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Release | Yuki Konishi

“HakoBA Hakodate” is a recommended hotel in Hakodate bay area


“HakoBA Hakodate”, a renovated hotel, opened in the popular tourist destination Hakodate bay area in 2017.
It renovated two buildings built in the early Showa era - former bank and museum. The hotel proposes the new style of a journey in a wonderful atmosphere. 

Let’s find out how the facility looks like. 


Table of contents

- “HakoBA Hakodate” mixes the past and present and people of a port city
- Shared space is a photogenic art space
- The guest rooms offer a choice between hotel style and hostel style


“HakoBA Hakodate” mixes the past and present and people of a port city


“HakoBA Hakodate” is about three minutes walk from Hakodate tram Suehirocho Station. It’s also 20 mins walk from JR Hakodate station by foot and 10 minutes by car. 
The hotel is located in the popular tourist destination Hakodate bay area, and the location is fantastic having Kanamori Warehouse and port close from the hotel. 

Motomachi area, where there are lots of historical buildings, is also a walkable distance. 

This is the exterior of “HakoBa Hakodate”. As you can notice, it consists of two buildings. 

The right imposing building is Former Yasuda Bank Hakodate Branch which was built in the early Showa era. 

The left building with the red brick wall is Former Hakodate Nishihatoba Museum. 


Yasuda Bank Hakodate Branch was built in 1932. It turned into Fuji Bank Hakodate Bank later, and now the building is designated as Hakodate’s landscape forming architecture.

The building leaves many ruins from the history. 


The building was used as “Hotel New Hakodate” from 1968 to 2010. 

The outdoor sign of Hotel New Hakodate is put as a decoration inside now. 

The ceiling is very high as it is the Western-style architecture from the early Showa era! 


HakoBA Hakodate promotes the history of the building, and at the same time, art pieces used for decorations in the building are created by local artists.

It’s a renovated hotel mixing past and modern. 

Also, they host many events and workshops. 

They offer a space for travelers and locals to interact with each other. 

HakoBA函館のスタッフ▲Staffs wear casual outfits. 


Shared space is a photogenic art space

We found a fantastic space in the shared area which people who are staying can use. 

The graphic design in the back of the front desk is made by a design team “Wabisabi” who are from Hakodate now based in Sapporo. 

They are inspired by Mt. Hakodate and the town at the foot.  


They put modern furniture in the lobby and old instruments of ships as decorations. 



There is also a book lounge where you can read books and photo books related to Hakodate. 

You can feel the classical design of a 86 years old building from window frames, beams, etc. 


There is a hammock which looks very comfortable in the playroom. It seems like a perfect place to play with kids. 


There is a shared kitchen on the rooftop which guests can use freely. 

They offer electromagnetic cooker, pots, dishes, cutleries, and basic seasonings, so it seems nice to get fresh seafood from the market and cook here. 


And there is a terrace just outside of the kitchen, and you can get an amazing view of Hakodate Bay! 

It must be a luxury time in summer to wake up in the early morning, enjoy a cup of coffee slowly, prepare some drinks at night and watch the night view as you spend the night. 

They said that fireworks would be right in front of the hotel on the festival day. It’s surely a privilege for guests in this hotel!   



The guest rooms offer a choice between hotel style and hostel style

There are two buildings for guest rooms in HakoBA Hakodate; BANK and DOCK. 

BANK is the former bank building, and DOCK is the museum side. 


There are 20 rooms in BANK such as twin, double, and maisonette. 

The rooms create early Showa atmosphere when people adapted to Western culture. It must be a precious experience to stay in a place where you can feel the atmosphere of the past.


On the other hand, DOCK with red bricks has private rooms and dormitories. 

Both types are rather small. You can stay at reasonable prices as restrooms and baths are shared with other guests. 

I recommend for families and large groups. 


It’s a good point that we can choose the rooms depending on travel styles and budgets. 

HakoBA Hakodate was renovated as the place to make people interact and a center to promote local attractions.

Why don’t you enjoy a free trip from here? 

HakoBA函館オリジナルみやげ▲They have some cute souvenirs in their shop such as original tin badges. Check out! 
  • “HakoBA Hakodate” is a recommended hotel in Hakodate bay area

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Yuki Konishi