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Release | Fumiko Magota

You must get stationeries with Hokkaido design - MONO eraser, SARASA CLIP, etc

“MONO Eraser”
“Coopie Pencil”
“Zukou Crayon”
“Maruman Sketchbook”

These familiar stationeries appeared with Hokkaido limited design! 

The name of the series is “Hokkaido Stationeries”. Did you know that there are over 200 kinds including a variety of colors? 


So many varieties of Hokkaido limited “Hokkaido Stationeries” are quite amazing! 

“Hokkaido Stationeries” are sold only in Hokkaido. The seller is “Hokkaido Crown”, the stationeries and office supplies distributor in Shiraishi-ku, Sapporo City. 

Let’s take a look at some of the products. 

From the left-top to clockwise: 
- Amazing writability! “Campus Notebook” B5 size and slim B5 size with Hokkaido illustrations. (Kokuyo) 

- “Japonika Notebook”…oops, “Hokkaido Free-use Notebook” with a bear character wearing a cow costume. (Showa Note)

- “Hana No Sanpomichi” letter writing set comes with prints of flowers which bloom in Hokkaido. (Apica)

- “To-do List Hokkaido version” is useful at home and office. (Designphil)


This is the sketchbook to us! How about drawing some memories in Hokkaido? “Maruman Sketchbook”. 

北海道クラウンの北海道ステーショナリーのマルマン スケッチブック

From the top:
- Amazing writability! “SARASA Grand x Lavender” has an eye-catching body with lavender color, which is one of the most famous flowers in Hokkaido. (ZEBRA)

- There is a bear silhouette in the back! The new generation mechanical pencil which resits lead breakage, “orenz Hokkaido version”. (Pentel)

- This is also a mechanical pencil which resists lead breakage. It has everyone’s favorite: crab prints. “DelGuard Hokkaido design” (ZEBRA)

- The white birch and ezo deer prints are very cool. 3-color oil-ink pen “Kurutto Wide Open Clip” (Pentel)

- “SARASA CLIP” with a cute red fox illustration. (ZEBRA)


From the bottom-left to clockwise:
- Delicious looking realistic “Post-It Ⓡ hair crab” (3M)

- You can buy notebooks and folders from the same series - “Logical Air Eraser” with pastel-colored Hokkaido squirrel patterns. (Nakabayashi) 

- “Mono Eraser” with cow and lavender illustrations. (Tombow)

- The prints of “Scotch Ⓡ @!Tape Melon” turn out clearly when it’s actually used. (3M)

- The glue stick has the same prints with the eraser I mentioned above “Kieiro Pit”. (Tombow)


- Left: Pepe and Lulu drawing something in a lavender field! “Zukou Crayon extra thick” includes limited color purple. (Pentel) 

- Right: Hokkaido’s animals are adorable. “Coopie Pencil” (Sakura Color Products)


I introduced all at once, did you find something interesting? 

Familiar stationeries feel different if they have Hokkaido prints. I also bought some of them and using it! 


Why did “Hokkaido Stationeries” started? 

How did “Hokkaido Stationeries” born? 

I visited the president of the company Yukio Hayakawa to ask how. 

“Hokkaido will celebrate it’s 150th anniversary since it was named. To tell the truth, I was a high school student when we celebrated the 100th anniversary.  

It’s been 50 years since then. I felt something and decided to make my dream come true to make stationeries to express Hokkaido.” told Mr. Hayakawa. 

北海道クラウンの社長の早川さん▲Mr. Hayakawa. “It’s so much fun to make something and make it public. I feel joy.” 

He told his will to employees at the beginning of 2017 and the “Hokkaido Stationeries” project started. 

Staffs involved in ideation and planning. Products turned out one by one. 

They ask the production companies for the detailed design. However, they do it by themselves for some products. For example, the bear character “Ororon” on the “Hokkaido Free-use Notebook” which I introduced above was born from the internal competition.

Takashi Koizumi, the director, showed me something and told that it was a female employee’s idea. 

北海道クラウンの取締役部長の小泉さん▲Mr. Koizumi. “We will keep challenging to produce various stationeries.” 

“At first, I was ambiguous about the sales. However, it turned out to be very popular. 

To tell the truth, things that I and Hayakawa thought it would sell well don’t sell well. 

It seems like customers like things that we are ambiguous better, for example, the To-Do list. 

We should value the employee’s opinions who are close to customers.”


Where can we get them?

“Hokkaido Stationeries” are popular for souvenirs, and especially pens and pencils sell well to travelers from abroad. 

“Japan Quality seems to be exquisite and highly evaluated in the world market.” Mr. Koizumi told me. 

I feel proud! 


There are many shops which sell Hokkaido Stationeries, including “Stationery Shop Crown” Hokkaido Crown’s direct shop located on the second floor of Susukino Lafiler in Chuo-ku Sapporo City. Check out the list of stores from here.

They are in the middle of the project with “Hokkaido Kurashi Hyakkaten” and the picture book artist Sora, both introduced in Hokkaido Likers before. Those will be sold limitedly at “Hokkaido Kurashi Hyakkaten”. Look forward to it! 

北海道ステーショナリーが買えるススキノラフィラのクラウン▲“Stationery Shop Crown” on the second floor of Susukino Lafiler (The picture is provided by Hokkaido Crown)

“Hokkaido Stationeries”, the best stationeries in Japan with Hokkaido limited design will make your work and study time a better and fun one! 

Keep in mind! 

  • You must get stationeries with Hokkaido design - MONO eraser, SARASA CLIP, etc

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Fumiko Magota