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Release | Fumiko Magota

Enjoy the delicious and unique cream puffs from “patisserie beurre”


8 mins walk from JR Atsubetsu Station. 

I am sure you will be surprised when you see the showcase of the cream puff specialized store “patisserie beurre” which opened in 2016. 

They display uniquely named cream puffs named “Tsubo (jar)”, “Sesame”, “Danish”, etc. 

How do they taste? 

Everything looks delicious, and it must be difficult to decide what to pick.


The reason why the owner and patissier Hidetoshi Shiraki established the store was his encounter with “Isigny”, the butter from Normandy. 

“I never thought that I would open my own shop. However, when I encountered Isigny, I felt that I want many people to know about the deliciousness of this butter. To do that, I thought it was best to do at my own shop.” Mr. Shiraki told me. 

札幌市厚別区のパティスリーブールのオーナーパティシエの白木秀俊さん▲The owner and patissier Hidetoshi Shiraki has over 30 years of experiences. 

札幌市厚別区のパティスリーブール▲All the butter they use is Isigny. 

He picks most of other ingredients such as milk, fresh cream, eggs, and beet sugar from Hokkaido. 

He tried many kinds and had chosen the ones matches well to the flavor of Isigny and delicious at the same time. 

札幌市厚別区のパティスリーブールの焼き菓子▲Of course, all the baked sweets are made with Isigny. 


Introducing six regular cream puffs


Well, let me introduce the six regular flavors of cream puffs displayed in the showcase. 

In fact, he changes the mixture and the way of baking one by one. They are carefully made! 


From the front and clock-wise: 
- “Tsubo (Jar)”
This was created as “the cream brulee with an edible dish”. He puts chunks of seasonal fruits inside the jar-shaped cream puff and caramelizes the surface. The fruit was banana, and there was banana flavored cream inside. I enjoyed the heavy sweet flavor a lot! 

- “Chocolat” 
He bakes with a lid made with chocolate and almond croquants. The cream mixes plenty of Valrohna chocolate from France. The aroma and texture were luxurious!

- “Danish”
He puts the danish dough on the top of the cream puff and bakes. You can enjoy the crunchy texture and light flavor of the cream made with Mascarpone cheese from Hokkaido. 


From the front and clock-wise: 
- “Almond”
The surface has crunchy baked almond. The flavor is delicate with the cream using Cointreau which matches with almond very well. 

- “Sesame” 
This is the only Japanese style cream puff from his shop. He puts mild black sesame cream and uses dry Japanese sake and soy sauce as secret flavors! 

- “Noir Cafe”
He does not use liquors and uses coffee to produce the rich aroma. Enjoy the excellent match of elegant, sophisticated aroma and crunchy baked walnut! 

Did you find the one you want to try? 

All of them have the great aroma of butter and make people happy once they have a bite although they cost only from 200yen per piece. 


There is parking in front of the shop, so it’s easy to stop by while your trip. Enjoy the happy dessert time with their cream puff! 
  • Enjoy the delicious and unique cream puffs from “patisserie beurre”

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Fumiko Magota