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“Hama No Kaachan Shokudo” owned directly by the fishing cooperative in Haboro provides great value for the price!

Sashimi Rice Bowl from “Hama No Kaachan Shokudo” in Haboro Ferry Terminal is the best!

It’s no wonder fresh and delicious because the diner is owned directly by the fishing cooperative.
It has plenty of local seafood such as northern shrimp which is Haboro’s specialty.

The rice bowl also comes with side dishes and soup which also have plenty of ingredients from the ocean. This sashimi bowl will definitely satisfy you! 


Table of Contents

- Where is “Hama No Kaachan Shokudo”?
- “Maehama Rice Bowl is the most recommended dish! 
- Their side dishes and soup are also delicious!
- What other menus are there? 



Where is “Hama No Kaachan Shokudo”?

Hama No Kaachan Shokudo is in Haboro-Cho, a port town along the Sea of Japan. 

Haboro-Cho is a town along Ororon Line which connects Sapporo City and Rumoi City to Wakkanai City and has two isolated islands called Teuri Island and Yagishiri Island. 

The restaurant is in the Haboro Ferry Terminal which ferries going to Teuri Island and Yagishiri Island departure. 

訪れた日は荒天でフェリーは欠航でしたが、食堂は営業!▲Ferries were cancelled when I visited because of the bad weather but the restaurant was open. 

Not only people who are going to be on ferries but also those who are not planning to can visit the restaurant, so you can stop by here for a meal while driving. 

No matter if you are not going on a ferry or if ferries were cancelled, let’s get in the restaurant. 

欠航なのでフェリーターミナル内はとっても静かでした▲The ferry terminal was very quiet because ferries were canceled. 

奥に行くと、食堂は元気いっぱい営業中!▲When I kept walking, the restaurant was open! 

客席数は20弱。港に面した明るいお店です▲They have about 20 seats. The restaurant faces the port and was very bright. 

The local fishing cooperative directly owns this restaurant. 
You can sample rice bowls, set meals, and noodles using plenty of fresh seafood. 

浜のかあさんが調理中▲Hama No Kaasan (the mother of the shore) is cooking. 

It is open from 8:00 am in the morning to 2:00 pm in spring and summer. 

You can visit here either for lunch or breakfast. 
Many local people gather in this restaurant from the morning. 


“Maehama Rice Bowl is the most recommended dish! 

The most recommended dish in this restaurant is “Maehama Rice Bowl”. 

「地物をいっぱい食べてもらいたいんです」と語る逢坂さん。前浜海鮮丼をドーンと提供▲Ms. Ousaka told me: “I want people to enjoy plenty of local specialties” She serves huge Maehama Rice Bowl. 

Is this really for 2,000 yen?
Does it really Include side dishes?

I wanted to ask again. The dish came with plenty of food. 

It certainly has some visual impact. 

前浜海鮮丼は、汁ものや小鉢なども含め、ここに写っているものぜーんぶ含めて2000円(2018年7月現在)です▲Maehama Rice Bowl is 2,000 yen (as of July 2018) including everything in this picture: the rice bowl, side dishes, and soup. 

The content changes every day according to the fish catch. 
Almost all the ingredients are from Haboro. 

The content of the day was:
Fresh scallop, boiled octopus, northern shrimp, salted salmon roe, tobiko, and steamed sea urchin. 

They sometimes offer raw sea urchin from Teuri Island instead of steamed sea urchin from July to mid-August. 

盛られたネタの量、ハンパないです▲The amount of seafood is, a lot. 

For fresh scallop, they use two pieces and also mantles. 
They put 5 pieces of boiled octopus and, surprisingly, 10 pieces of northern shrimp which are the specialty of Haboro. 

Plus there are salmon roe and sea urchin so the amount is quite a lot. 

“We try to put at least 10 pieces of northern shrimps. Because Haboro is famous for northern shrimps, right?”
Ms. Ousaka told me. 

Wow, that’s something only a restaurant owned by a fishing cooperative can do. 

エビ、ぷりっぷり♪ネタが多いので、ごはんとともにではなく、刺身気分で食べてみてもよし!▲Their shrimps are extremely fresh! I could also enjoy them as sashimi without rice because there are so many pieces. 

Not only it’s filling and has visual impacts, but also the taste is exquisite. 
It’s very fresh and too delicious! 

How lucky I am to have this much of fresh seafood from Haboro. 


Their side dishes and soup are also delicious!

The impact of the soup and side dishes are also great as well as the rice bowl! 

Soup of the day was northern shrimp and seaweed miso soup. 
I could taste the shrimp in the miso soup. 

汁物のお椀は、海鮮丼の丼と変わらないくらい大きさ。家庭用のお椀の2~3倍容量がありそうです▲The bowl for soup is as big as the dish of the rice bowl. It seems like it’s two or three times larger than the normal soup bowl we use at home. 

The soup is very flavorful and filling. 

They use local ingredients as much as they can for the soup, too. 

They change the content according to buying situations. Some days they provide bony parts soup or Sanpei Soup, the local dish of Hokkaido. 

They change side dishes according to buying situations as well. 

この日は、煮ツブ2つと、ホタテのヒモを使った和え物。さらに、イカの煮付も▲The day was two pieces of boiled whelk and scallop mantles with seasonings. Plus boiled squid.  

Boiled squid sometimes turns into boiled fish, deep-fried flounder, etc., depending on the day. 

I thought we could make a set meal only with these side dishes. 
I could have rice with side dishes and the soup only. 

And it comes with sashimi rice bowl! I think it’s an excellent value for the price 2,000 yen. 


What other menus are there?

You can enjoy not only fresh and filling Maehama Rice Bowl in Hama No Kaachan Shokudo but also lots of other dishes. 

Such as “northern shrimp rice bowl” which comes with plenty of northern shrimps, “fresh uni rice bowl” comes with sea urchin from Teuri Island and is limitedly offered during summer, “Sashimi set meal” and “set meal of the day”, etc. 

Examples of the main dish for the set meal of the day are boiled fish, grilled fish, etc. 

カレイの煮付とアブラコの煮付。それぞれ1食分のおかずです▲Boiled flounder and boiled greenling. Both of the dishes are for one person. 

It comes with soup and side dishes just like Maehaama Rice Bowl. 
That’s a lot of food, too! 

Other than rice bowls and set meals, they also offer soba noodles and ramen using blowfish caught in Shosanbetsu Village for the soup. 

Why don’t you share different dishes in your group if you come with two or three people? 

メニューの参考に。食券を購入し、自分で料理を受け取り、食べ終えたら自分で下げるセルフスタイルです▲The whole menu is written on the ticket machine. It’s a self-service restaurant, so you buy tickets from the machine, pick up dishes by yourself, and return the plates and tray when you finish. 

Hama no Kaachan Shokudo is a small restaurant in the ferry terminal but the dishes provided here are exquisite! 

It’s great for the price as I wanted to ask if I was paying the right amount. 

You should definitely visit Hama No Kaachan Shokudo if you are planning to dine in Haboro!
I want to visit there again! 
  • “Hama No Kaachan Shokudo” owned directly by the fishing cooperative in Haboro provides great value for the price!