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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Yubari Melon Pure Jelly” contains plenty of fresh melon - it’s the standard summer souvenir from Hokkaido!

​The orange color of jiggly jelly is the color of fully-raped Yubari Melon.

The sweet smell of summer in Hokkaido goes through my nose right after I open the lid!



The secret of “Yubari Melon Pure Jelly”’s deliciousness

夕張メロン▲Yubari Melons are one of the most iconic summer fruits in Hokkaido. 

“It tastes like a real piece of melon!”

“Yubari Melon Pure Jelly” often gets reputations like that from people who have tried the jelly. You will understand what they mean in a second you put a bite into your mouth. 

It’s sweet and strong smell, texture… it really feels like as if I am eating a real melon! 


The secret is that they use plenty of fully-raped Yubari Melon as the ingredient. 

They made the jelly with Yubari Melon juice at first, but discovered they could make it more delicious when they used the flesh! 

Of course, the cost will rise, but the flavor was closer to what they were trying to achieve when they used the flesh. Therefore, they increased the amount of flesh gradually. 

In the end, they could produce the jelly made 100% with fully-raped flesh - without any juice. 


By the way, the unique melting texture of melon, which is Yubari Melon’s strong characteristic when compared to other melons, are called “Melting Texture” in the fruits industry! (It’s a bit of knowledge)


Three types are easy to give away

“Yubari Melon Pure Jelly” is not only delicious, but it is best for souvenirs! 

First, it can be carried in a normal temperature, which means, perfect for carrying around in hot summer. 

And they offer the standard cup type and a bite-sized “Petit Gold Petit Carry”. You can choose the one which suits your needs. 

北海道土産の夏の定番「夕張メロンピュアゼリー」▲The standard cup type “Yubari Melon Pure Jelly” is from 540 yen with three pieces. (tax included)

Especially “Petit Gold Petit Carry” contains many pieces, so it is perfect for a souvenir to a big group or families. It is also great for desserts when you go to barbecuing at camping or beaches! 

It is good even after frozen, so it’s useful as a refrigerant in a bento box during summer. 

By the way, I love the funny texture when it’s frozen. It’s a little crunchy like sorbets and jiggly at the same time. 

夕張メロンピュアゼリー プチゴールド プリキャリー▲“Yubari Melon Pure Jelly Petit Gold Petit Carry” 540 yen (tax included)

And at last, there is one more kind called “Yubari Melon Pure Jelly Premium”. 

This is the premium version which increased the reality of melon flavors even more. 

The juicy texture feels like as if I am eating the real Yubari Melon. 

It is perfect for presents to elders or your boss, foodies, and those know well about Hokkaido. 

夕張メロンピュアゼリー プレミアム 4個入り ▲Yubari Melon Pure Jelly Premium is 1,080 yen for four pieces. 

Use a big spoon when you have it! 

The flavor of melon changes every year, so they experiment each time and make the jelly at its best flavor. 

It sounds fun to enjoy the difference in flavors each year like wines. 

If you would like, have a big bite with a big spoon. 

It adds more fruity texture, and I love this way of having the jelly! 


The jelly is available at souvenir shops in Sapporo City and Shin-Chitose Airport, etc. 

Look for Yubari Melon Pure Jelly! 
  • “Yubari Melon Pure Jelly” contains plenty of fresh melon - it’s the standard summer souvenir from Hokkaido!

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Fumiko Magota