sweet snack product from Potato Farm. 

It’s a strange combination of sweet caramel and salty Okhotsk salt. 

The product is perfect for a present to groups like office, clubs as it contains 16 bags in one box. 

Also, “Kun Jaga” is smoked potato chips. The product was born after a thorough thinking and long-term ideation to enjoy potatoes in a more delicious way - which is Potato Farm’s mission.  

It’s light salty flavored potato chips made with 100% Hokkaido potatoes and smoked with whiskey oak chips. 
This one is perfect for who like smoked foods! 


“Hot” soup series


There are more than snacks; soup products! 

The secret of thickness and flaky texture “Hot potato” is dried mashed potatoes made 100% with Hokkaido Danshaku potatoes. 

“Hot onion” uses Hokkaido onion powders, and you can enjoy the deep flavor of onions. 

And “Hot corn” has corn pieces and you can enjoy the textures, too. 

All of them are produced with natural flavors and has mild textures. 

They contain four bags in one box, so this one might be a good idea for a single friend who likes delicious foods. 


The products carry wills of producers

I introduced everything. Did you find something you want to try or you would like to buy for someone? 

The secret of the deliciousness of each product is the quality of ingredients produced in the environments surrounded by nature. 

And people who are related to making the products, such as potato farmers and Calbee staffs, carry the same will. 


Rinko Okada, the Potato Farm division of Calbee, Inc. told me. 

“Everyone is involved in product making with passions. They think about how to make a greater product all the time. 

There are many stringent rules in each process to make ingredients to products such as quality assessment, storing, manufacturing process, etc. 

However, we are proud of that strict rules. 

Those snacks carry our hard work and deliciousness of Hokkaido. 

We would be very happy if you could take our product back home together with your precious memories!” 

カルビー(株)北海道事業本部 北海道支店 ポテトファーム課の岡田さん▲Ms. Okada had a big love for products. Her favorite is “IMOTA & MAMEJIRO”. She has “Jaga Pokkuru” related goods such as pen cases on her right hand. 

You can find those products at souvenir shops and airports in Hokkaido. 

Don’t you feel you have added one more to-do in Hokkaido? 
  • Hokkaido gifts loved by everyone - “Jaga Pokkuru” and related products!

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Fumiko Magota