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Release | Yoko Sasaki

The first aquarium in Kushiro “Kushiro Aquarium Puku-Puku” opened in this summer and is very photogenic!

alt、▲「くしろ水族館ぷくぷく」がある「釧之助本店」入口には、幅4m・高さ8mのメイン水槽がそびえ立ち、体長2mのトラフザメやエイ、ナポレオンフィッシュなどが悠々と泳いでいます!▲The 4 meters width and 8 meters height main fish tank welcome at the entrance of Sennosuke Honten, which is the building “Kushiro Aquarium Puku-Puku” is located. There are 2 meters zebra shark, ray, and humphead warasse swimming freely. 


Watch tropical fish to jellyfish very close! 

“Kushiro Aquarium Puku-Puku” is located on the second floor of Sennosuke Honten which was established by the biggest fish processing company in Hokkaido Sasaya Shoten as a “fish wonderland”.

Interestingly, there were no aquariums in the fish town Kushiro until this one came out. 

Sasaya Shoten wanted to pay the long-time favor back to the local community and planned to build the aquarium. 

They went around to inspect many aquariums all over Japan such as Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa. They collaborated with water tank producers and completed the project.

alt、▲飼育員の岩佐翔馬さんは、徳島県出身。香川県の新屋島水族館からの紹介で、はるばる釧路へ。「北のサカナは種類が多いですね。こちらに来て初めて見たサカナもたくさんあります」▲A keeper Shoma Iwasa is from Tokushima Prefecture. He moved to Kushiro by an introduction from New Yashima Aquarium in Kagawa Prefecture. “I noticed so many kinds of fishes exist in the north. There are many fishes I had never seen until I came here.” 

There are areas such as fishes live in the south including tropical fish, jellyfish tank which makes people feel relaxed, and fishes live in the north. People can get close to the tanks as much as they can to see the fishes. 

Mr. Iwasa is getting many compliments. “People say that our aquarium went over their expectation, it’s small but enjoyable, etc. Visitors seem to be satisfied.”

alt、▲さまざまな形の21の水槽には、約40種類のサカナや仲間たちが展示されています▲Approximately 40 kinds of fishes and others are displayed in 21 multi-shaped tanks. 


There are many photogenic fish tanks

I would like to introduce popular guys in “Kushiro Aquarium Puku-Puku”.

The first one is “Balloon lumpfish”, which is also the symbol of this aquarium. 

The fish habits in the northern ocean and 2-3 meters big. They look cute with round body and yellow or orange colors and look like candies, which made them become the symbol of the aquarium. 


alt、▲サカナなのに、泳ぎはあまり得意ではない「フウセンウオ」。そんな不器用なところもかわいい!と人気です。お腹の吸盤を岩や海藻などに付けて、じーっとしている姿も見られますよ▲Balloon lumpfishes are not good at swimming even though they are fish. That somewhat clumsy characteristic makes them look cute. You can see them using suckers on their stomach to just rest on the rocks or seaweeds. 

This tank looks like trees are growing out of a desert. These trees are spotted garden eels who live in the warm sea. 

It grows up to approximately 30 cm tall, and each one of them lives in their own hole. 

alt、▲世界で初めて導入された、ひょうたん型の水槽。側面だけでなく、上からも水槽の中を眺められるところが特徴です▲The gourd shape water tank is the first in the world. People can see inside not only from the side but also from the top. 

alt、▲身体をぐーんと伸ばして、潮の流れに乗ってくる動物プランクトンを待ち構えたり、敵を察知してヒョイと身を砂底に隠したり。しかも、「チンアナゴ」はマイペースなのか、動きがバラバラ。アップで見ても、引いて見ても、ミステリアスな光景を楽しめます。▲Spotted garden eels stretch their body to wait for zooplankton carried by flows of tides and hide their bodies under sands when they scent enemies. Moreover, spotted garden eels may tend to do things at their own pace because they move differently. You can enjoy some mysterious figures when you see them closer or further. 

The most popular exhibition among Instagrammers is jellyfish. The tank has LED lights not only at the back but also on top to make it look pretty when people take pictures. 

alt、▲ふわふわ浮遊する様子に癒されると、水槽前のベンチにずーっと座って眺めている人も多いそう▲Many people sit down on the bench in front of the tank for a while, and they say the slowly floating jellyfish makes them feel relaxed. 


alt、▲光の色が変わるたび、「ジェリーフィッシュ」も色とりどりに変身!幻想的な海の世界を堪能できます▲Jellyfish change their colors as the color of lights change! You can enjoy the fantasy world of underwater. 

And this is the school of sardines area. Approximately 800 sardines move from right to left. The tank is a donut shape, so you can walk around the tank with the school of sardines. 

alt、▲小さなサカナが群れを作るのは、外敵から身を守るため。自然界の知恵です▲Small fishes make a school to protect themselves. It’s their wisdom in nature. 


Watch underwater with a huge screen and touch fishes at the touch pool

As I see many fishes, I became to want to be inside underwater…

If you feel like that, stop by the 98-inch screen.   

Katsunori Seki, the underwater photographer from Kushiro, took the 4K super hi-vision video in the sea of Rausu, Shiretoko, to play in this aquarium. You can see the video here. 

The video projected in the huge screen looks very clear as it makes us feel like we are actually in the water.  

alt、▲映像は「ひがし北海道水中散歩」と題した四季シリーズで、現在放映されているのは「春」編。今後、「夏」編以降が随時公開されていきます▲The video is a seasonal series called “East Hokkaido Underwater Walk”. They now play “Spring” and it’s about 20 minutes long. They will play “Summer” and so on when they are ready. 

If you have seen all the exhibits, you might be wanting to touch fishes. The big touch pool is waiting at the end of the exhibitions. 

The touch pool is like a biotope reproducing a compact ocean. I found a flounder swimming in the touch pool. The pool is located at about the height of waist of a child. They can reach fishes easily when they stretch out the arms. 

alt、▲人に慣れているのか、カレイもタッチされているのを待っているような…?▲Are the fish used to people? Flounders seemed like it was waiting for people to touch. 

You can take pictures anywhere at Kushiro Aquarium Puku-Puku. 

It seems nice to post some pictures to your timelines after experiencing the unique exhibitions of the sea. 


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  • The first aquarium in Kushiro “Kushiro Aquarium Puku-Puku” opened in this summer and is very photogenic!

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