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Release | Yoko Sasaki

The perfect guide of foods in the seafood heaven “Sennosuke Honten”! There are places with long waiting line!

Approximately 10 mins drive from JR Kushiro Station, and 35 mins drive from Kushiro Airport. 
A huge wonderland which gathers delicious seafood called “Sennosuke Honten” opened in Kushiro-Cho, the town next to Kushiro City! I will introduce all four delicious and surprising food places in Sennosuke which are scattered on two floors!

alt、▲「釧之助本店」は、北海道の水産加工最大手・笹谷商店が運営。1階にお目見えした「海鮮バーベキュー大漁丸」では、同商店自慢の一夜干し、季節の魚介などを楽しめます▲“Sennosuke Honten” is operated by the biggest seafood processing company Sasaya Shoten. You can sample their specialty dried fish and seasonal seafood at “Seafood Barbecue Tairyomaru” on the first floor. 


Table of Contents

- Every day is a perfect day to barbecue at “Seafood Barbecue Kaisenmaru”
- There are long waiting lines before opening hours at “Senchan Shokudo”
- Have some “Ageten” for after meal snack like a Kushiro local


Every day is a perfect day to barbecue at “Seafood Barbecue Kaisenmaru”

Kushiro is famous for “Robata-Yaki”, which is a fresh seafood barbecue on a charcoal grill. It is said that Kushiro is the origin of Robata-Yaki. “Seafood Barbecue Tairyomaru” added evolution to the Robata-Yaki in the Sennosuke way. 

The main seafood is Sasaya Shoten’s most significant specialty: dried fish. They carefully select the fresh fish right after catching at the foreshore of Kushiro and send them right away to their factory to process. Those dried fishes have entirely different texture than what we know. The flavor is light, and they are fluffy. 

alt、▲提供写真:左は脂が乗った一枚ものの「釧鯖(せんさば)」464円。右上はズシッと重い!ボリューミーな「ほっけ」300g896円、350g993円、400g1,080円。右下は希少な高級魚「つぼ鯛」※現在は半身のみ、100g680円、150g799円、200g982円で販売。ぶ厚い身からジワッと脂がにじみでているこの様子、もうたまりませんね。※魚の価格は時期によって異なります▲Provided picture: The left is “Sensaba (Kushiro mackerel)” 464yen, contains plenty of fat. The top-right is a huge piece of atka mackerel 100g 896 yen, 350g 993 yen, 400g 1,080 yen. The bottom-right is the rare and luxury Japanese boarfish. *They have only half the body for now. 100g 680 yen, 150g 799 yen, 200g 982 yen. Juice and fat come up from the thick piece of fishes look incredibly delicious. *The price of fishes may vary depending on the seasons. 

Of course, there are plenty of choices for meat and vegetables which are essential for a barbecue. They don’t offer a course meal; you will just choose what you want and how much you want in the ingredients area. 

After you finish paying for the ingredients and find your seat, grill from what you would like at your own pace! This place offers far infrared roaster so that those who are not used to grilling can cook well, instead of charcoal grills which are difficult to adjust the heating power. Their hospitality like this is impressive. 

alt、▲ビールに合う珍味やスウィーツも並ぶ、食材コーナー▲Ingredients area provides various delicacies which pair well with beer and desserts, too. 

alt、▲充実の干物から生のエビや貝、北海道産の豚肉や季節の野菜などがズラリ!▲So many kinds of dried fish, raw shrimps and oysters, Hokkaido pork, and seasonal vegetables are put on the shelves! 

There are 149 seats, 19 tables and you can enjoy barbecue no matter the outside weather. 
There are areas which are semi-private, so those with children can relax and enjoy. 

alt、▲提供写真:天井が高く、広々とした空間。ロースターが煙を吸うので、洋服に臭いがつく心配もいりません▲Provided picture: The ceiling is high, and it feels spacious. Enjoy barbecuing as you enjoy talking with your friend and families! 


There are long waiting lines before opening hours at “Senchan Shokudo”

If you are looking for something cheap, tasty, and plenty, you should go to “Senchan Shokudo”. Most of the customers here are locals, and they admit the quality of fishes served here. 

There was another shop next to Kushiro City Fish Market and the second shop opened on the second floor of Sennosuke Honten. There is a long waiting line before the opening almost every day, so the popularity is quite surprising. 

