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Release | Fumiko Magota

The Hokkaido limited snack “White Black Thunder” has renewed!

北海道限定菓子の白いブラックサンダー▲(The picture is taken by Yoshinori Saito)

Is it white or black?

The Hokkaido limited snack with a joke “White Black Thunder” has renewed its flavor and the package design!


What’s new about “White Black Thunder”?

Many people might already know about the renewal because they hosted the renewal event in mid-July 2018 at Shin-Chitose Airport. 

北海道限定銘菓「白いブラックサンダー」のリニューアルイベント▲The picture of the event in Shin-Chitose Airport at mid-July. 

“White Black Thunder” came out in 2011, which Hokkaido Likers have already introduced, upgraded its figure and flavor! 

北海道限定菓子「白いブラックサンダー」の新旧パッケージ▲The new and old package designs. (Top one is the new one, and the bottom one is the old one) 

The major points of the renewal of the package design are its powerful logo and design.

It now appeals “Hokkaido Limited” clearly, too! 

On the other hand, let me test the flavor. 

The crunchy black cookie and biscuit are the same, but the white chocolate made with Hokkaido milk and sugar beat added more milk! 

They reduced the sweetness and made the aftertaste lighter from the result of the survey they did to the employees. 

北海道限定菓子「白いブラックサンダー」▲The new “White Black Thunder” does not use egg allergen. 

I had a bite, and it felt more creamy flavors than the old version. 

And it had a mild deliciousness comparing to the regular “Black Thunder”. 

As a Hokkaido person, I would say that I prefer White Black Thunder more than the regular Black Thunder. 

北海道限定の白いブラックサンダー▲Don’t you think it’s a good value for the price? 600 yen (w/o tax) for 12 pieces. 


The seasonal limited product is in orange color

By the way, there is another Hokkaido limited product “Melon Black Thunder” which is sold limitedly until this autumn. 

北海道限定のメローンなブラックサンダー▲“Melon Black Thunder”. The catch says “ripen thunder god” instead of “white thunder god”. 800 yen (w/o tax) for 12 pieces. 

They used plenty of Hokkaido melon to the chocolate chunks and the powder they use to flavor. 

The color is orange; the same color as cantaloupe. 

Melon and chocolate go very well together. As soon as I opened the package, I enjoyed ripen, fruity, and sweet smell! 

北海道限定菓子「白いブラックサンダー」生産風景▲The production of White Black Thunder. 

Both of them are Hokkaido limited products made in Hokkaido factory. 

They also have mini-size version adding to the size I introduced above. 

北海道限定の白いブラックサンダー▲Mini size is 350 yen (w/o tax) with 12 pieces. 

It’s a perfect souvenir for a big group because each of them is wrapped separately! 

Enjoy the delicious snack from Hokkaido with your friends, families, and colleagues! 
  • The Hokkaido limited snack “White Black Thunder” has renewed!

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Fumiko Magota