Fans come here for set meals and rice bowls with delicious seafood. The most popular menu is “Kaisen-Don (sashimi rice bowl)” and it looks like this. 

 alt、▲提供写真:この色、このツヤ。一目で鮮度の良さがわかるネタが、折り重なるように盛られた「海鮮丼」1,242円。北海道屈指の漁港・釧路の底力を感じます▲Provided picture: See the color. “Kaisendon (sashimi rice bowl)” 1,242 yen layers sashimi pieces which we can identify the freshness right away. I can feel the power of Hokkaido’s fishing town, Kushiro. 

If you are more for cooked fish, I would like you to try “Yaki-Sensaba Teishoku (grilled Kushiro mackerel set meal) 810 yen. “Sensaba” is a brand name for mackerel in Kushiro. Kushiro locals and Hokkaido locals who are strict about seafood admit the quality of fluffy and fatty Sensaba. 

alt、 ▲提供写真:釧路が誇る究極のサバ「釧(せん)サバ」。脂がプクプクいうくらい、まさに焼きたてが目の前に ▲Provided picture: Kushiro is proud of its ultimate mackerel “Sensaba”. They bring the freshly grilled piece of Sensaba in front of you. Boiled fish set meal is also very popular as they start cooking fresh fish after customers’ orders. 

Other than that, spicy and delicious “Curry Rice” and “Katsu-Curry” (curry with tonkatsu) which are boiled for more than three days, and “Zangi (fried chicken) Teishoku” with many pieces of Zangi which relate to Kushiro are popular among locals. “Kids meal” and “Ankake-Yakisoba (fried noodle with sauce on top)” are getting popular, too. 

Head to the “Sushi Area” on the first floor if you want to have some nigiri like a local. 
You can enjoy 6 nigiri, 8 nigiri, or 10 nigiri sets with seasonal and daily pieces. 

alt、▲白木のカウンターに10席。この道10年の職人さんとのおしゃべりも弾みます▲10 seats at the white wood bar. Enjoy the conversation with the 10 years experiences sushi chef. 


Have some “Ageten” for after meal snack like a Kushiro local

Please try some “Ageten” if you visit Kushiro. It’s a snack which has been popular for a long time among locals. 

“Ageten” is a deep-fried fish cake. They provide 13 kinds of freshly cooked Ageten at “Ageten Area” on the first floor. The dough is made with their own recipe. It’s chewy, and you can feel the natural flavor of fish itself without any additives. 

alt、▲店内調理したアツアツを召し上がれ!▲Have the freshly cooked ones! 

Some Ageten comes with a stick and the recommended on is this “cheese-maki” 205 yen. It contains plenty of melty cheese inside the freshly cooked fish cake. Many people sit down on chairs in the store because they want to have it while it’s hot. 

alt、▲お持ち帰り用には、油がしみづらいクラフト紙で包んでくれます▲They will put in the kraft paper for takeaways so that oil doesn’t ooze out. 

You can also purchase delicious seafood and delicacies you found here at the shopping area. There are much freshly caught fish, too. They will cook into sashimi and cut into pieces if you like.  

alt、▲提供写真:大きなショーケースがいくつも並ぶ販売コーナー。通路が広いので、じっくり品定めができます▲Provided picture: the shopping area has many large cases. You can enjoy shopping at your own pace as the hallways are spacious. 

alt、▲提供写真:こちらが、三大おすすめ商品。上「いくら醤油漬(500g)」6,048円、下右「大鵬いわし(開き2枚)」399円、下左「釧鯖(半身1枚)」特大572円、大442円▲Provided picture: these are the three most recommended products. Top - soy sauce marinated salmon roe (500g) 6,048 yen. Bottom-right - “Taihou sardines (2 pieces)” 399 yen. Bottom-left - “Sensaba (1 piece of half of a body) extra large 572 yen, large 442 yen. 

What seafood to have and how to have. 
It’s another part of the fun of the huge wonderland which gathers delicious seafood to think like that, facing the number of varieties that go far beyond your expectations. 

alt、▲提供写真:「釧之助本店」は、約200台分の駐車場を確保。マイカー、レンタカーでもお気軽に▲Provided picture: Sennosuke Hoten has parking for approximately 200 cars. Feel free to visit with your car of rental cars. 


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  • The perfect guide of foods in the seafood heaven “Sennosuke Honten”! There are places with long waiting line!

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